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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

June 1989 Zul-Qi'dah 1409

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.


Open Letter to Disbelievers:

Are You Missing the Boat ?

I can show you 1000 irrefutable proofs that I am Godís Messenger of the Covenant (3:81). Can you show me one, just one, proof that I am not? Do you know why you do not believe the Quran? The Quran tells us exactly why you do not believe.

Let me cite the Quranic prophecy in 3:81 according to the famous translation of Pickthall, not my translation:

When Allah made (His) covenant with the Prophets, (He said): Behold that which I have given you of the Scripture and knowledge. And afterward there will come unto you a messenger, confirming that which ye possess. Ye shall believe in him and ye shall help him. He said: Do ye agree, and will ye take up My burden (which I lay upon you) in this (matter)? They answered: We agree. He said: Then bear witness. I will be a witness with you.

The Quran is "Clear, without any ambiguity" (18:1, 39:28), and this verse informs us that after all the prophets have come to this world and have delivered all the scriptures, a consolidating messenger will come to unify and purify the scriptures.

Who is this Messenger?

For this computer age, the name of Godís Messenger of the Covenant is mathematically coded into the Quran. I can show you 1000 physical, verifiable, and utterly irrefutable proofs

that I, Rashad Khalifa, am Godís messenger who is prophesied in 3:81.

The Most Important Event

Now that the truth has been proven to you on the pages of this Bulletin, do you have enough strength to overcome your ego?

Lo, I am sending my Messenger of the Covenant to prepare the way before Me. ÖBut who will endure the day of his coming? And who can stand when he appears? For he is like the refinerís fire, or like the fullerís soap. (Book of Malachi 3:1-3]

Do you know why you continue to defy Godís truth? The Quran tells us exactly why you do not believe. You worship some other god besides God. Thatís the reason. Verse 25:43 informs us of people whose god is their ego. Accordingly, if you: see the clear Quranic truth, supported by overwhelming proofs, your mullas and shaikhs cannot-come up with a single argument against this truth, and you still refuse to accept Godís truth, then face it ó you have another god besides Allah.

This is confirmed by the verses immediately after 3:81, where Godís messenger is prophesied; they emphasize that anyone who fails to accept this Quranic truth is dismissed from the religion of Islam. Please read 3:81-91 very carefully; these verses are, as always, very clear & may save you.

How to Distinguish True Messengers

Godís true messengers

  1. have solid proof from God that they are His messengers,
  2. advocate worshiping God ALONE, & upholding the word of God ALONE, and
  3. never ask for a wage.

Satan has flooded the world with false messengers. His aim is to drown the truth in an ocean of falsehood, to divert the people from Godís messenger and thus prevent them from being saved. However, God has given us the mind and the absolute freedom to choose His kingdom or Satanís.

If anyone claims to be Godís messenger, and fails to meet the criteria listed above, he is a false messenger.

Additionally, Godís messenger is supported by Godís invisible soldiers, Godís treasury, and Godís guidance for His sincere believers. See 15:95-97.


Elite of the Elite (56:10):

Letters of Support from All Over the World

From Australia:

Dear Brother Rashad:

You have my full support no matter what you do. I acknowledge that you are a messenger of Allah and thank Allah for providing you to perpetuate, rectify, and present the message to a New World and generations.


From Manila:

Dear Bro. Rashad, The Messenger of Allah:

Since the day Iíve learned and accepted your messengership, my ways in life have changed. Iíve devoted part of my time to praying, searching for the truth, Quranic reading, and purification of my belief. I am now able to face the daily life with peace, smile, and high hopes in the promised victory from Allah (S.WT). Praise be to Allah (S.WT.) and thanks be to Him for being very lucky to have known you in this world.


From Singapore:

Br Rashad Khalifa:

O you messenger, do not be saddened by those who hasten to disbelieve, among those who said, "We believe," with their mouths, while their hearts disbelieved.

From Florida:

Thank you very much for giving me so much of your time these last few weeks, and for the Quran and the other literature youíve sent. I feel like my spirit has begun to soar at warp speed. You introduced me to the possibility of following God alone, without also bowing to the "scholars" and Hadith, and I felt an excitement, a quickening. Then, after much supplication and reading Quran, I began to pray to God alone, without associating His prophet Mohammed with Him in the prayer. I gradually felt as though the ground fell out from under me, while I secured an even stronger hold with God.

...Please forgive me for considering whether you could allow yourself to be placed in an exalted position, dear brother. LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH. You have never pointed me in any direction but Allah, using the Quran as our criterion.


From Turkey:

Dear Brother Rashad:

Before receiving your message I was trying to devote the religion to God alone. And now, with the same goal, and with the condition that the Quran shall be the judge, I accept your messengership. I donít know English, but the information that I received until now has convinced my mind and my heart.

When someone comes to me and claims that he is Godís messenger, with warnings and a message from God, I cannot dismiss his claim and ignore him without listening to him and thinking about his claims in light of the Quran.

Praise be to God. He is the Greatest, He is fully aware of the innermost thoughts, and He never forsakes the sincere believers.


From Chicago:

Dear Rashad: Messenger of Almighty God.

I can almost sense Godís work, through you, beginning to overwhelm the minds. Like a snowball rolling down a great hill, becoming so large and gathering so much momentum that, no opposition, IN SHAA ALLAH, will dare stand in the way.

May God continue to inspire you. Greetings to all the believers at Masjid Tucson.

This is only a small sample.

Praise and glory be to God.


What did the disbeliever's say?

Despite my challenge to them in the February issue of M.P. to "Give Me Oneójust oneóGood Reason," the disbeliever's cannot come up with oneójust oneóreason as to why I could not possibly be Godís messenger!!!

Where are the "Muslim" scholars? Why do they not supply their followers with oneójust one ó reason in support of their stand? Their conspicuous silence is a great proof. The Quranic fact is: the truth must win, in accordance with Godís law (17:81, 21:18).



4th International Conference

of the United Islamic Nation

September 1,2,3, 1989

Make your plans now to attend this historic event. Supersaver fares on airlines require advance reservations; the earlier reservations are cheaper. Please let us know before the end of July. Call Masjid Tucson for the details. Attendance is by invitation only. Please mail your speech as soon as possible.



Godís Messenger of the Covenant: Why?

The Quran, Godís Final Testament, consolidates the messages delivered by all of Godís prophets into one global message. This is the main mission of Godís Messenger of the Covenant.

Henceforth, there is only one religion that is approved by God the religion whereby we submit totally to God and devote our worship absolutely to Him alone. Submission to God has been the only religion since the time of Adam ó the followers of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, and Muhammad are called "Muslims" in the Quran. Submission in Arabic is "Islam." Thus, Islam is not a name; it is a description of oneís act of submitting to God. A Muslim is anyone who submits to God, be they Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, or Buddhists. Anyone who submits to God and worships Him alone is a Muslim. One can be a Muslim Jew, a Muslim Christian, a Muslim Hindu, or a Muslim Muslim (2:62, 5:69). Anyone of these Muslims will have no objection to anything in the Quran. If any of them finds anything in the Quran objectionable, he or she is not a Muslim; a submitter to God.

Islam is the only religion

approved by God. [3:19]


Anyone who accepts other than Islam as a religion, it will not be accepted from him; he will be a loser in the Hereafter.


All religions ó Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism ó have been corrupted through idolization of their prophets and saints.


Judging from the writings of a famous Rabbi, Harold Kushncr, many of todayís Jews do not believe in the Hereafter, an essential requirement for salvation (2:62, 5:69), and do not believe in Godís omnipotence. Failing to recognize Godís qualities is not knowing God. See Kushnerís hook WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE, Avon Books, 1981.


If Jesus came back to this world, the Christians would crucify him. Outstanding Christian scholars have now recognized that todayís Christianity has nothing to do with Jesusí religion (see THE MYTH OF GOD INCARNATE, The Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1977). The original Christian doctrine was mortally corrupted during the Nicene Conferences (325 AD).


If Muhammad came hack to this world, the Muslims would stone him to death. For todayís Islam has nothing to do with the religion preached by Abraham and Muhammad. Todayís Islam is an anti-Quran satanic cult.

Everything todayís Muslims do is wrongóthe Shahaadah, the Azan, the ablution, the contact prayers (Salat), the obligatory charity (Zakat), the fasting of Ramadan, and Hajj.

All Muslims, under the various sectarian names, claim to believe and uphold thc Quran. Using the Quran as a criterion, we find that all the practices listed, among many other details, are severely corrupted into idol-worship.

A Shocking Example

Verse 19 in the sura entitled "Muhammad" (47:19) proclaims the Shahaadah. This verse is a confirmation of the powerful verse on the First Pillar of Islam, Shaadah, as stated in 3:18. Verse 47:19 states:

You shall know that "There is no other god besides God" (LAA ELAHA ELLAA ALLAH). So what did the Muslims do? They turned around and placed another god besides God. Shown below is the shocking logo of an Islamic journal THE REVIEW OF RELIGIONS (The London Mosque, 16 Gressenhall Rd, London SW18 SQL). Flagrantly abusing the Quran, this journal placed Muhammadís name next to Godís name in 47:19!! Such is todayís Islam.

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Special for the readers of Muslim Perspective


[Authorized English Version ]

With the Arabic Text

Translated by: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.

Luxurious gold-stamped Hardcover, 752 pages, 38 Appendices, comprehensive Index.




Elite of the Elite (56:10)

A Most Fortunate Generation

We grew up in the midst of corrupted Islam. We inherited from our ancestors tons upon tons of satanic teachings. Then God bestowed His grace upon us and saved us from a horrible fateóeternal Hell. How fortunate can one get?

Our confession of faith, Shalwadah, was a declaration of Shirk (idolatry), and a defiant rebellion against the Ouran. For the Quran dictates a Shahaadali that is devoted to God ALONE (3:18 & 47:19), while todayís Shahaadah of the "Muslims" dictates Muhammadís name side by side with Godís name. The Quranic criterion in 39:45 ó "When God alone is mentioned the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter shrink with aversion, but when others are mentioned with Him, they become satisfied" ó exposes todayís "Muslims" as disbeliveers at heart. If you ask them to utter the Quranically dictated Shalzaadah (3:18 & 47:19), they simply cannot do it. Try it with them; they can never utter the correct Shahaadah; they are forbidden by God.

Our daily contact prayers (Salat) were corrupted into a practice in idol worship. Although God commands us to keep the daily contact prayers (Salat) absolutely devoted to Him ALONE (20:14 & 72:18), we were taught to mention Muhammad and his family, and Abraham and his family in every Salat.

Our obligatory charity (Zakat) was corrupted into uselessness and injustice. While the Quran orders us to give the Zakat "on the day of harvest," i.e., the day we receive income, we were giving Zakat only once a year, and then to the wrong recipients.

Our fasting & Hajj were corrupted.

Thank God

God saved us with His message of purification and consolidation (3:81). He has shown us the right way, and has saved us by His grace from eternal Hell. He has purified the Quran for us, and has given us the most powerful miracle, and strengthened His purifying information with the most overwhelming physical evidence. He cleansed our minds of all doubt, and has guided us to worship Him ALONE. How fortunate can one he?

If we were born just a few years earlier, or lived in the wrong location, we would have continued in our old idolatrous ways, and would have incurred the due misery here and in the Hereafter, now and forever.

Can we ever thank God enough? How fortunate can one be?

Thank You God.


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