Compulsion In Religion



Barry L. Baker


Through the world the various Religions are practicing some form or another of Compulsion of Religion. Whether it is stating that one must be baptised in this chruch or that chruch to enter heaven, or calling someone from another religion an Infadel and calling them the dwellers of Hell (Fire) is completely wrong.


In the Quran (Sura 2, vs 256):


There is no compulsion in religion. The guidance has been distinguished from straying. Therefore whoever disbelieves in the rebellion and believes in God, has taken hold of the strongest bond that never severs. And God is All Hearing, All Knowing.


No Compulsion means that no one has the right under God's System to force anyone else to follow or accept any Religion. Each person has complete free will to follow the Religion of thier choice and the only one that they are responsible to is God.


The Quran also states that before the End of the World that "God's Religion Will Dominate The Earth". So what is God's Religion? Is it being a Christian, Budists, Muslim, Jewish or other faiths. Actually it is ALL and NONE of these. God's Religion is the act of complete and total Submission to God and to Believe in God's System, to accept without question the Will of God in all things.


There are people in all the Religions stated that do that exact thing, and there are people in those same Religions that do not. The First Commandment in the Bible and throughout the Quran, God has stated the same thing "Thou Shall Have No Other God's Before Me". The worship of God is to be made to God Himself and only to Him. Worshiping Jesus, Mohammad, Buddah, Saints, Prophets, or other humans is a greate Sin in the Eyes of God. All worship, all questions, all requests is to be made to God Alone, He needs no help in listening to his creations when they worship Him.


When I see around the world that the Talaban is killing the Pakistanis, the Jews are killing Muslims, Muslims killing Jews, Christians Sects are killing other Christians of different Sects, Shites killing Sunnies, and Sunnies killing Shites. All I see are people that are following the Religion of Satan creating hate and discontent throughout the world, they are not following the scripture that they sware are the "Word of God".


God forbids all of this conduct within the verses of the Scriptures He has sent to the people of this Earth. If more would read and attempt to understand the actuall Word of God instead of taking, Out of Context, just those passages that they want to use to support their position of hate the world would be a much calmer and peacefull place.




Thank you so much for listening.


Barry L. Baker