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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

August 1989 Muharram 1410

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.








God enjoins all believers—the Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Bahais, etc.—to forget all idols—the powerless "Human Factors" such as Jesus, Mary, Muhammad, Buddha, and the saints—and devote themselves totally to their Creator ALONE.



It behooves every human being to pay utmost attention to this new proclamation from our Creator.

The Most Merciful has willed at this time to support His proclamation with the most powerful proof, and the fortunate among us will pay attention.


The following profound facts are found in God’s Final Testament, and are supported by irrefutable physical evidence (see QURAN: THE FINAL TESTAMENT, Rashad Khalifa, Islamic Productions, Tucson, 1989):

      [1] This world will come to an end during the year 2280 AD.

[2] The total number of people who have come to this world, from the time of Adam until now, constitutes less than 10% of the total human        population that is destined to inhabit the Earth.

[3] Therefore, this unified message from God is to reach more than 90% of the total human population.

      [4] This is the first generation of the Computer Age.

[5] During the last few years, God has revealed a computer-age mathematical code within the suras, verses, words, and individual letters of His       Final Testament to the world, the Quran.

[6] During the coming months and years, God will see to it that this message is delivered to every corner of the globe.

[7] Moreover, God will render the minds and hearts of this generation, as well as the new generations, receptive to His invitation to unity.


There has been, there is, and there will always be one religion that is approved by God. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and all other prophets and messengers of God have preached but one religion, Islam. As explained in the last issue of M.P, Islam is not a name; it is "a description" of the one religion acceptable by God. "Islam" describes one’s devotion to God ALONE. This is practiced by a minute minority of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc.

If you are devoted to God ALONE, and I am devoted to God ALONE, without any other biases to a "human factor" such as Jesus or Muhammad, we will be completely united. There will be no reason for us to fight. Your devotion to God ALONE will please me, and my devotion to God ALONE will please you; we would be brothers. Your object of worship and my object of worship will be one and the same. Therefore, it is idol worship that causes all the differences and fights.


We must heed God’s proclamation and forget all idols (Jesus, Muhammad, Mary, the Saints, etc.). Let us all unite around the one principle that we have in common:

Devotion to God ALONE.







This month marks a truly historical event: the pure Quran, with its authorized English translation, is published for the first time, with a built-in proof of authenticity.

The reader of this Quran will actively participate and truly appreciate the Quran’s miraculous mathematical composition. The word "GOD" is written throughout the text in bold capital letters. At the bottom of every page the reader will see the count of the word "GOD." On the left side of the page, the reader will see the number of occurrences of the word "GOD" in that page. On the right side, the reader will see the total occurrence of the word "GOD" through that page. For example, Page 214 of this Quran (10:43-53) shows the number "4" in the lower left corner of the page, and the number "1303" in the lower right corner. This means that Page 214 (10:43-53) contains "4" "GOD" words, and the total occurrence of the word "GOD" from Page 1 through Page 214 (1:1 to 10:53) is 1303.

Obviously, any reader can verify the accuracy of the count of the word "GOD" throughout the Quran by randomly checking any number of pages.

At the end of the Quran, the reader will see that the total occurrence of the word "GOD" in the Quran is 2698. This total is a multiple of 19; 2698 = 19x142.

Thus, the occurrence of the crucial word "GOD" conforms to the Quran’s mathematical system, which is based on the number "19" (74:30).

This is an irrefutable physical fact; it is not anyone’s opinion, guesswork, or conjecture.


On the last page of this Quran, the reader is shown that the sum of all the verse numbers wherever the word "GOD" occurs is 118123. This sum is also a multiple of 19; 118123 = 19x6217.

Also, the reader will easily confirm that the word "GOD" occurs in the "initialed" section of the Quran (from the Initials A.L.M. of Sura 2 to the Initial N. of Sura 68) 2641 times (19x139), and occurs outside the initialed section (Sura 1 & Suras 68 thru 114) 57 times (19x3). These are all irrefutable physical facts.


The reader of this Quran will thus touch the Quran’s superhuman composition.

The reader will immediately witness incontrovertible proof that he or she is reading God’s message to him or her. There will be no doubt whatsoever that the Quran is a divine scripture.

Yet, these three profound facts constitute but one-millionth of the Quran’s overwhelming miracle. At Masjid Tucson, for example, we have one of the many miraculous phenomena of the Quran hanging on the wall, and titled: "Simple to Understand, Impossible to Imitate." On a long sheet of paper we have every verse number in the Quran written down, from 1:1 to 114:6. The verses of every sura are preceded by the number of verses in that sura. Thus, Sura 1, which consists of 7 verses, is represented by the number 71234567. This is the number of verses (7), followed by the number of each verse (1234567). The complete number that represents the whole Quran consists of 12692 digits. This number of digits is a multiple of 19, and the very long number itself is also a multiple of 19.

This is the Quran that is intended for the vast majority of humans, in the format that is designed by God.



4th International Conference

of the United Islamic Nation

September 1,2,3, 1989

Don’t miss this historic event. Please let us know your plans as soon as possible. We will meet you at the airport. Registration fees are $76.00/individual; $114.00/family; they include room and board. Children will be cared for by God, through competent babysitters. Program is ready and has been mailed to all registrants.




Edip Yuksel

Quran is an extraordinary book, with numerous miraculous aspects — scientific prophecies, a most excellent literary style, musical and poetic uniqueness, miraculous mathematical coding, etc. This article deals with the Quranic description of hypocrites and disbeliveers and their common psychology and mentality.

The Quran prophesies that enemies of the prophet Muhammad will fabricate lies and attribute them to him (6:112-116). The Quran has named these fabrications "Hadith." Obviously, God knew that the idol worshipers will call those fabrications "Hadith." It is interesting indeed that they did not call their lies "Aqwal = sayings", "Akhbar = narration's", "Hikam = Aphorisms", or any other word from the rich Arabic language. They unwittingly termed their inventions "Hadith." This is a fulfillment of Quranic projection:

This is not fabricated Hadith. It is a confirmation of previous scriptures, detailing everything, and a guide & mercy for those who believe (12:111)

Their Main Excuse

They claim that the Quran is not fully detailed! They thus reject God’s repeated assertions that the Quran is "complete, perfect, and fully detailed" (6:19, 38, 114), and justify the creation of 60 volumes of Hadith, and thousands of nonsensical teachings that are supposed to complete the Quran. By reflecting on 12:111 above, one can see God’s answer to those fabricators.

God informs us that we do not need fabricated hadith; that the Quran is all we need. Almighty God rejects both "Hadith" and the basic excuse for accepting it as a source of Islam. No excuse is accepted from the followers of hadith in this world, nor on the Day of Judgment. God asks them in 45:6:

In which hadith, beside God and His revelations do they believe? They reply: "We believe in Bukhary, Muslim, Tirmizy, Ibn Hanbal, etc. besides God’s revelations."

God challenges: "Let them produce a ‘hadith’ like this, if they are truthful" (52:34) As a response, they slander the prophet in one of their "holy" hadith books (Abu Dawood): "The prophet, peace be upon him, said, 'I was given the Quran and a hadith like it!’"

Avid Enemies of the Quran

Recently, a book was published by four authors in my home country Turkey. The book viciously attacks "one of the greatest miracles" (74:35). The Publishing house which published my first book KURAN EN BUYUK MUCIZE (proclaiming the Quran’s Mathematical & scientific miracles) was persuaded into halting the publication of my book. After 16 reprints of my book, they halted the publication of God’s miracle, and published the falsehood of the opponent's instead.’ One of the four authors of that book is my own father, a famous religious scholar in Turkey.

The title of that book is "19 Efsanesi", which means "19: Tales from the Past." The title of the book is another example of Quranic prophecy. They could have chosen many Turkish words as a title for their book. But four authors and a publishing house unwittingly fulfilled the Quranic prophecy; they had to use the title "Tales from the Past." Now let’s look at verse 25 of Sura 6:

Some of them listen to you. But we place veils on their hearts to prevent them from understanding (the Quran), and deafness in their ears. Thus, no matter what kind of miracle they see, they cannot believe. Consequently, when they argue with you, the disbeliveers say, "These are tales from the past."

Such is the word of God, who is fully aware of all things.

In a public debate with Hikmet Zeyveli, one of the authors of "Tales From the Past," I proved that he was prevented by God from witnessing God’s great miracle (7:146; 17:45). I gave him three examples of mathematical structure in the Quran. The word "Shahr" (month) occurs 12 times in the Quran, and the word "Yawm" (day) is mentioned 365 times. The frequency of the plural word "Ayyam" (days) is 30. I asked Hikmet, "Are these coincidences?" His incredibly stupid answer was: "In a year there are 365 days and 6 hours; where are the 6 hours?" They thus challenge their Almighty Creator!

A cure for hypocrisy has not been discovered yet!

I will divert from My revelations and miracles those who are arrogant on earth.... [7:146]

A(see Discount Coupon on back)

Special for the readers of Muslim Perspective


Authorized English Version 1

With the Arabic Text

Translated by: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.

Luxurious gold-stamped Hardcover, 752 pages, 38 Appendices, comprehensive Index.



Anyone Who Truly Loves the Quran

Loves to See It Purified

I have received a copy of Appendix 24 of your new translation of the Quran. No wonder the details of the miracles in the new translation ever cease to amaze you. Truly, the contents of this Appendix are so fantastic that even the enemies of the truth cannot ignore them. How can they help but acknowledge these facts? The physical evidence in this Appendix proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that verses 9:128-129 never belonged to the Quran. [Kawu Ma’aji, Nigeria]

So-called Muslim scholars have blindly attacked the overwhelming evidence showing that 9:128-129 never belonged in the Quran. Some of them went as far as declaring me "an apostate!" Now, let me ask them a couple of questions:

You consider Ibn Mas’ood to be one of the greatest Muslims of all times. His Hadith narration's are among your most herished sources of jurisprudence. Well, Ibn Mas’ood has proclaimed that Suras 113 and 114 do not belong in the Quran! Why then do you not proclaim Ibn Mas’ood "an apostate?" Here is a man who eliminates two suras, not two verses, from the Quran, and without any proof. Yet, you still consider him one of your most outstanding sources of knowledge!

What about Ubayy Ibn Ka’ab? He is one of your most respected sources of jurisprudence. He is also a man who, according to historical narration's, has added verses 9:128-129, and tried to add two suras, "Sura Al-Hafd" and "Sura Al-Khal’ " (see Al-Suyuty’s famous reference AL-ITQAAN, Al-Azhariyyah Edition, 1318 AH, Vol.1, Page 67). Are you going to brand such transgressions as "apostasy"?!

I have presented overwhelming physical proof that 9:128-129 do not belong in the Quran (see Appendix 24 & Page 2 of this M.P.), while Ibn Mas’ood and Ubayy Ibn Ka’ab added and subtracted "suras" without any proof. If you care about the Quran, you will want to see any proven satanic injections removed.

The audacity of the so-called Muslim scholars who oppose you is unconscionable. Who are they to question God’s wisdom! They set themselves up as people who cannot distinguish a diamond in the midst of coal (they are the coal; you are the diamond in their midst). It is quite obvious that Allah has willed to reveal the Quran’s miracle and the complete truth through you. The proof is overwhelming and I can only assume that their shaky foundations will continue to crumble like sand, as the truth looms brighter than a thousand suns.

[Lou Sweum, Yuma, Arizona]

Say, "The truth has arrived, and falsehood has been defeated. Surely, falsehood can never Prevail." [Quran 17:81]


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