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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

September 1989 Safar 1410

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.



Why the name change?

The name of this bulletin is now SUBMISSION PERSPECTIVE instead of MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE.

This marks the advent of momentous changes and ushers in a new era of unification. Henceforth, all believers who devote their worship to the One True God ALONE will join forces under the banner of "One True Religion" (Quran 2:62; 3:19, 85, 113; 5:69).

This is not simply a new bright idea of a human being or a collection of humans; this is a divine plan destined for inevitable enforcement ó God will render the hearts of all believers receptive. The Most Merciful has sent His Messenger of the Covenant now to deliver Godís message of unification and purification (Malachi 3:1, Quran 3:81).

I am sending My messenger to prepare the way before me; the Messenger of the Covenant But who will endure the day of his coming? And who can stand when he appears. For he is like the refiner's fire, or like the fullerís lye. He will sit refining and purifying.

[Malachi 3:1-8]

God took a covenant from the prophets: "I will give you the Scripture and wisdom, then a messenger will come after you confirming your message. You shall believe in him and support him...."

[Quran 3:81]


One of the most important items on the unification agenda is the name of Godís people; the unified believers. The words "Muslim" and "Islam" are NOT names; they are Arabic words meaning "Submitter" and "Submission," respectively. When Noah, Abraham, Solomon, and even the jinns talked about "Islam" and "Muslim" they did not speak in Arabic; they used their own languages. Please read these verses: 2:131; 7:126; 10:72; 22:78; 27:31,42; 28:53; 72:14. When Jesusí disciples stated that they were "Muslims," they did not say it Arabic (3:52). A Christian Arab is called "Nusraany" in Arabic. Yet, we do not use this Arabic word when we speak English. It has been Satanís plan to transform these "descriptions" into "names" then to give "Islam" and the "Muslims" a bad name. We have now mobilized to pull the rug from under Satanís feet.


Results of Continued Research


FALSE VERSES 9:128-129

The truth prevails, even between the lines of false doctrine. The Nicene Doctrine (circa 300 AD) has attempted to confound the truth about Jesus Christ and his message, but the truth still prevails:

The Lord our God is one God! You shall worship the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. [Mark 12:29]

The truth still prevails throughout the four canonized Gospels. John 20:17 still proclaims clearly that Jesus was not God, nor Son of God, nor a third of a trinity.

Jesus then said, "Go to my brothers and tell them, ĎI am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God!í [John 20:17]

Enlightened Christian scholars, such as

  1. Don Cupitt, University Lecturer in Divinity and Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge,
  2. Michael Goulder, Staff Tutor in Theology at Birmingham University,
  3. John Hick, Professor of Theology at Birmingham University,
  4. Leslie Houlden, Principal of Ripon College, Cuddesdon, UK,
  5. Dennis Nineham, Warden of Keble College, Oxord,
  6. Maurice Wiles, Professor of Divinity and Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, and Chairman of the Church of Englandís Doctrine Commission, and
  7. Frances Young, Lecturer in New Testament Studies, Birmingham University, have reached the truth by scrutinizing the Christian Scriptures as they exist today.

After many years of careful study, these outstanding scholars have concluded that "Jesus was (as he is presented in Acts 2:21) Ďa man approved by Godí for a special role within the divine purpose..." (see THE MYTH OF GOD INCARNATE, Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1977).

Invariably, those who idolize Jesus against his will rely on round-about, indirect statements that must be remotely tied to a far-fetched conclusion. In my frequent encounters with idol-worshipers, be they Muslim or Christian, I ask them to show me one, just one, direct verse in the Gospels stating that Jesus was God, or a Quranic statement that the name of Muhammad must be mentioned alongside Godís name, but they havenít come up with one yet. On the other hand, the Gospels, and the Quran, are replete with straightforward verses stating the truth (see Matthew 7:21-23, 27:46; Mark 10:17-18, 15:34; John 11:41-42; Quran 3:18, 39:44-45,47:19).

The truth invariably peeks through the falsehood, then prevails (Quran 17:81). When early Mohamedans attempted to tamper with the Quran by adding the false verses 9:128-129, Godís law of perfect preservation of the Quran necessitated incontrovertible exposure of such an attempt (see Appendix 24 in my new translation of the Quran).

In this article, I present documentation that the truth has peeked through the various historical accounts related to the false verses 9:128-129. I am reproducing here two relevant statements from

the classic reference AL-ITQAAN by Al-Suyooty, (Al-Azhareyah Edition, Cairo, 1318 AH, Vol 1). On Page 28, we see that the first attempt to add the false verses occurred immediately after the Prophetís death. This is confirmed on Page 59. We read on Page 28:

Ahdullah Ibn Alirnad narrated in MUSNAD and IBN MARDAWAIII that Ubayy Ibn Kaíab staled that the Quran was compiled during the reign of Abu Bakr, and when the scribes reached Verse 9:127: "...then they left, with their hearts diverted by God. For they were people who did not comprehend," the scribes decided that that was the last of the revelation. But Ubayy told them that he had two more verses, 9: 128 & 129, and that they were the last verses revealed in Medina.

On Page 59, we read that Ali imposed a house arrest upon himself when Abu Bakr was installed. Abu Bakr asked Ali if he objected to his appointment. Ali replied that "something has been added to the Quran," and he had pledged "never to dress up except for the prayers, until the Quran is restored." Thus, the first attempt to add the false verses occurred immediately after the Prophetís death. Abu Bakr, Omar, and Ali defeated that attempt, but the perpetrators never gave up; they finally succeeded was appointed a Khalifa, and the need arose to make copies from the original Quran for dispatch to the new Muslim lands. The details of this blasphemy are reported in Appendix 24 of the new translation, and in past issues of the PERSPECTIVE. Thus, the history of the great blasphemy of adding false verses to the Quran is unveiled, even through the Mohamedansí own literature..


by Edip Yuksel

One of the oldest copies of the Quran is found in the Sulaymaniya Library of Istanbul. Written in Kufi style on deer leather, it is reported to be the personal copy of Au lbn Abi Taaleh. In my search for the first appearance of the false verses 9:128-129, 1 wanted to look at this oldest known copy. I found the hook under the number "Fatih 18," and Sura 9 was there. However, the last three pages of Sura 9 were conspicuously torn out. I could have easily calculated the words per page if only one page was removed. But the perpetrator obviously removed 3 pages to cover up the fact that the false verses did not exist.



by Ismail Barakat

The Mohamedans adamantly hold on to the false verses 9:128-129 despite overwhelming evidence that they do not belong in the Quran. They claim that discovering the false verses contradicts the divine pledge to preserve the Quran! Thus, they feel that the Quran is the ink and paper that make up a physical book titled "Quran." Let me then ask them a question: "You recognize two different versions of the Quran ó the Hafs Version and the Warsh Version. And you claim that falsehood cannot enter the ink and paper titled Quran. Which version, Hafs or Warsh, is false? Which is the correct one? How did the false version happen?




To recognize the real believers, we need only reflect upon the Prophetís history. He preached the Quran secretly for three years. When his message became public, the idol worshipers persecuted Muhammad and his followersóthey insulted them, called them stupid fools (2:13), boycotted them, banished them from Mecca for 3 years, stoned the Prophet, chased the believers to Ethiopia, then tried to kill the Prophet; he had to flee to Medina. Such were the real believers. The same is happening today with Godís messenger of the Covenant. The Quran denounces the imitation of oneís parents. Most of those who believe that Muhammad was Godís messenger, because of their parents, are in fact disbeliveers.


A new magazine named FUROAN has come out of Kuwait, under the editorial supervision of the notorious Shaykh Bin Baz of Saudi Arabia.

On page 61 of issue No. 4, we read the following advice concerning the problem of lack of concentration during the contact prayers (Salat): FURQAN states that the Prophet said in a Hadith that this problem is due to a devil named "Khanzab." To get rid of Khanzab, you must look at your left side before you start the prayer, and say, "I seek refuge in God from you, Khanzab." Then you must spit three times over your left shoulder!!

There you have it from the Prophet himself!!! But I wonder: does Khanzab exist everywhere? And what if the person standing to my left in the prayer is bigger than me; do I still spit three times?



Since my divinely commanded announcement in May 1988 that I am Godís messenger of the Covenant (3:81), I have presented hundreds of incontrovertible mathematical and Quranic proofs in support of my messengership. In the February 1989 issue of the Perspective, I challenged the disbeliveers to "GIVE ME ONE GOOD REASON" (19 letters) why I could not be Godís messenger.

In a letter dated July 9, 1989, Mr. Sabah El-Deen Karam, President of the Austin (Texas) Mosque, sent what he believes to be two good reasons. According to him, verses 21:107 and 17:15 prove that "neither you, nor anyone else could be Godís messenger because that messenger to all mankind, that final messenger would be followed by the ultimate retribution viz Day of Resurrection. It is obvious that Day has not come yet."!!!

Mr. Karam adds: "Also concerning the root words of Rashad and Khalifa occurring in the Quran in multiples of 19, you probably have not observed that the root of every word in the Quran occurs in multiples of 19! So it is true of every Muslim name as it is true for yours."

I immediately checked the root word of Mr. Karam, and I found that the root of his first name "Sabah" occurs 45 times, not a multiple of 19. The root of his last name "Karam" ocurs 48 times, not a multiple of 19. Even his middle name "Deen" occurs 94 times, not a multiple of 19. I guess his name is not a Muslim name.

Thus, the challenge continues.

I am still waiting.



Letters from every corner of the globe continue to pour in and make my day every day. It is extremely heartening to see true believers, truly blessed by the Almighty, coming from all walks of life, from all corners of the world.

From Nigeria

Dear Messenger of God:

May Allah bless and guide you. From your books, journals, and publications which I have read I am fully convinced that you are indeed the messenger of Allah (SWT). Of course it would be very difficult for the traditional Muslims to accept most of the things you write or say. This is because they have been taught the wrong Shahadah, the wrong way to perform the contact prayers (Salat), the wrong way to perform the ablution, and wcrc taught to idolize the Prophet against his will. They were taught many other things that are completely inconsistent with the Quran. I used to belong to the traditionalistsí group but God out of His infinite mercy and wisdom has shown me the true guidance and light.

Alhamdu Lillah. Allahu Akbar.



From Australia

It is now official:

Mohamedans Claim:

  Two Books of God;

    Quran & Hadith!!!

Dear Brother Rashad:

I have just been told that I have been banned from visiting the Muslim Converts Association of Singapore FOR LIFE. The committee has had an emergency meeting and came to that decision. In Singapore, seemingly the world capital of Hadithists, they are re-publishing "The Mischief of Rejection of Hadith."

...I couldnít believe it. According to the Hadithists ó it is official ó we now have 2 books of GodóQURAN & HADITH.

Strange as it may seem this claim appears on Page 38 (19x2). Quote: "The word of the Prophet is also the word of God. Hence, both are words of God: the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet."

From all of this, it would appear that the raving Hadithists arc now caught between a rock and a hard place. They are faced with hundreds of Ahadith that are indecent or far fetched. This means that all Ahadith are acceptable (no matter how far fetched) as they believe them to be the word of God, equal in status to Quran itself.

But the worst Hadithist claim is yet to come. Quote: "Now what remains to be proved is that even if the word of the Prophet (peace etc) is opposed to the Quran, it is still HUJJAT."

Peter Green


From Switzerland

Dear Rashad:

Many warm thanks for the July Perceptive. The article of Feroz Karmally, "A Time to Reflect," was very good. It is of paramount importance that these facts are printed out, once and for all, in such a clear and logic way. I am so very happy to be a true believer in the Quran, and in the messengership of Rashad Khalifa, which is indisputable, beyond any doubt. I thank God frequently for having guided me in this path.

Eric Tornwall

I am sending my messenger to prepare the

way before me. [Malachi 3:1]




Edip Yuksel

[Satanic Practice]


Letís look at two verses from Quran, then look at the practices of Muslims.

"...This Is a profound message; a profound Quran. To warn those who are alive, and condemn the disbeliveers." (36:70)

This is the only verse stating that the Quran came for the living, as the Quran considers the disbeliveers to be dead. This verse is in Sura Ya Seen. Ironically, the so-called Muslims have made it a tradition to recite this particular sura for the dead. In the so-called Muslim countries, even Muslims who never open the Quran once in their life know that Sura Ya Seen is the Sura for the dead. According to Hadith and Sunna, this Sura which describes Quran as a warning for the living, has been dedicated for the dead!


Great Discoveries by Arabs

A magazine named "Iqra Annual" published by Sunni Arabs, in its Ramadan 1989 issue declared war against the Messenger of God: "...We dedicate the cover of this IQRA ANNUAL issue to the thcmc of 'UNITY' : unity of the Ummah against all forms of evil, injustice, oppression and hypocricy; unity of the ummah to reject all false 'messengers' like Rashad Khalifa, and unity of the ummah..."

After a glance at this Arab Magazine, I learned a lot about Holy Arabs. I am quoting here two paragraphs that appear under the title "You should know": *"Arab Mariners and explorers had a very wide knowledge of the seas and oceans. The greatest discovery of the Arabs is that the oceans are connected with one another." [Amazing discovery/]

*"Modern research has proved beyond doubt that Arabs had discovered America. The latest research on the subject had gone a step further and has established that the Arabs had discovered America five centuries before Columbus."

In the same issue we see the latest great discovery of Arabs in astronomy:

"Insha'a Allah, the first of Ramadan Mubarek will fall either on April 6, 7, or 8, 1989, depending on when the moon is sighted."

This is only a minute sample of the discoveries by people whose first discovery has been Hadith and Sunna.

Perhaps they should look at any issue of the WASHINGTON POST to see the precise times of rising and setting of the whole solar system-the sun, moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, etc. It would be embarrasing if such people agreed with Rashad. Thank God they don't!

Math'cal Miracle of Hadith!!

The followers of Hadith & Sunna have been very upset since the discovery of a miraculous mathematical structure in the Quran. They declared that Hadith is equal to the Quran (see Page 3 of this issue and the August Perspective), and therefore must be similar to Quran in every respect. But Hadith has no mathematical connection!

I have good news for the Hadithists. We have found an amazing mathematical phenomenon in Hadith. In the renowned Muwatta of Malik (43/11) and Musnad of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (2/182) we find that the punishment for cutting the fingers of a woman is to pay her:

10 camels for one finger,

20 camels for two fingers,

30 camels for three fingers, and

20 camels for four fingers,

This is their Shari'a law (by their own confession, they are Sunnis, not Muslims). The peculiar reduction for 4 fingers can't be coincidental, there must be a mathematical miracle somewhere!!! The only problem is, if the criminal cuts three fingers of the victim, it would be cheaper for him to cut one more finger!! Another question: Do the Sunni scholars realize that the woman actually has five fingers in each hand??!! How many camels for 5 fingers? We are waiting for their Ijtihaad.

Muhammad will intercede

This may be a confusing title, but this is precisely what I mean to say. We learn from Quran that Muhammad will intercede for his people:

The messenger will say, "My Lord; my people have abandoned this Quran." Thus, Mohammed's intercession (Shafaa'ah) is the exact opposite of what his idolizes expect.



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