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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful



Monthly Bulletin of United Submitters International  ***  Proclaiming the only religion acceptable to God

February 1990                                         [No.62]                                     Rajab 1410

Editor: Rashad Khalifa; Ph.D., God's Messenger of the Covenant


                  New Major Revelation:                                                      Great News for the Believers:

The Righteous Do Not Really Die

They Go Straight to Heaven


Give good news to those who believe and work righteousness that they will have gardens with flowing streams. When provided with provisions of fruits therein, they will say, "This is what was given to us in the past." They will be given similar provisions, and they will have pure spouses therein. They abide therein forever: 





Do not think that those who are killed in the cause of God are dead; they are alive at their Lord, being provided for.












Do NOT say about those who are killed in the cause of God, "They are dead" For they are alive, but you do not perceive.  (2:154)













0 you who believe, you shall respond to God and the messenger when he invites to what keeps you alive.














Those who emigrate in the cause of God, then get killed or die God will surely provide for them a good provision.     (22:58)












They do not taste death, beyond the first death, and God spares them the retribution of Hell  (44:56)












He was told, "Enter Paradise." He said, "I wish my people (on earth) know that my Lord has forgiven me and honored me." (36:26-27)


The wages of sin is death. [Romans 6:23]


As stated in 3:81and 46:9, God's Messenger of the Covenant does not bring anything new; everything I receive and pass on to you is already in the Quran.  However, the Quran is full of information that is kept by Almighty God for revelation at a specific time. Now is the time to look at the verses shown above and learn the great news:  THE RIGHTEOUS DO NOT DIE; when their lives on  this earth come to the predetermined end, the angel of death simply invites them to leave their earthly bodies and move on to Heaven, the same Paradise where Adam and Eve once lived.  Heaven has been in existence since Adam and Eve.  We learn from 89:27-30 that God invites the believers' souls: "Enter My Paradise."




When God's Covenant  with the Prophets was fulfilled in accordance with 3:81,  I was taken to Heaven where the righteous live NOW (4:69).  While my  body was down here on earth,  I was in the same Paradise of Adam and Eve.




As for the disbeliveers, they know at the moment of death that they are destined for Hell.  The angels beat them up on the faces and rear ends (8:50 & 47:27), order them to evict their souls (6:93), then "snatch their souls." (79:1)  The Quran teaches that the disbeliveers go through 2 deaths (2:28 & 40:11).  They will be put to death -  state of nothingness during which they see Hell day and night in a continuous nightmare that lasts until the Day  of Judgement (40:46). Hell is not yet in existence. (40:46, 89:23). 


Of Course, the Righteous  Depart


As far as people on earth are concerned, the righteous "die."  People do not realize that the righteous simply leave their bodies, and move on to Paradise.  The verses shown above are self-explanatory.  They tell us that the righteouses die only once - the one death we have already experienced as a consequence of the great feud (38:69).  In 36:26-27, we see the best evidence that the righteous go to Paradise, while their friends and relatives are still living on earth.  Like going to Hawaii and waiting for us there.


See also 16:32 & 6:60-62






This is a common question posed  by  atheists, as well as multitudes of people who confess belief in God: "If God is just and merciful, why does he afflict innocent children?" Obviously, these people do not understand that Satan is solely responsible for such calamities; they reflect Satan's incompetence as a designated temporary ruler of this world. Satan is trying very hard to make his kingdom, this world, perfect, but he just can't do it. And this is the whole idea. His ancient claim that he can be an independent “god" is exposed as a lie. God never inflicts an atom's weight of injustice (4:40).


To comprehend the role of deformed, retarded, and/or children who starve to death, we must go back in history all the way to "The Great Feud in the Heavenly Society" (38:69). Billions of years ago, there was God and His creatures. Death had not yet been created (67:2), and everything was just perfect. Then, one creature became infatuated with his God-given powers and entertained the thought that he can run a dominion as an independent "god." This triggered varied opinions among God's creatures. As illustrated in Figure 1, the vast vast majority of God's creatures knew that Satan's supercillious thought was blasphemous, that it was due to arrogance, ego, and ignorance.


    The creatures who disagreed with Satan and upheld God's absolute authority became classified as "angels."  Their number is so huge, only God knows their number. Even the angels do not know how many of them there are (see Figure 1).






The angels suggested that the rebels (Satan and those who agreed with him) should be exiled from God's kingdom, i.e., thrown in Hell. But the Most Merciful told the angels, "I know what you do not know" (2:30). God willed that all the rebels should be given a chance to re-consider their blasphemy and repent. God knew that some of the rebels were possibly swept in the crowd, and deserved another chance. We see this second chance in 33:72. Thus, those who refused to repent and submit to God's absolute authority are the worst criminals.




If you look up 55:6, you will see that "The stars and the trees prostrate." When Almighty God, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful offered the criminals a second chance, the vast majority of them agreed to repent. In return for agreeing to come to this world in a submissive function, they  are redeemed back to God's kingdom When you and I were asked to repent, kill our egos, and come to this world as horses, or dogs, or deformed children, we refused. That was a stupid mistake on the part of most humans (33:72). Thus, the afflicted children are luckier than millions of "physically perfect" humans. They perform the function of testing and/or punishing their parents, then go on to Heaven.








by Shakira Karipineni, MD


The Quran informs us that the "great feud in the Heavenly Community" (38:69) was a "Great Event." Indeed it is the most significant event in our existence, period. To fully understand the purpose of our life in this world, we need to study that great feud, and put it in the right perspective.


Let Us Face It


Billions of years ago, when Satan promised a better place than God's and more power, all humans and jinns went to war against God and His angles, with Satan as our commander-in-chief. There was, thus, a physical battle; we actually fought against God on Satan's side.


God, being God Almighty, overpowered us most efficiently and took us all as P.O.W.s (prisoners of war). He could have destroyed us, burnt us in Hell eternally--any of these ends would have been quite appropriate, since we had failed to uphold His absolute authority. The angels expected Him to do exactly that. They were shocked that He could give these traitors another chance (2:30).


God gave us another chance because He knew that some of us rebels were swept with the crowd, but really, truly believed in Him. He willed to save those among us who deserved another chance.


I have written about this is to remind us of the horrendous crime that we committed. Most people think (when & if they think) that their fault was quietly believing that Satan could be a god. They do not have any recollection that they physically did battle with God and His angels on the side of Satan.


Therefore, we need to wake up, realize our mistake, and spend every minute of our lives asking God for forgiveness, thanking Him, and imploring Him for mercy. We should constantly and actively strive with our lives and our money in His cause, in order to be redeemed.



Mohamedans Question

God's Wisdom in Sending

A Consolidating Messenger


"The Message" (Journal of the Islamic Circle of North America) of December 89 has published an article by Omar Afzal titled "What Islam Says About Prophethood" (Page 23). Although Mr. Afzal did not say that the Prophet Muhammad was the"Final Messenger," the magazine's editor could not resist the tragic human tendency to bestow finality of messengership (40:34): he added a subtitle stating that the Prophet Muhammad was also "The Final Messenger."

The Quranic truth is that God's Messenger of the Covenant is very clearly prophesied in 3:81; he is commissioned by Almighty God to purity all the scriptures, including the Quran, and to consolidate and unify all religions under the banner of worshiping God ALONE. From 33:7, we learn that the Prophet Muhammad was not God's Messenger of the Covenant. God has provided overwhelming Quranic and physical evidence spelling out the name of God's Messenger of the Covenant as "Rashad Khalifa." Anyone who rejects these Quranic truths is no longer a Muslim (3:82-91).


Obviously Mr. Omar Afzal did a good job researching his subject. This is why he reiterated the Quranic truth that the Prophet Muhammad was the Final Prophet (33:40). He was the final prophet because he delivered the final scripture. The same verse (33:40) tells us that Muhammad was not the final messenger.


Why Another Messenger Now?


The editor of "The Message" rejects the idea of sending a messenger after 'Muhammad, and the article writer, Omar Afzal indicates that since the Prophet Muhamrnad delivered the Final Scripture, the Quran, there is no need for another messenger! He thus questions God's wisdom.




Our Creator's decision is to send a consolidating messenger after all the prophets have come to this world and have delivered all the scriptures (3:81).


No one can deny this Quranic fact and continue to claim that he or she is a believer in the Quran.


A true submitter, a true Muslim, would look at the matter from the basic conviction that God will send His Messenger of the Covenant to purify and consolidate all the scriptures. The true Muslim would ask: "When will God's Messenger of the Covenant arrive? What does he look like? What is his name? How am I going to recognize him? How can I support him and participate in his sacred mission? Will I be fortunate enough to be one of his contemporaries, or associates?




Omar Afzal questioned God's wisdom when he stated that we do not need a messenger after the Prophet Muhammad. Since we have the Quran, perfectly preserved, we no longer need a messenger, he thought.


But a careful, or even a not-so-careful look at the Muslims, proves that everything they do is wrong. Therefore, if they continue to practice the corrupted religion they inherited from their ancestors, they will positively end up in Hell. Do we not need a messenger? The Most Merciful, out of His immense mercy, grace, and infinite wisdom has willed that a messenger should come now to save us from Hell. The last few issues of SP have pointed out in detail that the Muslims are doing everything contrary to the Quran:  their ablution, Salat, Zakat, fasting, & Hajj are all wrong. We need a messenger.




Very Embarrassing Question to all Mohamedans:

How Many Words in Your Adhăn?



The Mohamedans, like the Christians before them, idolize their prophet against his will. Thus, the Ouran that came to us through the Prophet Muhammad's mouth enjoins us from uttering any name beside the name of God during our worship practices (72:18). But the Mohamedans insist upon putting the name of their idol next to God's name - from the Shahădah to the Adhăn to the Salăt prayers. This, by definition, is Shirk (idolatry).


Additionally, the Quran, out of Muhammad's mouth, informs us in so many verses that it is "complete, perfect, and fully detailed" (6:19, 38, 114; 7:52; 11:1; 12:111; 41:3). The Mohamedans, of course, do not believe their idol; they attribute to him what Satan gave them under the names "Hadith & Sunna."


                                              OK, Here is an "Authentic" Hadith


Because of his limited knowledge, Satan puts his followers in difficult positions. For example:


In two of the Mohamedans' most respected books of "authentic" Hadith, Tirmizy and Nasa'i, we see a Hadith wherein the Prophet proclaims that the Adhăn consists of 19 words.


OK, let us count the words of Adhăn practiced in the "Muslim" world:


(1) Allahu

(2)  Akbar

(3)  Ash-hadu

(4)  Allă

(5)  Elăha

(6)  Ellă

(7)  Allăh.

(8)  Ash-hadu

(9)  Anna

(10) Muhammadan

(11) Rasool

(12) Allăh.

(13) Hayya

(14) 'Ală

(15) Al-Salăh.

(16) Hayya

(17) 'Ală

(18) Al-Falăh.

(19) Allăhu

(20) Akbar.

(21) La

(22) Elăha

(23) Elăa

(24) Allăh.


Thus, the Mohamedans disobey their own idol by adding 5 extra words to the Adhăn!! There are only two phrases in the Mohamedans' Adhăn that consist of 5 words: 'Ash-hadu Allă Elăha Ellă Allăh," and 'Ash-hadu Anna Muhammadan Rasool Allăh."




If the Mohamedans really want to obey the Prophet, they will have to remove one of these two statements: “Ash-hadu Allă Elăha Ellă Allăh" (I bear witness that there is no god beside God) or “Ash-hadu Anna Muhammadan Rasool Allăh" (I bear witness that Muhammad is a messenger of God). The question is: Which one will it be?




Very Simple, Powerful

Discovery by Sheh Adam

of Minna, Nigeria


This discovery confirms that we must pray 2 Rak'as in the first prayer, 4 in the second, 4 in the third, 3 in the fourth, and 4 in the fifth. These numbers, written next to each other give:


2 1 4 2 4 3 3 4 4 5 (a  multiple of 19)


= 19x112759655


This specifies the number of Rak'as in each  one of the 5 daily prayers (Salat). Note that the numbers of Rak'as in the 5 prayers are: 24434, a multiple of 19. Shehu Adam inserted the number of each prayer



New Discoveries by M. Abib & A. Arik


Mahmoud counted the word "Allah" in every verse whose number is a multiple of 19. The total in these verses throughout the Quran is 133  19x7. Allahu Akbar.


Abdullah numbered the 17 Rak'as (units) of the 5 Salat prayers from 1 to 17. Following the number of each Rak'a, he put the number of the sura that we must recite in each Rak'a (Sura 1):


1 1 2 1 31 4 1 5 1  6 1 7 1 8 1 9 l 10 1 11 1 12 1 13 l 14 1 15 1 16 1 17 1


This number is a multiple of 19; It confirms that Sura 1 must be recited in every Rak'a.  If you number the Rak'a of each individual prayer and write the Sura number (1) after each Rak'a: 1121112131411121314111213111213141. This number is also a multiple of 19. Remove the first 2 unts of the noon prayer, & you get Friday's number: still a multiple of 19. Allahu Akbar. Call or write for further explanation.