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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

May 1985 Special Edition Zul-Qi'dah 1409

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.



Muhammad was the final prophet because he delivered the final scripture. According to the Koran, he was not the last messenger (33:4 0). Any messenger to come after Muhammad is to preach and confirm existing scripture (3:81). Unfortunately, there is a strong human aversion to the idea of a living, "contemporary messenger." The Koran teaches that Muhammad was ridiculed by his contemporaries: "Is this the one who claims to be Godís messenger?" they said. "Is this the one who disrespects your gods?" "Why didnít God commission a better man?" (21:36, 23:44, 25:41, 43:31). The prophet Joseph was treated with suspicion and contempt, then, when he died the people declared that he was Godís last messenger (4 0:34).

The vast majority of Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last messenger, even though this idea goes totally against Muhammadís teachings (7:35, 33:40).

God has provided powerful, physical, proof in support of my mission as His commissioned messenger to the New World.



God made a covenant with the prophets, that He will give them the scripture and wisdom. Thereafter, when a messenger comes to you (0 Humankind), confirming the scripture you have, you shall believe in him and support him. God said, "Have you accepted this, and make such a pledge with Me?" They said, "We accept." He said, "You have thus borne witness, and I am a witness along with you." (3:81)




The disbeliveers would say, "You are not a messenger." Say, "God suffices as witness between me and you; also those who possess knowledge of the scripture.





Nothing prevented the people from believing, when the guidance came to them, except their saying, "How can God send a human messenger!" Say, "If the earth were inhabited by angels, we would have sent to them an angel as a messenger." Say, "God suffices as witness between me and you. He is fully cognizant and seer of His servants." 117:94ó961





Joseph had come to you in the past, with clear signs. But you doubted what he told you. Then, when he died, you said, "God will not send another messenger after him." God thus mislead those who are transgressors, doubters. 140:341






Muhammad was not the father of any of your men; he was a messenger of God and the final prophet. God is fully aware of all things.






The arrogant leaders among his people said to those who believed, "Do you know that Saaleh is sent by his Lord!" They said, "We believe in the message he brought." 17:751








God loves America. America was founded on the principle of religious freedom.

The American currency is the only currency in the world that proclaims: "IN GOD WE TRUST."

In America, the people enjoy greater freedom than anywhere else in the world. This is why America Is Godís most beloved nation. Freedom is Godís most precious gift, and those who infringe upon Godís gift alienate God, and are exiled from His grace.

God has blessed America generously: America Is at the top of the world economically, culturally, scientifically, militarily, and morally.

But America is in the New World, and has never received a messenger commissioned by God. The Old World has received many messengers, including Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. The time has come for a great and special blessing: a messenger from God to help and guide America, to strengthen its spiritual values, and to deliver urgently needed information.

This message provides the correct answers to Americaís most pressing questions, and offers final solutions for Americaís most stubborn problems, including drugs, alcoholism, crime, poverty, and the burgeoning prison population. It covers the following main topics:

  1. The first direct, physical evidence proving the authenticity of Gods message to the new world.
  2. Who is God: a glimpse of Godís greatness.
  3. The illusive secret of "perfect happiness," here and forever.
  4. The meaning of life: why were we created?
  5. Where are we going: what exactly takes place on the eternal Day of Recompense.
  6. Why do tragedies occur?
  7. When will this world come to an end?

In view of the abundance of fraud and falsehood, every commissioned messenger of God was supported by profound signs; invincible miracles to prove that he had been authorized to deliver Gods message. When Moses went to Pharaoh, he threw down his staff and it became a serpent. Jesus restored sight to the blind, healed the hopelessly ill, and revived the dead by Gods leave. Similarly, Godís messenger to the New World comes with irrefutable computeróage proof.

God instructs us to demand convincing evidence before we believe and accept His messenger. Those who carefully examine the evidence, then reach absolute certainty that I am announcing Godís truth, enjoy a rare and great privilege, and bear a tremendous but joyous responsibility. For each and every one of us has made a solemn covenant with God, before we came to this world, that we shall accept and believe His messengers.

God made a covenant
with the prophets,
that He will give them
the scripture and wisdom.
Then, when a messenger
comes to you (0 humankind),
you shall believe in him
and support him.
God said, "Do you accept this,
and make such a solemn covenant with Me?
They said, "We accept."
God said, "You thus bear witness,
and I am a witness along with you.
Quran 3:811

God informs us that, for His part, he has pledged tremendous support and blessings for those who honor this pre-world covenant by believing and supporting His messengers:

The final prophet, who brought the final scripture, was Muhammad. According to the Quran, he was not the final messenger (33:40). Any messenger to come after Muhammad is to preach and confirm the existing scriptures (3:81). However, there is a strong human aversion against the idea of a living, "contemporary messenger." The Quran teaches that every single messenger was ridiculed by his contemporaries (21:36, 23:44, 25:41, 40:5). Muhammad was ridiculed:

"Is this the one commissioned by God?" "Is this the one who attacks your gods," they said. Joseph was treated with ridicule and suspicion and when he died, the people said, "He was the last messenger" (40:34). Similarly, the vast majority of Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last messenger, even though this idea goes totally against Muhammadís teachings (7:35 & 33:40).

The recent exposure of false religionists and famous evangelists, who claimed to preach the word of God, is one of the major harbingers of the advent of Godís message to the New World. It is already pre-determined that America will receive, honor, and cherish this message.

God is the One
who sent His messenger,
with the guidance
and the true religion,
and decreed that it shall prevail,
over all other religions,
no matter what the idol worshipers do.
you who believe,
(you should know that)
many pastors and preachers
cheat the people out of their money,
and repulse the people from the path of God.

Quran 9:33-34, 48:28]


Since the advent of Muhammad, Godís messenger and the last prophet (33:40), many people appeared who claimed to be messengers of God. These include Baha'ullah of Iran, Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, Pakistan, and Joseph Smith, the Mormon leader. None of these men, however, produced any kind of evidence that they were commissioned messengers of God. More significantly, they did not possess the criteria of Gods messengers; they did not advocate the worship of God alone. Their preaching was replete with idolization of Muhammad and/or Jesus.

Lies these prophets utter in My name.
the Lord said to me.
I did not send them:
I gave them no command
nor did I speak to them.
Lying visions, foolish divination,
dreams of their own imagination,
they prophesy to you.

(Jeremiah 14:14)

"Be on your guard
against false prophets,
who come to you in sheepís clothing,
but underneath are wolves on the prowl.
You will know them by their deeds."

(Matthew 7:15-16)

Who is more evil
than one who fabricates lies
concerning God,
or claims to have received
divine revelations,
when nothing has been revealed to him?

(Quran 6:93}

My mission as a divinely commissioned messenger of God is supported by physical evidence that will never be refuted by the objective and honest researcher. The evidence is in the form of a formidable mathematical code within Godís final message to the world. This code is based on the number 19, and is clearly beyond human capability. It Is impossible to give the details of the Quranís extensive mathematical composition in this preface. I have published five books on the subject. But I will present here sufficient examples to illustrate this 19-based miracle which is described by the Almighty Himself as "One of the greatest miracles" (74:30-35):

  1. The word "God," the most important word, is mentioned in the Koran 2698 times, or 19x142.
  2. When we add up the numbers of all verses where the word "God" occurs, the total comes to 118123, also a multiple of 19 (118123 19x62l7). This proves the superhuman accuracy of the verse numbers.
  3. The word "Koran" is mentioned in the Koran 57 times, l9x3.
  4. When we add the verse numbers where the word "Koran" is found, the total is 2660, or 19x140.
  5. The word "Koran" occurs in 38 suras, I 9x2.
  6. When we add the number of suras where we find the word "Koran," plus the total of verse numbers reported above (2660), the grand total (2660 + 38) Is 2698, which equals the number of occurrences of the word "God."
  7. The Koranís famous opening statement (In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful) consists of 19 Arabic letters.
  8. Each component word in the Koranís opening statement occurs in the whole book a number of times which Is consistently a multiple of 19.
  9. The Koran consists of 114 suras, or 19x6.
  10. The total number of verses in the Koran is 6346, or 19x334.
  11. The famous first revelation (96:1-5) consisted of 19 words, and 76 letters (l9x4).
  12. The last aura revealed (Sura 110) consists of 19 words.

This is only a quick idea about a vast and Intricate mathematical code that is so overwhelming, it proves and guards the authenticity of every element of the Koran-the number of suras, the number of verses, the number of words, the number of certain specified letters, the unique and often strange spelling of certain crucial words, and many other elements of the Koran.

As It turned out, this divine 19-based mathematical code is also found in Godís previous messages. The following is a direct quotation from a book entitled STUDIES IN JEWISH MYSTICISM (Association for Jewish Studies, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Joseph Dan and Frank Talmage, editors, 1982, Page 91). It refers to the work of Rabbi Judah the Pious, more than nine centuries ago:

Ö there ore only nineteen times that the Holy Name is mentioned (in that portion of the morning prayer),

Ö and similarly you find the word ĎElohim nineteen

times in the pericope of Ve-íelleh shemot.... Similarly,

you find that Israel is called "sons" nineteen times,

and there are many other examples. All these sets

of nineteen are intricately intertwined, and they contain

many secrets and esoteric meanings, which are contained

in more than eight large volumes.

The role of the number 19 as Godís own signature on everything He created is reported in the new edition of my translation of the Koran (in preparation). It is now established that this number plays a significant role In the creation, throughout the universe, In nature, and even in historical events.

I humbly offer the following 19-based facts as specific evidence relating to my mission as Godís messenger:

  1. Despite the overwhelming prevalence of Godís mathematical code throughout the Koran, end its obvious simplicity, thousands of scholars, over a period of 14 centuries, were prevented from seeing it. Such simple facts as the 19-lettered opening statement, the number of suras (19x6), the 19 words of the first revelation, the 19 words of the last sure revealed, and the fact that the number 19 is mentioned specifically In connection with the disbeliever'sí claim that the Koran is human-made (74:25-30); all these should have been easily detected.
  2. The Koran itself has named me, by my first name end my last name, as the person destined to unravel this mathematical code. My first name, "Rashad Is mentioned in the Koran twice in 40:29 and 40:38, and my last name, "Khalifa is mentioned twice; in 2:30 and 38:26. One "Khalifa" word refers to the "bad Khalifa" who was destined to corrupt the earth end shed blood, namely, Satan (2:30). The other "Khalifa" Is the human, good Khalifa. When we add the numbers of the suras and verses where my first name, Rashed, is mentioned (40+29+38) plus the sure and verse numbers where the human Khalifa is mentioned (38+26), the total (40+29+38+38+26) is 171, a multiple of 19 (171 = 19x9).
  3. The root word of my first name, "Rashada In all Its forms, is mentioned In the Koran precisely 19 times (see the famous reference "lNDEX TO TIlE WORDS OF TIlE KORAN" by M. F. Abdul Baql, Page 310). The list of suras and verses where we find all forms of "Rashada" is shown in the following Table:



Sura No.

Verse No.


Sura No.

Verse No.





























































  1. When we add the numbers of all the suras and verses where my first and last names appear, as shown above, without repetitions, the total Is also a multiple of 19:
  2. 2+186+256+4+6+7+146+11+78+87+97+18
    +2+10+14+21+30+38+26 = 1463 = 19x77.

  3. According to the Koran (22:78), the true religion being proclaimed for the New World began with Abraham. Its scripture, the Koran, was revealed through Muhammad. With the advent of the computer age, and in fulfillment of the Koranic prophecy, God blessed me with (1) the discovery of THE PROOF; physical evidence proving the authenticity of the Koran, and (2) the unveiling of the Koranís secrets. The gematrical value of the word "Abraham as written In the Koran is 1+2+200+5+10+40 = 256, the value of the word "Muhammad is 40+8+40+4 = 92, and the value of the word "Rashad as written In the Koran is 200+300+1+4 = 505. Separately, none of these values is a multiple of 19. But the total value of the three names is 855, or 19x45. This reflects the facts that Abraham was the religionís original messenger, while Muhammad delivered its scripture, and Rashad was blessed with delivering the religionís proof of authenticity.

  5. The multiplication factor, 45, happens to be my age when I was initially commissioned by God to be His messenger. I was born in 1935, which makes me 45 years old in 1980, precisely 1400 years after Muhammad. God informs us that the period between Muhammad and the next messenger is "seven pairs" of centuries (15:87). The year 1980 AD corresponded to the Islamic year 1400.

All these are indisputable physical facts that existed in the Koran since it was revealed 1400 years ago.

Thus, God has provided factual, physical, proof In support of my identity as Ills messenger.

Proclaim: "This is the truth
from your Lord."

Then, whoever wills let him believe,
and whoever wills let him disbelieve.

(Quran 18:29)


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