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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

September 1987 Muharram 1408

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.


Polygamy was a way of life until the Quran was revealed. When the earth was young and under-populated, polygamy was one way of populating it and bringing in the human beings needed to carry out God's plan. By the time the Quran was revealed, the world had been sufficiently populated, or at least the right numbers of people had been brought into this world. This is why the Quran put down the first limitations or discouragement against polygamy.

Don't get me wrong; I am not saying that polygamy is Haraam or against God's law; it is God's law and it is permissible, but under strictly observed circumstances. Any abuse of this law results in such severe retribution, it is not worth it. I wish to point out here that although polygamy is God's law, we MUST watch out for the circumstances and make sure that We are truly complying with the strict limitations our Creator has put down.

Our perfect example in this subject is the Prophet Muhammad. He was married to one wife, Khadijah, until she died. He had all his children from her, except one. Khadijah received Muhammad's full attention for as long as she was married to him; twenty-five years. Thus, for all practical purposes, Muhammad had only one wife. From the age of 25 to the age of 50, that is man's real life, he had only one wife.

This perfect example tells us that a man must give his attention, his full attention and loyalty in marriage, to his wife and children in order to raise a happy family.

After Khadijah died, Muhammad married widows of his martyred friends who had many children and no means of financial support. These are the facts of history. There were a couple of "political" marriages in the life of Muhammad after Khadijah's death. His

best friend Abu Bakr begged him to marry his daughter Aisha. Some writers and/or orientalists have decided that Muhammad married Aisha when she was 9 years old. Big lie Even now in the Middle East, people assign husbands and wives to their infants at the time of birth. And many of those arranged marriages do take place as planned at the moment of birth. But this does not mean that the babies get married at that tender age. They do get married after they reach maturity. So much for this blasphemy against the Prophet.

Omar also begged the Prophet to marry his daughter Hafsa, and the king of Egypt "gave" Muhammad a slave girl, Maria, whom the Prophet married and from her he had his son Ibrahim. The other marriages of Muham-mad were to old widows with children who needed help. The Quran's most prominent reference to polygamy emphasizes that polygamy is a means of providing a home and a father figure for orphaned children (see 4:3). Other references to polygamy emphasize the limitations against polygamy. For example, Verse 3 of Sura 4 states that if we must resort to polygamy, we have to be absolutely fair in treating the wives. Then in Verse 129 of the same Sura we are told that it is impossible to be fair in polygamy.

These restrictions point out the possibility of abusing God's law. Unless we are absolutely positive that God's law is not being abused, we better stay away from polygamy. If the circumstances do not clearly dictate polygamy, we better give our full attention to one wife and one-set of children; it is our duty to raise one happy and healthy family. The children's psychological and social well being, especially in a country where polygamy is illegal, dictate monogamy on us.

A few basic criteria for polygamy may help the sincere believers:

1. If it must be done, polygamy must alleviate pain and suffering, and not create any pain or suffering for any sincere submitter to God and His laws. Thus, you must ask yourself: If I practice polygamy, will this hurt my present wife and/or children? Will I generate pain and suffering for them? If the answer is "Yes," you had better re-consider polygamy, and concentrate your efforts and attention on your present wife and children.

2. If you and your present family are still young, chances are you will be abusing God's law if you practice polygamy. Some men come to me and say: "My wife is frigid, and cannot satisfy my drive. "First of all, there is no such thing as a "frigid wife." Instead of blaming the wife's frigidity, I ask the husband to exert more loving attention to his wife. Invariably, the wife becomes un-frigid and the marriage is restored by God to a great joy.

3. You cannot substitute a younger, "more exciting" model for your wife. This will tell you: you are a slave of your lusts. The mark of a true believer is self-discipline and self-control. If you practice polygamy because of lust, the retribution will be severe and just not worth it. Worse yet, you will anger God and bring a lot of misery upon yourself and your new "wife."

Abusing God's law is a gross offense, and you cannot trick or deceive God. You better examine the circumstances, and examine yourself very carefully before practicing polygamy.


Verse 53 of Sura 41 informs us that God will always strengthen His miracles until the world realizes that the Qur'an is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Ever since the discovery of the mathematical miracle of the Quran, more and more overwhelming parameters have been discovered that added to the profound strength of this fantastic miracle of God. Last week, Sister Sayyidah Ahmad called me and reported the discovery of another parameter. She is the discoverer of this physical fact: Between the first initialed Sura (Sura 2)and the last initiale Sura (Sura 68), there are 38 un-initialed Suras. The number 38 of course is a multiple of 19, the miracle's common denominator.

What does this new discovery mean? What is its significance? First of all, it answers the question: Why did God initial these specific Suras in the Qur'an? Why is Sura 2 the first initialed Sura, and Sura 68 the last initialed Sura?

Secondly, it adds to the physical, irrefutable proof that the sequence of Suras in the Quran is divinely controlled and protected. The other parameters proving the divine source of Sura sequences are:

1. The first Sura revealed (Sura 96) is found at the top of the last 19 Suras in Quran.

2. Between the missing Basmalah of Sura 9 and the extra Basmalah of Sura 27, there are precisely 19 Suras, inclusive.

Our Own Publishing Company in the Arab World

We have established a publishing company in Egypt, and the first book has ,already been published. 15,000 copies of our first book: WILL THE MUSLIMS BE TAKEN OUT OF HELL, AND PLACED IN HEAVEN?" have been gobbled up by Egypt's Muslims who are thirsty for the truth. The book of course is based totally on Quranic, powerful, irrefutable evidence, and the people are seeing real light for the first time. This is a great and a historical victory for the true Islam.


The Hindus and the Sikhs are fighting in India; the Protestants and the Catholics are fighting in Ireland; the Sunnis and the Shi'is are fighting in Iraq/Iran; the Jews and the Muslims are fighting in Jerusalem; and we know the mess that is going on in Lebanon. There is plenty of war misery in this world. Ironically, all these fighting factions have one thing common. They an believe in God. The Sikhs believe in God; the Mormons believe in God; the Jews believe in God; the Muslims believe in God; the Buddhists believe in God; Jehovah witnesses, the Hindus, the Christians ... they ALL believe in God.

What then divides them into bitter enemies? As an intelligent and highly educated generation of humans, we can certainly find out exactly what causes these people to fight, and how to eliminate the causes of conflict. Obviously, if we focus on the one thing we have in common, and rise above the petty differences, we win eliminate war.

The Quran provides the sure solution to this problem in 3:64. The reason these people are fighting is THE HUMAN FACTOR. Since they all believe in God, the only reason that divides them is allegiance to human factors such as Jesus, Mary, Muhammad, Buddha, Joseph Smith, and so on. Each faction became obsessed with idolization of some human being: "My idol is better than your idol," and they forgot the one common link that binds them. They forgot God: the One who created them, the One who provides for them, the One who controls their lives, and the One who will resurrect them (Quran 30:40), and became diverted by their love, adoration and fanatic enthusiasm on behalf of a human factor. It is allegiance and devotion to dead, powerless and helpless human factors that causes division, hatred and wars. Mainly because such allegiance represents disobedience of God and ironically disobedience of the human idols Muhammad, Jesus, Mary, and the righteous Imams.

Therefore, if we all concentrate on the one common link; if our true love and our true objective is our Creator ALONE. we will be surely united. If our only true love is God, as instructed by the First Commandment in the Bible (both Old and New Testament) and throughout the Quran, then we will actually help each other in loving and worshiping our common deity; the One God. We will be United. War will be eliminated.

I just finished a video program inviting the people of the world to establish UNIVERSAL UNITY THROUGH DEVOTION TO GOD ALONE. It is hoped that this new organization will unite all peoples of the world under the banner of DEVOTION TO GOD ALONE

Here is what Verse 64 of Sura 3 states, in order to achieve Universal Unity and eliminate wars:

Say to all the people who believe in God: "Come let us reach an equitable agreement between us and you:

1. That we shall not worship except God;

2. That we shall not idolize anything or anyone besides Him; and

3. that we shall not consider any human being to be a Lord besides God.

If they refuse, then say, "Bear witness that we are submitters (devoted to God alone)."


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