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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

July 1987 Dhul Qi"dah 1407

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.



The Almighty Author of the Quran has decreed in Sura 15, Verse 9, that the Holy Qur'an, God's final message to the world, shall be perfectly preserved until the end of the world.

Today, with the discovery of the Quran's miraculous mathematical composition (see THE COMPUTER SPEAKS: GOD'S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD, published by this Masjid), we KNOW that every single letter in the Qur'an has been perfectly preserved. Not only does the Quran's supernatural mathematical system prove that the Quran has been perfectly preserved, it also guarantees the Qur'an's preservation forever.

What does perfect preservation of the Qur'an exactly mean? Just as the word "preservation" implies, this means that every single letter in the Quran has been divinely protected; not a single letter has been lost.

Yet, some people have noted that the Quran has been, and is being, printed incorrectly in many parts of the world. Does this mean that the Qur'an has not been preserved? NOT AT ALL. Because the Qur'an, the correct Quran, the complete Quran, continues to exist. We know exactly what it looks like; we know exactly how many letters it contains, and we know exactly what extraneous materials have been injected and what distortions have taken place, either inadvertently or purposely.

Shown below are photocopies from three popular translations of Qur'an, with the Arabic text written incorrectly. The verses shown are the very first Qur'anic revelation. The

Qur'an's sentry, the extraordinary mathematical code, dictates that the first revelation of Quran consists of 19 words and 76 letters (19x4). The reader will note that the three translations exhibit 78 letters, not 76 (19x4).

This violates the Qur'an's mathematical code, and is caused by the erroneous writing of the word "Insaan" (Human being). The reader will note that this word is written in the three versions with an extra letter "Alef." Since there are two such words in the first Qur'anic revelation, two extraneous letters appeared, causing the erroneous total of 78 letters.

The correct writing of these verses, is shown below from an Azhar-approved Quran that conforms to the original Quran as written by Muhammads own hand (see M.P. of April 1986). The reader will note that the number of words is 19, and the number of letters is 19x4=76.

This bulletin has published overwhelming evidence, supported by the indisputable physical facts of the Qur'an's mathematical system, proving that two false statements were tacked to the end of Qur'an (according to its chronological order of revelation) a few years after the Prophet's death. The following is a condensed summary of the 8ccumulating evidence:

  1. The count of the most important word in Quran, the word ALLAH, is 2699 when the last two verses of Sura 9 are included and 2698 (19x142) when these two verses are excluded.
  2. The count of the word ELAH (god) is 96 when Verses 9: 128 & 129 are included, and 95 (19x5) when these two verses are excluded.
  3. The count of the word RABB (Lord) is 970 with the two statements, and 969 (19x51) without them.
  4. The count of the word RAHEEM (merciful) is 115 when the two statements are included and 114 (19x6) when they are excluded.
  5. The count of the word RASOOL (messenger) is I15 with the two verses and 114 (19x6) without them.
  6. The word ANFUS (Selves) occurs 153 times when the two statements are included, and 152 (19x8) when they are excluded.
  7. The word TAWALLOW occurs 20 times when 9:128 & 129 are included; 19 times when they are excluded.
  8. The frequency of the word TAWAKKALT (t Trust) is 58 when the two statement.~ are counted, and 57 (19x3) when they are not counted.
  1. The word 'ARSH (Throne or Dominion) occurs 20 times when the two false verses 9:128 & 129 are counted, and 19 times without them.
  2. Thus, there are 9 crucial violations of the Quran's mathematical code, and all 9 violations are located in the lost two verses of Sura 9.

  3. The "BISMILLAH"--(The opening statement for every Sura) is missing from Sura 9, making it the only Sura that does not open IN THE NAME OF GOD.
  4. According to such famous, classic, references as AL-BUKHARY, AL-SUYOOTY, & IBN KATHEER, which deal with the history of Quran, every single verse in the Quran was verified by a multiplicity of witnesses, "except the last two verses of Sura 9."
  5. The one witness or source of these two verses is claimed to be Khuzeimah Ibn Thaabet AI-Ansaary, according to these famous references.
  6. Khuzeimah Ibn Thaabet AI-Ansaary happens to be a late Medinan Muslim, while the last two verses of Sura 9 are universally labeled as "Meccan Verses," as documented below:
  7. The classic sources of Quranic history have reported that the Umayyad Khalifa Marwan Ibn Al-Hakam, who died 68 yr. after Hijrah, destroyed the original Quran "fearing it might become the cause for new disputes!" (see 'ULUM AL-QUR'AN by Ahmad Von Denffer, The Islamic Foundation, ]983, Page 56). If the original Quran were identical with the Quran's in existence, why should Marwan destroy it? The reader is urged to review the Muslim Perspective issues of March 1985, April 1985, September 1986 & May 1987.

As mentioned above, the erroneous printings of the Quran around the world, the addition of extraneous letters or sentences, and the common practice of adding exegeses, interpretations, explanations, commentaries, subtitles, footnotes, etc., all these extraneous materials never negate the fact that Quran, the complete Quran, has continued to exist, and will always exist, perfectly intact.

Note: Not only did the enemies of Quran add two false verses, they added 9 huge volumes of Hadith to the teachings of Islam.


A new postage stamp has been issued in Egypt featuring a large number 19, the common denominator throughout the Quran, as well as God's previous scriptures (see M.P. of August 1985).

All of the Quran's initials (A.L.M., Q, N, Y.S., H.M., K.H.Y.'A.S, etc) occur in their chapters in multiples of 19, without a single exception.

We are still waiting for any disbeliever to explain this supernatural phenomenon:

Why, for example, do the seven Haa Meem initialed Suras (Suras 40-46) contain exactly 2,147 (19x113) Haa Meem's? Why does the Ya Seen initialed Sura No 36 contain precisely 285 (19x15) Ya Seen's? Why does the Q-initialed Suras (42 & 50) contain 57 Q's each (19x3), the N-initialed Sura (No 68) contains 133 N's (19x7), the SSaad-initialed Suras (No ?, 1-9 & 38) contain a total of 152 SSaad's (19x8), and so on and on and on ... without a single exception? Yet, these overwhelming physical facts constitute only a small portion of the total mathematical miracle of the Quran.* No wonder, therefore, that God Himself calls it "ONE OF THE GREATEST MIRACLES" (Qurran 74:35).

The number 19 is, of course, a Quranic number (74:30) and the ignorant enemies of God and His Quranic miracle have gone as far as accusing God Almighty of being a Bahai (!!!), because the Bahais honor the number 19 somehow!!!

The enemies of God's miracle have allocated huge budgets and carried out an unbelievable, vicious, campaign world-wide to discredit God's 19-based miracle in the Quran. They concentrated their propaganda on the premise that the Bahais honor the number 19. In their blind slavery to Satan, their attack, unwittingly, accused the Almighty Creator of being a Bahai, since He has designated the number 19 as the common denominator in all His scriptures and to represent His signature throughout the universe (see the INTRODUCTION to my new translation of the Quran).

The number 19 happens to declare the message of the Quran and all previous scriptures of God. For the number 19 is the numerical value of the word WAAHED or O N E in the Arabic language.

Thus, the number 19 declares that GOD IS ONE.

*See the full details in QURAN: VISUAL PRESENTATION OF THE MIRACLE (247 pages), published by this Masjid.


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