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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

July 1989 Zul-Hijjah 1409

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.





"Purify, Unify, Consolidate

Your Religions Into One."

God enjoins all people, of all religions, to forget all idols—the powerless "Human Factors" such as Jesus, Mary, Muhammad, Buddha, and the saints— and devote themselves totally to their Creator ALONE.

O people of all religions, let us all agree on one reasonable principle: that we will worship none other than God; that we will never set up any idols besides Him, and will never set up any human beings as lords besides God. [Quran 3:641


The Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, etc. have one thing in common: they all believe in God.

The only thing that creates differences, and fights, among them is their identification with THE HUMAN FACTORS, such as Muhammad, Jesus, Mary, Imams, Saints, etc. Implied statements like, "My Muhammad is better than your Jesus" are the root of all hatred and wars among the followers of various religions.

Ironically, the human factors themselves, who are being idolized by the various groups, never wanted to be idolized. They preached one and the same message: "You shall worship God ALONE." They specifically enjoined their followers from idolizing them.

"Hear, 0 Israel’ The Lord our God is one God! Therefore, you shall worship the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your strength. [Deuteronomy 6:4-5]

None of those who call me "Lord" will enter the kingdom of God but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. When that day comes, many will plead with me, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? Have we not exorcised demons by its power? Did we not do many miracles in your name?" Then I will declare to them solemnly, "I never knew you. Out of my sight, you evildoers!" [Matthew 7:21-23]


Jesus then said: "Do not cling to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Rather, go to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God!’ [John 20:17]


Who are more evil than those who idolize beside God creatures who do not respond to them until the Day of Resurrection, and are totally unaware of their calls. When the people are summoned (on the Day of Judgment), they will be their enemies, and will disown their idolatry. Quran 46:5-6]



The logical conclusion towards unifying all people is to devote ourselves to our Creator. We all recognize God as the Creator, Provider, and Sustainer of the universe. This is the common ground on which we stand. Should we not then come to this vital agreement among us to unify humanity on the basis of this common ground?

When we forsake our common ground, disobey our Creator, and rebel against His messengers and saints who preached the worship of God ALONE, we deprive ourselves of a perfect life here and forever. We also alienate and oppose the very idols we adore so much. Note how Jesus Christ disowns his idolizers in Matthew 7:21-23, and how the Quran confirms this idea in 46:4-6.

What Price Universal Unity?

Is one’s prejudice to inherited traditions worth sacrificing Heaven? Are one’s personal prejudices worth giving up our happiness in this world and forever? Is one’s clinging to tribal or national bias worth all the wars, hatred, and antagonisms that dominate the world?

We can achieve universal unity, and get rid of immense pain and suffering by abstaining from the idolization of our prophets and saints against their will.

We learn from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Final Testament that there has been, and there will always be ONE RELIGION. If we compare Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Mark 12:29, and Quran 3:18, we see that the First Commandment is one and the same in all the Scriptures:

You shall worship God ALONE. You shall not set up any other god besides God.


The Meaning of "Islam"

"Islam" is the only religion approved by God. A person who practices any other religion is judged by God to be a heathen whose righteous practices are all in vain (39:65).

The English word for "Islam" is "Submission." Thus, "Islam" is not a name. It is a description of one’s submission to God. Worshiping God and devoting the worship to Him ALONE is Islam, and anyone who meets this criterion is a "Muslim." Thus, one may be a Muslim Jew, a Muslim Christian, a Muslim Buddhist, a Muslim Hindu, or a Muslim Muslim (2:62, 3:113, 5:69).

The Only Religion

God’s Final Testament, the Quran, informs us in no uncertain terms that

The only religion acceptable to God is Islam. [3:19]


Equally clear is the proclamation in 3:85 that:

Anyone who seeks other than Islam as a religion, it will not be accepted from him, and he will end up, in the Hereafter, with the losers.

God Supports This Proclamation

The idea of proclaiming one religion for all people is not my personal wishful thinking; it is God’s designed and perfectly timed proclamation. Thus, it is an idea that enjoys God’s support. The minds and hearts of the present and new generations will be rendered receptive to this idea. God will see to it that His sincere servants will rise up throughout the world to embrace, advocate, and carry out this divine proposal.


Our Name, Everywhere in the World,

Must be One and the Same:


I received a number of letters from various countries where our people, the true Muslims, wish to establish an organization or society to proclaim God’s truth and their support thereof. After consulting with the believers, the decision has been adopted to call ourselves the "United Islamic Nation," with the motto: "ONE GOD/ONE BOOK/ONE NATION."



4th International Conference

of the United Islamic Nation

September 1,2,3, 1989

Don’t miss this historic event. Make your plans NOW to attend. Meet your brothers and sisters—your eternal family—from all corners of the world. Please let us know your plans before the end of July. We will meet you at the airport. Attendance is by invitation only. Registration fees are $76.00/individual; $114.00/family; they include room and board. Children will be cared for by God, through competent babysitters. Speakers: Please mail your speech as soon as possible. Conference opens with the Friday Prayer, to be led by lsmail Barakat.



God’s Messenger of the Covenant: Why?

The Quran informs us in 5:14-16, 14:1, 33:43, 57:9, and 65:11 that the function of God’s Messenger of the Covenant (3:81) is to lead "THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND LEAD A RIGHTEOUS LIFE" from the darkness into the light.

Thus, it is mercy and grace from God that He has sent His Messenger of the Covenant NOW to rescue "THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND LEAD A RIGHTEOUS LIFE."

Please read the verses listed above carefully, and also the June issue of M.P.

Obviously, when we decide to believe and lead a righteous life, we can be still in the darkness. Despite believing and leading a righteous life, the Quran teaches us that we may continue to be in the darkness. This is an experience that we, the true Muslims, have gone through. We did believe, and we did lead a righteous life, but all our practices—the daily contact prayers (Salat), obligatory charity (Zakat), fasting, Hajj pilgrimage, etc. —were wrong. God then willed to send His Messenger of the Covenant at this time, and thereby He led us out of the darkness into the light. By God’s grace, we now practice the correct Salat, Zakat, fasting, Hajj, etc.

All praise and thanks be to God.



Fantastic Gift from God Demonstrates:


Lulu Maknun, a contemporary Sahaabah, writes


The Prophet Muhammad is Dead and Cannot Defend Himself

But I Am Alive and I Can Defend Myself

During my visit to Canada June 13-16, 1989, I discovered a manuscript by my friend Lulu Maknun of Port San Juan, Alaska, described by her as: Forty Hadith of Rashad Khalifa. Initially, I was utterly shocked and outraged at the apparently vicious lies contained in Lulu’s manuscript. But now that Lulu has explained and apologized, I realize that this incident is a great lesson and a fantastic gift from Almighty God. For it illustrates in a most profound manner how the words of God’s messenger may be twisted out of context by well-meaning and sincere listeners. I will give here only a couple of examples to demonstrate the grossness of Hadith and Sunna, and how they constitute nothing but blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad. To drive the point, let me put Lulu’s statements in the classic Hadithist perspective:

Example No. 1

The renowned Sahaabah Lulu Maknun, may God be pleased with he,; said; "I heard tile messenger of God, Rashad Khalifa, say, ‘Adultery,’ is OK, as long as you do not hurt anyone.’"

A Vicious Lie

My views on adultery are documented in my translation of Quran.

Example No. 2

The renowned Sahaabah Lulu Maknun, may God be pleased with he,; said, "At Masjid Tucson, they observe the Dawn Prayer (Salat Al-Fajr) after sunrise."

A Vicious Lie

I don’t know where Lulu got her information, but anyone who is familiar with Masjid Tucson knows that the Dawn Prayer is observed EVERY MORNING before sunrise.

The Prophet Muhammad’s alleged Hadith was written after 200 years, across eight generations of the dead. God thus teaches us that even contemporary Sahaabah can misunderstand God’s messenger. We must uphold ONLY the Quran.


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Even the most ardent opponents who have an ounce of sincerity should reflect upon this.

Fact No. 1

God’s Messenger of the Covenant

The Quran prophesies the advent of God’s Messenger of the Covenant. According to Pickthall’s translation:

When Allah made (His) covenant with the prophets (He said): Behold that which I have given you of the Scripture and knowledge. And afterward there will come unto you a messenger, confirming that which ye possess. Ye shall believe in him and ye shall help him. He said, Do ye agree, and will ye take up My burden in this? They answered: We agree. He said: Then bear witness. I will bear witness with you. 13:81]

Fact No. 2

Anyone who rejects this Quranic fact is no longer a Muslim.

Fact No. 3

Muhammad One of the Prophets

Recall that we made the covenant with the prophets, including you (Muhammad), and Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus son of Mary. We made a solemn covenant with them. [33:7]


Obviously, God’s Messenger of the Covenant is not Muhammad; he comes after all the prophets, including Muhammad.

Who Is This Messenger?

If you can accept a messenger after Muhammad—as you must, if you believe the Quran—who could he be? The Quran states in 3:81 that this messenger will confirm the Scripture. Confirmation does not mean acknowledgement since anybody can acknowledge that the Quran is from God. Confirmation therefore means proving. And the only possible scientific proof is the perfect and unchangeable mathematical code revealed through Rashad Khalifa.

Fact No. 4

The Insincere Divinely Forbidden

Verses 17:45, 18:57, & 56:79 unequivocally state that insincere researchers are forbidden access to the Quran; they cannot understand it. Only the sincere seekers are permitted access to the Quran (41:44). Rashad Khalifa has confirmed the Quran for the first time in history with physical mathematical evidence. According to the Quran, he could not possibly be an imposter who revealed the Quran’s greatest secret against God’s will.

Fact No. 5

Rashad Khalifa Meets All Criteria

  1. He has provided a plethora of irrefutable proofs,
  2. he advocates the worship of God alone, and
  3. he never made any money from this.


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