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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

November 1989 Rabi II 1409

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.




Visitors to Masjid Tucson witness a miracle that is described by Almighty God as "One of the greatest miracles" (74:30-35). On the south wall is posted a long sheet of paper (40 in/92 cm) where a very long number is written down. This long number consists of every verse in the Quran, with the number of verses in every sura preceding its verses. Thus, Sura 1 is represented by the number 71234567. Sura 2 consists of 286 verses and, therefore, is represented by the long number 286 12345 285 286. This is done for all suras of the Quran, and all these numbers are placed next to one another to form one huge number consisting of 12692 digits, and looking like this:

712345672861234 6123456

The very long number, which contains the number of every verse in the Quran, is a multiple of 19. It consists of 12692 digits, and this number also is a multiple of 19. Readers of S.P. are familiar with this miracle. This is a perpetual miracle that can be witnessed by anyone, at any time, in any place.

Collective Divine Inspiration of the Believers

During the annual conference of United Submitters International (Sept. 1-3, 1989), Brother Dr. Ali Fazely remarked to Brother Abdullah Arik that the Basmalahs have not been taken into consideration in writing down the long number described above. Since the Basmalahs constitute an integral part of the Quran, Ali suggested that we include them in writing the numbers of verses, and to assign a number zero to each unnumbered Basmilah. There are 2 numbered Basmilah (1:1 & 27:30) and 112 un-numbered Basmalahs in the Quran. Sura 9 is the only sura without Basmilah.

Another Awesome Miracle

Brother Abdullah Arik wrote down the Sura number, followed by its number of verses, followed by the number of every verse. A Zero was assigned to every un-numbered Basmilah. Thus, Sura 1 is represented by the number:

1 7 1234567

Sura 2 is represented by the number:


This is done for all 114 suras. Sura 9 is represented by the number:

9 127 12345Ö.127

It is important to note that Sura 9 is the only sura that is not prefixed with a Basmilah. If we place a zero between the number of verses (127) and Verse 1, this whole phenomenon collapses. Similarly, if the false verses 128-129 are included, the phenomenon collapses.

The last sura is represented by:

114 6 0123456

The numbers representing all 114 suras are placed next to each other in order to form one very long number consisting of 13038 digits. This very long number was found to be a multiple of 19.

The Ultimate Miracle

Let us look at all verses of the Quran, and give them sequential numbers from the first verse to the last verse. Thus, the 7 verses of Sura 1, The Key, will have the same numbers (1 through 7). Then we get to the Basmilah of Sura 2; we give it the number 8. The first verse of Sura 2 is assigned number 9, and so on to the end of the Quran. The last verse is 114:6 and is assigned number 6346 (19x334). This gives us two numbering systems; the verse numbers as we know them within every sura, and the sequential numbers.

Now let us write down the sura number, followed by the number of its first verse, followed by the sequential number of that verse, and so on to the end of the Quran. Thus, we first write down the number of Sura 1, then the number of its verses with their sequential numbers:


Then we write down the number of the second sura, followed by Zero for the Basmilah of Sura 2, followed by this Basmalahs sequential number which is 8, then 1 for the first verse of Sura 2, then the sequential number of Verse 2:1, and so on:

20819210311 .286294

The number representing the first two suras, therefore, looks like this:

111223344556677208 19...286294

The number representing the last sura begins with the sura number (114), followed by the number assigned to every un-numbered Basmilah (0), followed by the sequential number of that Basmilah (6340), followed by 1, then 6341, then 2, then 6342, then 3, then 6343, then 4, then 6344, then 5, then 6345, then the last verse (6), then 6346:

114 0 6340 1 6341....6 6346

The resulting very long number: consists of 12806 numbers (19x674), consists of 37088 digits (19x1952), & the very long number itself is also a multiple of 19. This miraculous phenomenon adds even more power to the great miracle of the Quran, and more proof that 9:128-129 never belonged in the Quran.



Mohamedans Insist

A renowned Muslim scholar has "refuted" the overwhelmingly proven fact that am Godís Messenger of the Covenant on the basis that the Basmalah (Verse 1:1) does not consist of 19 letters, and that the Arabic name of the prophet Muhammad consists of 5 letters. My question to him and to all Mohamedans is: If I prove to you, incontrovertibly, that Basmalah does consist of 19 letters, and that Muhammadís name consists of 4 letters, will you accept the proven truth that I am Godís messenger?



I just received an impolite letter from Dr. Assad Busool, Professor of Islamic Studies at Chicagoís Islamic College, supposedly refuting my messengership. Dr. Busool says that since "the Basmilah consists of 22 letters, and the Arabic word "Mohamed "consists of 5 letters, the proof of my messengership has collapsed!!"

Thus, while Almighty God is revealing ever more powerful and ever more awesome miracles in the Quran, as reported in this bulletin, the Mohamedan scholars are still stuck in the most basic issues. They are still trying to count the number of letters in the first verse of the Quran. God is strengthening His great miracle (74:30-35), but the Mohamedans continue to reject it. They will have no excuse whatsoever for going to Hell.

Since the Mohamedan scholars readily confess that they do not know the number of letters in the first verse of the Quran, how can anyone depend on them to explain the rest of the Quran? In fact, they are stuck in the first letter of Basmilah. Dr. Busool counts the letters of "BISM " as 4, not 3. My question to him is: How many letters do you see in "BISM " of 1:1 and how many do you see in "BISM " of 96:1??!!

The difference between "BISM" of 1:1 and "BISM" of 96:1 is so obvious, any pupil in First Grade can tell you that BISM of 1:1 consists of 3 letters, while BISM of 96:1 consists of 4 letters. I am reproducing here 1:1 and 96:1 as shown in the latest King Fahd printing:







God Blocks Out the Idol Worshipers

According to Dr. Busool, the Basmilah consists of 22 letters, not 19. Therefore, I will simply show you the Basmilah according to Dr. Busool, and the Basmilah as written in the Quran.











Is there any doubt that Dr. Busool is trying very hard to go to Hell? Indeed, one of the reasons for our being here is to show that God never puts anyone in Hell; people insist on going to Hell (see 11:101, 16:118, 43:76). God has sent a clear message, with clear proofs, and has supported His messenger with awesome miracles, but the humans insist on going to Hell.

Busoolís Ultimate Lie

I have presented literally hundreds of irrefutable Quranic and mathematical proofs that I am Godís Messenger of the Covenant prophesied in 3:81 (see Appendix 2 of my new translation of the Quran). Among the proofs is the fact that the root word of my name is mentioned in the Quran 19 times (INDEX TO THE WORDS OF QURAN, First Printing, Page 320). Also, when we add the gematrical value of the three messengers of Islam, Abraham, Mohamed, and Rashad, as written in the Quran (21:51, 47:2, & 40:38), the total comes to 855, 19x45. Dr. Busool refutes this evidence on the basis that Mohamedís name consists of 5 letters, not 4!!! This makes the total value according to him 895, which is not a multiple of 19!!!











Any child in grade school knows that the Prophetís name consists of 4 letters. But the Quranic truth must he manifested: the Quran states in 18:56 that the disbeliveers argue against the. Truth using falsehood and lies.

The issue is very simple

  1. The Quran informs us in 3:81 that Godís Messenger of the Covenant will come after all the prophets have delivered all the scriptures.
  2. As confirmed by 33:7, Mohamed was one of the prophets who pledged to believe in and support Godís Messenger of the Covenant.
  3. Anyone who rejects these Quranic truths is no longer a Muslim (3:82-85).
  4. The Quran spells out the name of Godís Messenger of the Covenant as "Rashad Khalifa" (see past issues of SP).
  5. The Quranic and mathematical evidence that Rashad Khalifa is Godís Messenger of the Covenant is not subtle at all; it is utterly incontrovertible.

Why do the Muslim scholars resort to such glaring falsehood and lies? They want to ensure that their ultimate destiny is Hell.


Deceiving Themselves:


"We Do Not Need A Messenger"

By definition, the hypocrites say with their lips that they are believers. However, their actions reflect their disbelief. To utter what is not in oneís heart is a most despised matter in the sight of God (61:3). One of their most common utterances is: "We do not need a messenger. We can worship God alone, and follow the Quran alone, without any need for a messenger from God." They thus rebel against Godís system. Sending messengers is Godís system for a good number of reasons.

God sends His messengers to rescue those who believe and work righteousness, as we see in 65:11: "a messenger who recites Godís revelations, in order to lead those who believe and lead a righteous life from the darkness to the light." Note that this verse talks about "those who believe and lead a righteous life." They are in darkness, until Godís messenger comes and "leads them out of darkness." Note also the word "recites." The book itself, the Quran, cannot "recite" Godís revelations. While the messenger is alive, the book comes to life and leads the believers out of darkness.

The Quran, without the Messenger,

Misleads the Wicked

See 2:26, 14:27, 17:41, 17:82. In 3:7, we see that "those well founded in knowledge are needed to explain certain aspects of the Quran. The messenger who receives new information and revelations from God is certainly "well founded in knowledge." Otherwise, why didnít God just send a physical book down from the sky, without any messengers? Obviously, those who say that they do not need Godís messenger; that they can make it to Heaven on their own, blaspheme against God. For they defy Godís system.

Godís system is very clearly stated in 18:17: "Whomever God wills to send astray, you will not find for him a guiding teacher." What makes this system particularly relevant to our generation is that the root word for the "guiding teacher" is "Rashada."

God is telling us that His system calls for guiding the believers through a "guiding teacher." So what do the hypocrites say? They rebel against Godís system, and reject Godís appointed teacher. "We can make it on our own," they think.

Once again, here is Godís system as stated in 18:17:

Whomever God wills to send

astray, you will not find for him

a guiding teacher.


Only the believers can enjoy and uphold Godís system (see 9:24).


Divine Proclamation Through Gabriel:

Like the time Of Noah: Only those
who stand with God's messenger
will be saved.

 If you look at Sura 7, Verse 64 says: "They rejected him (Noah). Consequently, we saved him and those who stood by him in the ark, and we drowned those who rejected our revelations, for they were blinded people." Verse 72 says: "We then saved him (Hood) and those who stood by him, by mercy from us. And we annihilated those who rejected our revelations, and refused to believe." Verses 78-79 say: "Consequently, the quake annihilated them, leaving them dead in their homes. He (Saaleh) turned away from them, saying, Ď0 my people, I have delivered my Lordís message to you, and advised you, but you do not like those who advise you.í" Verse 83 says, "Consequently, we saved him (Lot) and his people, except his wife; she was with the doomed." Verses 91-92 say, "The quake annihilated them, leaving them dead in their homes. Those who rejected Shuíaib vanished, as if they never existed. Those who rejected Shuíaib were the losers." Verse 101 says, "We narrate to you the history of the doomed communities: their messengers went to them with clear proofs, but they were not to believe in what they had already rejected. God thus seals the hearts of the disbeliveers."

We see the same lessons in 26:105-190. The angel Gabriel has conveyed to me Godís plan: those who refuse to stand by His Messenger of the Covenant will be utterly destroyed. I was told specifically that it will be like the time of Noah: Only those who stand by Godís messenger will be saved.

Allahu Akbar.



Edip Yuksel

Challenge to Ass ĎAd Busool

I was truly surprised at the unbelievable stupidity of Dr. Ass ĎAd Busool of Chicagoís Islamic College. In his so-called refutation of the Quranís mathematical miracle and Rashadís proven messengership, Dr. Busool claims that the Basmilah consists of 22 letters, and that the Prophetís name (Muhammad) consists of 5 letters. What is wrong with this guy? The strange thing is that in his letter, Dr. Busool cites Al-Qurtubi, one of his biggest idols, declaring that Basmilah consists of 19 letters!!! Dr. Busool was so blinded by his lies that this important confession slipped by him. At the bottom of this page, you see a photocopy of Busoolís slip-of-the-truth, from Page 4 of his letter.

On the same page, Busool shamelessly quotes Ibn Kathir, knowing that Ibn Kathir declared that the earth is carried on the 40,000 horns of a giant bull!!!

Finally, I would like to ask Ass ĎAd:

Are you aware of Fakhrud Din Raziís exegesis on Basmilah? This big idol of yours informs you that Basmilah consists of 19 letters. Do you suppose Razi didnít know how to count? Do you think Razi was a follower of Rashad Khalifa?

I challenge Busool to a public debate.

Mehdi: Satanic Diversion

There is absolutely no way around the Quranís prophecy in 3:81 that a messenger will come after Muhammad. From 3:81 and 33:7, we learn that Godís Messenger of the Covenant is not Muhammad. Why then donít we see any trace of this messenger in the literature? How did such an important prophecy disappear? Since it is impossible for Satan to remove the Quranic prophecy, the devil resorted to a clever diversionary tactic. Through Hadith and other Mohamedan literature, Satan created a number of figures such as the Mehdi, Imam Zaman, Jesus, etc. to replace Godís Messenger of the Covenant. Satan even reversed the definitions of "Nabi" and "Rasool." Thus, after the Prophetís death, the people started to wait for the expected Mehdi, Jesus, and the 12th Imam, instead of Godís Messenger of the Covenant.

Satan duped millions of Muslims into waiting for an imaginary, non-existent figure. There are numerous clues exposing the gradual development of this Satanic plot. For example, the early narrations called the expected savior "Mchdi Rasool." As a second step, Satan removed the word "Rasool" and called the expected figure just "Mehdi."

In a significant Hadith, the Prophet allegedly prophesies that Al-Khulafaí AlRashedoon will come after him, and their eras will be marked by peace, justice, and prosperity. Ironically "Al-Khulafaí Al-Rashedoon" is the plural of Khalifa Rashed. Is it not significant that this name is so close to the name of Godís Messenger of the Covenant?

Tech no-Religious Problems

A few years ago, the leading Mohamedan scholars met in Pakistan to discuss Islamic issues. One of the issues they discussed was the cutting off of the thiefís hand. The problem some of them raised was that in this age of advanced medical technology the thiefís hand can be re-attached. What do we do now??!! The mullas debated at length: should we allow such a surgery? Should we give the thief his hand back??!!

Another issue the mullas discussed:

Should we allow a menstruating woman to touch the computer, if the Quran is written on the computerís disc?!

Bukhari: No. 1 Enemy

While the Quran teaches that the Prophet was kind (3:159), Bukhari narrates hundreds of Hadiths showing that the Prophet was vicious and mean. For example, he ordered the killing of women and children "because they belonged with their disbelieving husbands and fathers!!!" (Bukhariís Jihad #146, Abu Dawud 113).


Just as it was in the time of Noah; only those who stand with Godís Messenger of the Covenant will he saved.

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man. They ate and drank right up to the day Noah entered the ark--and when the flood came, it destroyed them all.

Luke 17:22-36.

You canít make it on your own (4:115).


Our heartfelt thanks to all our brothers and sisters who participated in the 4th Conference of United Submitters Intíl, and made our wedding ceremony unforgettable. [Edip & Apameh]


Al-Basmalah is nineteen letters according to the number of the angles of the people of Hell, who say all the time; "BISMILLAHI ar-RaHMAN ar-RaHIM" which is the source of their powerÖIbn 'Atiyah commented on this story: This is of the witticism of Tafsir (interpretation) and not of the solid knowledge. (al-Aurtubi, Tafsir, Dar al-Qalam, Cairo, 1980, vol. 1, p.92)

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