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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

January 1989 Jumadaii 1409

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.


I. S.N.A..




The first pillar of Islam is clearly stated in the Quran, which came to us through muhammadís

mouth. (Some Muslims forget this fact.) Verse 18 of sura 3 informs us that the first pillar of slaim. i.e., Shahaadah is "LAA ELAAHA ELLA ALLAH." Furthermore, our Almighty Creator, after adding special emphasis to this most important pillar, proclaims that this is the Shahaadah as proclaimed by "God, the angels, and those who possess knowledge."

As for those who do not possess knowledge, they have a different Shahaadah. Thus the deviant Muslims instituted a Shahaadah that puts the name of their idol, obviously against his will, next to the name of God (39:45). Their Shahaadah states: "LAA ELAAHA ELLA ALLAH, MUHAMMAD RASOOL ALLAH."


In the December 88 issue of SATANIC HORIZONS, ISNA (Mohamedan Society of North America) declared a new theme for the 1990ís. They have canceled the first half of their false Shahaadah, as shown in the inserted picture, and thus, ISNA has finally come to worship one god. Unfortunately, their one god is a dead and power-less man who will despise them and disown them on the Day of Judgment, the prophet Muhammad (39:30, 7:188). They used to be Mushriks, idolators, putting Muhammadís name next to Godís. Now they truly worship one god -- Muhammad alone.




As a leader of ISNA, and shaper of its policies and doctrines, Tariq Quraishi has insulted God and His prophet Muhammad in the December issue of SATANIC HORIZONS.

Quraishi declared on Page 46 that the job of Godís courier (messenger of God) is a lowly job; not good enough for Muhammad.

Either Quraishi is so utterly ignorant of the Quran, or so utterly blinded by his idolization of Muhammad, that he could not recall Godís repeated assertions throughout the Quran that "The sole duty of the messenger is to deliver the message" (3:20, 5:99, 13:40, 16:35, 16:82, 24:54, 29:18, 36:17, 42:48, 64:12). Here it is in Arabic for the world to see and to discover Quraishiís blasphemy:

According to Mr. Quraishi, if God chose him, Quraishi, to be His courier, he would probably say something like this: "No thanks; this is too lowly for me. Just a courier?!!"

Even the title of his article is blasphemous: "SUNNA, THE CHILD OF THE QURAN."

Not so strangely, it sure sounds like the Christian blasphemy: "Jesus, the child of God." Another gross blasphemy is found on Page 48 of Quraishiís article. Despite Godís assertions throughout the Quran that it is "Complete, perfect, and FULLY DETAILED," Quraishi again challenges God, and declares that this is not true!!! Please look up verse 6:114 in any translation, then reflect on Quraishiís blasphemy on Page 48: Quraishi says, "The Quran is silent on the methodology." Obviously, he is not aware that the Quran teaches us that the detailed methodology was delivered through Abraham, the original messenger of Islam (see 21:73 and 22:78).




Al-Hamdu Lillah, God has brought out the truth, and demonstrated in a most profound manner that todayís "Muslims" have deviated totally from the Islam preached by Muhammad.

The latest issue of ISNAís SATANIC HORIZONS is replete with blasphemies against God, Muhammad, and the Quran. The front page and this page of M.P. are just a few examples of ISNAís idolatry and open war against God and His messenger.

On pages 59-61 of ISNAís Horizons, we read an article in praise of ĎAisha. On Page 61, they say, Muslims owe ĎAisha a great debt." Presumably, because many Hadiths are attributed to her, as written by Bukhary more than 200 years after her death.

That they love ĎAisha so much, even though they never met her, is fine. But the gross blasphemy was committed in that article against the Quran. On the front page of that article, ISNA placed a beautiful frame with a beautiful calligraphic rendering of the words: "God then accepted her a gracious acceptance," from Sura 3, Verse 37. This verse happens to refer to Mary.

What is ISNA trying to do? Obviously, they are trying to mislead the poor Muslims who are not well acquainted with the Quran. They arc trying to give the impression that God has accepted ĎAisha a gracious acceptance. How far can one go in praising his idol? Can one go as far as abusing Godís words, and distorting them, as ISNA has done?

This criticism of ISNA is written in the hopes that the sincere Muslims out there may discover the proven truth that Satan has succeeded in duping millions of us into disobeying God and His messenger. "Those who disobey God and His messenger have incurred Hell, wherein they abide forever" (72:23). May God guide us all.


Reprinted from: Quran: The Final Testament (Authorized English Version with the Arabic text. Translated from the original by Rashad Khalifa.


It all began a few billion years ago when an angel named Satan developed supercilious thoughts that he could be a god besides God.

This challenge to Godís absolute authority was not only blasphemous; it was simply impossible. The truth is that only God possesses the power to be a god. Satan simply did not possess the necessary power or qualifications to take care of a dominion, as a god, and run it efficiently without chaos, disease, misery, and accidents.

While Satan was the initiator of this horrendous blasphemy, billions of creatures, not realizing that there was much more to godhood than they can ever imagine, agreed with Satan. They decided that Satanís God-given powers qualify him to be a god in his own right. Thus, the heavenly society became divided (38:69). The rebelsí unjustifiable challenge to Godís absolute authority had to be met and resolved in the most efficient manner

If you claim that you can fly a plane, the best way to test your claim is to give you a plane, and ask you to fly it. This is precisely what God decided to do in order to expose Satanís incompetence as a god. As for those who agreed with Satan, they were given a chance to reconsider their ideas and accept Godís absolute authority, or go through a test where they witness Satanís attempt to demonstrate his abilities (33:72). About 150 billion creatures chose to participate in Satanís demonstration; they maintained that Satan could be a god besides God.

This monumental heavenly dispute led to the classification of Godís creatures into three categories:

1. Angels: Creatures who never challenged Godís absolute authority; they knew that God alone possessed the power to be a god.

2. Jinns: Creatures who made up their minds that Satan was definitely capable of beinga god.

3. Humans: Creatures who remained neutral; they did not make a firm stand with God. These creaturesí blasphemous crime was that they were not sure whether God alone possessed all power or not.

It is only common sense that members of Godís kingdom must firmly believe, better yet know, that God alone can be a god.

When God informed the angels that He was going to give Satan a chance to demonstrate his claims, and the creatures who agreed with him a chance to be redeemed, the angels objected: "Will you place on earth those who would commit evil and shed blood?" (2:30) In other words, they suggested that God should dismiss us from His Kingdom, i.e., send us to Hell. God, however, is the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. He willed that we get a second chance to denounce our blasphemy, and redeem ourselves by deciding that God ALONE possessed all power.

In order to carry out the projected test, God "created death;" He put all the guilty creatures to death (67:1-2), in order to bring them into another life, another dimension, where they have no recollection of the heavenly feud. Under the circumstances of this first life, after the first death, the humans and the jinns are given absolute freedom to re-consider their idolatry, after studying Godís messages and Satan Ďs messages.

(Please read the "Introduction" to Quran The Final Testament [Revised Edition II] for the completion of this text)





A vast mathematical system pervades the Quran and serves to guard and to authenticate the divine origin of every single element in it.

A few years after the prophet Muhammadís death, some scribes injected two false verses at the end of sura 9, the last sura revealed in Medina. The evidence presented in this Footnote illustrates a major function of the Quranís awesome mathematical code, namely, to protect the Quran from the slightest tampering, while at the same time proving the authenticity of every single letter in the Quran. Thus, the code rejects ONLY the false injections 9:128-129.

Surely, we have revealed this message, and surely, we will preserve it.


The Quran is Godís Final Testament to His creation. Hence the divine pledge to keep it perfectly preserved till the end of the world.

To assure us of the divine authorship, and the perfect preservation of the Quran, the Almighty author rendered the Quran mathematically composed. As unequivocally proven by the physical evidence in Appendix One, such mathematical composition is far beyond human capabilities.

Obviously, the slightest violation of Godís Final Message is destined to stand out in glaring disharmony. Since the QuranĎs guardian code is mathematical, a deviation by only 1 utterly destroys the system.

A few years after the Prophet Muhammadís death, during the reign of Khalifa ĎOthman Ibn ĎAffaan, a committee of scribes was appointed by the Khalifa to make several copies of the Quran to be dispatched to the new Muslim lands. The copies were to be made from the original Quran, which was written by Muhammadís hand (Appendix 28).

Send for full details of the crime that led to the assassination of Khalifa Uthman, the installation of Au as the fourth Khalifa, the assassination of All, followed by 50 years of bitter war, culminating in the martyrdom of Hussein and the massacre of the Prophetís family. 76 profound miracles proving that verses 9:128-129 do not belong in the Quran. Reprinted from R. Khalifaís new translation of the Quran. Send $3.00 to cover the cost of reproduction (25-page booklet).


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