Terrorism In the United States

Barry L. Baker
Palmdale, California

There has been a lot to talk by the News Media, and those that believe they are in the KNOW about the possibility of terrorism on U.S. soil. They use "fear" tactics and skirt the truth to premote their agenda. For some reason the current News Media believe that they are the only people on Earth that knows what is good for the rest of us. They no longer just report the "facts" and let us decide for ourselves. They report in a method that uses the facts in a manor that they want us to believe, their view, their belief.

In my mind, if we maintain a FREE Society with all the liberties guaranteed to us by our Constitution than "THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN PREVENT AN ACT OF TERRORISM" on U.S. soil. The only way to prevent it is to loose our freedom and go to a POLICE state where every person must present their papers at check points through the country. Where our movement throughout the country, even within a city are monitored by the police, no-one would be able to move or do anything without being monitored. I do not know about you, but this is a saturation I do not want.

I feel that the Government, in spending Billions on "HOMELAND SECUTITY" is in error. They are spending money in an attempt to prevent the UN-preventable terrorist attack. Our money would be better spent in reorganization of the Federal Law Enforcement agencies into ONE entity which works together, sharing intelligence and information, is overseen by Congress and works within the Laws of this Nation. At present we have the FBI, CIA, DEA, DOD, SOG, DIA, NSA, BATF, and lord only knows how many others that moistly work OUTSIDE of our National Laws. They must be brought under ONE organization that is monitored by Congressional Oversight. The next step is to create a pool of money that would be used for REWARDS paid to people that turn in the criminals that perform terrorist acts on our soil. If the reward is large enough, no person could hide from being turned in.

As a citizen, I to worry a little about being blown up or some terrible thing happening to me due to a terrorist attack. But then I must remember that GOD is is full charge. If He wills something to happen to me, there is no power on Earth that can prevent it. If GOD does not will something to happen to me than there is no power on Earth that can cause it. We must believe in GOD, trust in GOD, follow God's religion, and live as good a life as we can.

The recent bombings in London have some people talking about pulling their troops out of Iraq, thinking that this will stop the killing of the people. I must tell you that that is not true. If you let these terrorists dictate to you today, they will have no compulsion in dictating to you tomorrow. If you allow them to get away with their terrorism methods, their minds will be re-enforced to the belief that their methods work, and they will use it again and again to get whatever they want. The only way to stop them is to hunt them down and bring them to justice. These people are cowards and murderers that hide behind the cloak of righteousness (that they do not have) and a religion (that they do not follow) to force all people into belief that Wrong. Aggression against anyone for any reason was condemned by the Bible, condemned by Jesus, and condemned by the Quran.

Look at history, the cost of our freedom was very high indeed, but well worth it in the long run. Do you want these cowards to be able to take it away from you. We must harden our resolve against them, pray to God for guidance and protection from them, hunt them down and bring them to justice for the destruction they have caused. If we waver in our resolve, we give them power over us. The only power they have is what we give them and if we give them NONE, they will slowly perish.


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