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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

January 1987 Jumada I 1407

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.


Kassim Ahmad: A Great Mujahid

Whose Victory is Guaranteed by God



During the violent storm that followed Kassim Ahmad’s outstanding book Hadith: A Re-evaluation (see the August 1986 issue of MUSLIM PERSPECTIVE), Brother Kassim issued a six-point challenge to the tulama:

(1) What was the divine scripture that was brought to mankind through Prophet Muhammad - the Quran alone or the Quran and the Hadith?

(2) Is the Quran complete, perfect and detailed or not?

(3) Are not many of the Hadith in the so—called authentic collections contradictory to the clear teachings of the Quran, common sense and scientific and historical evidence?

(4) Are the reported words of the Prophet (Hadith) on par with the words of God

- the Quran?

    1. Are the ‘Ulama prepared to add another article of faith, i.e., belief in Hadith/Sun— nah, to the present six articles of the Muslim faith?
    2. Is it wrong for anyone to exhort the Muslims back to the Quran?


 Mr. Suhaimi is the Deputy Rector of the International Islamic University of Malaysia. In his reply to Kassirn’s challenge, he, as a typical representative of today’s Muslim ‘Ulama, exhibited pitiful ignorance of Quran, and demonstrated God’s intervention to block the minds of disbelievers and idol worshipers (Quran 17:45-46 & 18:57). Mr. Suhaimi proved that he is not aware of the Prophet’s function as stated repeatedly in Quran: that his sole function was to deliver Quran. Hereunder are the original Arabic texts from Quran declaring in the strongest possible assurances, and employing the double-negative, that the Prophet had NO function EXCEPT delivering Quran. Moreover, Verses 15-19 of Sure 75 specifically forbid the Prophet from explaining Quran. Mr. Suhaimi rejects God’s own assertions and conveys on his idol additional functions, as if delivering Quran to humanity is a menial job.

Suhaimi’s reply to Kassim’s third point exposed Suhaimi’s rejection of the Quranic law that contradictions constitute a sign of ungodliness (see Quran 4:82) He confesses that Hadith is contradictory to Quran, science, common sense and even itself. Yet, he insists upon the shameful act of upholding Hadith.

Suhaimi replies to Kassim’s second point by stating: "There is no quarrel about Kassirn’s second point about the Quran being complete, perfect and absolute." Unfortunately, he follows this statement by the nullifying article "But," which is typical of people who say what they do not really believe, i.e., hypocrites.

While replying to Kassim’s fifth point, Suhaimi rebels against God and against the Prophet by rejecting the important Quranic commandment: you shall not give distinction to any particular prophet or messenger of God (see Quran 2:136, 285; 3:84 & 4:150). The Shahadah, even according to all Hadiths, consists of LAA ELAAHA ELLA ALLAH. But Mr. Suhairni rejects both the Quran and his beloved Hadith and exposes his idolatry by insisting that we must add MUHAMMAD RASOOL ALLAH.

This addition constitutes disobedience of God and the prophet, and de facto disbelief in other messengers of God. It is significant that Quran asserts that the true believers say, "We hear, and we obey," when commanded to give no distinction to any particular messenger (see Quran 2:285). Mr. Suhaimi declares, "I hear, but I disobey." To examine this particular point, a Muslim needs only to ask himself: "How many times do I declare that Jesus, or Moses, or Younus, or Saaleh, or Lot are messengers of God? As believers in Quran, we know that Muhammad is a messenger of God. This is why the Quran declares that only the hypocrites need to announce their hypocritical belief that Muhammad is a messenger of God (see Quran63:1).

Finally, it is noteworthy that the Vice-President of Malaysia’s ‘Ulama Association, Hassan Salleh, has added belief in Hadith as a requirement for Muslims. According to him, a new Muslim who believes in LAA ELAHA ELLA ALLAH and upholds Quran, the whole Quran and nothing but Quran will go to Hell for not believing in the ridiculous superstition - ridden fabrications attributed to God’s final prophet. It is an honor for me that Sheikh Salleh has reiterated Sheikh bin Baz’s attacks on me. A science textbook entitled Evolution and Creationism uses Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz to demonstrate the falsehood of Quran, since this Muslim 'Alim believes that the Earth is flat. The book quotes Sheikh bin Baz’s statements that Quran and Hadith state that the Earth is flat. It is unfortunate that Quran was given such a devastating bad name because of the stupidity of a leading Muslim ‘Alim. Thank God this man disagrees with me; I will be terribly disturbed if he agrees with me.

At the risk of polluting the pages of this publication, let me remind Ariffin Suhaimi, Hasan Salleh and Abdul Aziz bin Baz of one Hadith from Sahih Bukhari (remember, this is a Sahih Hadith): The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, "When Satan hears the Azan, he runs away and farts loudly, in order to drown the voice of Muazzin." I apologize to my readers for putting this filth in MP.


I was really happy to hear about your idea for studying Quran in the last issue... I am really excited about the prospect of feeling my faith strengthen as God fulfills His promise to teach me what I need to know.

Martha Schulte, Boston.

I feel very humbled to participate in this glorious study. Allah has surely answered my prayers.

Patimah Barbara Abdullah, Pittsburgh.

My old "family priest," who is a true believer, Kyrkoherde Bror-Axel Lindorn, once said, "The real danger for humanity is not the evilness of the wicked, but the lack of courage among the good people." And he is right; a man who doesn’t have courage cannot be a true believer, because it takes intellectual courage to reflect, uphold the truth and work righteousness.

Eric Tornwall, Switzerland.

Referring to the ‘Ulama’s feeble attempt to destroy God’s mathematical miracle in Quran and remove Al-Basmalah (see also the article below):

Al-Basmalah appears at the head of the Opening Sura (Al-Faatihah). If, as they claim, Al-Bas- malah was designed simply to indicate the end of one Sura and the beginning of a new Sura (IMPACT INTERNATIONAL, 8-21 August 1986), there is no prior Sura to Sure Al-Faatihah. So, Al-Basmalah is obviously not designed as a mere separation of Suras in this way.

Congratulations on how you refuted their very very lame argument.

Abdullah Shams, Sidney, Australia.

Editor’s Note:

Brother Abdullah also wrote a 12-page refutation of Malaysia’s ‘Ulanias opinions regarding Kassim Ahmad’s book "Hadith: A Re-evaluation." He sent his powerful article to Malaysia’s Islamic Herald. May God bless him and reward him for steadfastly striving on behalf of God’s truth.



The insanity of Muslim ‘Ulama in the face of God’s overwhelming mathematical miracle of Qur’an has reached a horrendous level. In an article published by AL BALAGH of South Africa, Muhammad Hamidullab, who is considered by many Muslims to be an authority on Qur’anic sciences, suggested that the Qur’an’s unique writing be changed. Some of his insane suggestions are shown in the Table below.


 Let me deal with just one simple change proposed by this "Aalim." Muslims the world over recognize the Arabic word for God as a unique and beautiful word..

 Mr. Hamidullah suggests that we add one letter "Alef" between the "Laam" and the "Haa." This will immediately change the word from the name of God to a word which means ONE WHO PLAYS AROUND. The Arabic word "Yalhoo " means "to play and have fun," or "to become so involved in fun that one becomes oblivious and unaware." The past tense of this word is "Lahaa

and the person who does this is "Laahi ," or in certain grammatical situations "Lah.

The addition of the Arabic article "Al to this last word produces the suggested word for God as proposed by Hamidullah .

This one example teaches us that Almighty God has deliberately designed His Holy Name in order for the whole world to recognize its uniqueness and beauty. These enemies of God are so ignorant that they never cease to commit one horrendous blasphemy after another.

Their ultimate goal, of course, is to change the miraculous mathematical composition of Qur’an, in compliance with the wishes of their true god and master, Satan. But their immense stupidity causes them to forget that the seven "Haa Meem-initialed Suras, for example, contain 2,147 Haa + Meem (19x113). The proposed blasphemous changes in the writing of Qur’an will never change this physical fact. Thus, they will still face the formidable task of trying to explain this miraculous phenomenon: why do the Haa’s and Meem’s follow this mathematical pattern, and exhibit precisely 2,147 (l9x113) letters in the seven Suras? The loss or addition of only one Haa or one Meem would have destroyed this extremely precise system!


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