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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

February 1987 (No 25) Jumada II 1407

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.




Most people, no matter what you do, will not believe. (12:1 03)

Most of those who believe do not do so without falling into idol worship. (12:106)

Say, "To whom belongs the whole earth and everyone in it, if you know?" They
would say, "To God." Say, "Why then do you not take heed?" Say, "Who is the Lord of the seven heavens, the Lord with the great dominion?" They would say, "God." Say, "Why then do you not observe righteousness?" Say, "In whose hand is the dominion encompassing all things; the One who possesses power to help, while none possesses any power against Him, if you know?" They would say, "God." Say, "Where did you go wrong?" (23:84-90)

If you ask them, "Who created the heavens and the earth, and committed the sun and the moon to work?" they would say, "God." Where then did they go wrong? (29:61)

If you ask them, "Who sends down from the sky water to revive dead land?" they would say, "God." Say, "Praise God, but most of them do not know." (29:63)

There are only two possible alternatives in response to the above divine statements:

  1. To assume that we are just fine and need not do anything.
  2. To assume that we are believers who have gone wrong somewhere and are heading
    for Hell.


Needless to say, the second alternative is the wise one, for it would prompt us to carefully examine ourselves and possibly save our souls. Our life in this world is our only chance to find the right straight path (Al-Sseraat Al-Mustaqeem). The fortunate believer will have to assume that he or she belongs with the majority of believers who have nullified their faith by falling in idol worship, then do whatever is necessary to save himself or herself from the only unforgivable offense of idol worship (unforgivable, if maintained until death).

That the majority of believers have fallen into idol worship and are heading for certain Hell is
plainly obvious. The majority of Jews follow that man-made Talmud instead of God’s word, Torah. The majority of Christians idolize Jesus against his will (see Matthews 7:23) by considering him a god, or son of God, or part of a triune god. The Muslims idolize Muhammad against his will, and uphold satanic inventions attributed to him. Ironically, the Jewish downfall and the Muslim downfall are identical; both uphold what they call Hadith and Sunnah in Arabic or Mishnah and Gemarah in Hebrew. In other words, the Muslims have been tricked by Satan into inventing their own Talmud.

One look at the daily practices of Muslims shows clearly that they have abandoned God and His final Prophet Muhammad. The vast majority of so-called Muslims do not do their ablution (Wuduu’) in accordance with God’s instructions that came to us through Muhammad’s mouth. The Qur’anic commandment in 5:6 dictates that we shall do the ablution as follows:

(1) Wash your face.

(2) Wash your arms to the elbow.

(3) Wipe your head.

(4) Wash your feet.

However, the so-called Muslims follow the man-made instructions dictating nine or ten steps. Satan, of course, exploited our deep love for the Prophet and told us that this is how the Prophet did his ablution. Unfortunately, the majority of Muslims fell for the trick.

God’s words that came out of Muhammad’s mouth and were written down by his own hand (see Muslim Perspective of April 1986) dictate that we shall not say our contact prayers (Salat) in an inaudible voice (see 17:110). Satan, however, took possession of all four Sunni Imams (Shafei, Abu Haneefah, Ibn Hanbal and Malik) and through them dictated on the Muslims that the Noon Prayer, the Afternoon Prayer, the third unit of the Sunset Prayer, and the third and fourth units of the Night Prayer must be done silently. This clear defiance of God and His messenger is practiced every day by the people who do believe in God and who do observe the contact prayers (Salat). This particular point illustrates the truthfulness of the Qur'anic verses at the top of this issue.

The words of God that came to us through Muhammad’s mouth and written down with his own hands command us to mention no names besides God’s during our worship practices (see 20:14 & 72:18). The vast majority of Muslims flagrantly disobey God and His Final Prophet by mentioning the name of their idol, Muhammad, during the Azan (Call for Prayer) and commemorate Muhammad and His family, and Abraham and his family even during their contact prayers (Salat). Again, we are talking here about believers in God who actually observe the daily prayers.

The Almighty God informs us that Qur’an is COMPLETE, PERFECT, FULLY DETAILED, AND SHALL BE THE ONLY SOURCE OF RELIGIOUS INFORMATION (see 6:19, 38 & 114). But the Muslims do not believe their Creator; they have four additional sources of religious guidance:

(1) Hadith (satanic fabrications attributed to Muhammad).

(2) Sunna (satanic practices attributed to Muhammad).

(3) Ijmaa’ (unanimous decisions of certain scholars).

(4) Qiyaas (analogy).


It should be noted that the Qur’an informs us that as soon as we reject the Qur’an’s completeness and perfection, God’s curse falls on us and causes total isolation from Qur’an and its glorious message (see 17:45 & 18:57). Furthermore, God Almighty makes it a physical impossibility for the rejecters of Qur’an’s completeness to enter Heaven (see 7:40). The vast majority of so-called Muslims even challenge God; they ask, "If Qur’an is complete and perfect (as claimed by. God), where do we find the number of Rak’aas (units) of the Contact Prayers (Salat)?" Due to their isolation from Qur’an, these unfortunate souls do not realize that Qur’an tells us that the five Salat prayers were already in existence and practiced as we do them today when the Qur’an was revealed. Qur’an informs us that Salat came through Abraham, the founder of Islam (see 22:78).

Qur’an deals only with altered matter when dealing with Salat, such as the ablution and the tone of voice. The number of Rak’aas is universally uniform; there are no violations of that. The Morning Prayer is universally and uniformly two Rak’aas. The same is true with the other four contact prayers, as far as the number of Rak’aas is concerned. Thus, the vast majority of Muslims challenge God and His Final Prophet by asking: "If Qur’an is complete and detailed …….."

One of the powerful commandments in Qur’an, one that is repeated a few times in the strongest terms and associated with the admonition to "listen and obey" (see 2:136, 2:285, 3:84, 4:150. 27:59, and 37:181), orders us never to give any distinction to any particular messenger of God. The so-called Muslims, again, defied God and His messenger by idolizing the Prophet against his will. A visitor to any "Muslim’ country will notice that Muhammad’s name and not the name of any other messenger, is commemorated in every Azan (call for prayer) five times a day. It ‘is common practice among the vast majority of Muslims to call Muhammad "Imam or leader of all the prophets," and "the most honorable messenger;" some even call him "Lord!" Again, these are people who truly believe in God, but their sure destiny is Hell for disobeying God and His messenger.

Upon examination of these Qur’anic truths, any true believer will critically examine his or her religious practices and immediately drop all hints of idol worship, and will strive to conform with Qur'an, the whole Qur'an, and nothing but Qur’an.



Brother Khalifa, th ere can be no doubt that God has provided mankind a variety of avenues to follow in order to know and worship Him, and to be certain of one’s decision. Logic, the Bible and empirical evidence in all its forms all lead us to the same conclusion about our Creator, and none of it need include any elements of the ever-popular pseudosyllogism "God exists because we can’t manage to explain existence without Him." Yet with all these avenues most people won’t believe in the God of Islam. And you know well how blind people can be upon seeing the miracle of 19, even though it is absolutely astounding. It is mind-boggling. But it (this behavior) is also explained in Qur’an.

Leutenant Richard S. Voss, Lawton, Oklahoma.

After reading your two books, The Computer Speaks and Qur’an: The Final Scripture, it is an enjoyment to read Qur’an now! All of us grow up with myths. And at times one, on his own, finds those myths repugnant, but hasn’t the courage to dispel them. One needs strength of Knowledge & Authority to explode the prevailing myths and put the things straight. You have done just that - exploded those myths!! May Allah bless you - you have freed the mind from many shackles.

Masood-ul-Hameed, Karachi, Pakistan.

About 15/16 years back I had the opportunity of reading about your grand work on the Holy Quran at computer. Allah had been kind to you in bestowing upon you the unique honor of proving the Truth to the satisfaction of the modern science ridden mind. It was definitely the most needed effort to silence the budge. Please accept expression of my most sincere felicitations.

Dr. Muhammad Ahsun, Karachi, Pakistan.

The Holy Qur’an, the Prophet’s Hadith, the majority of Islamic ‘Ulama (scholars) and the actual facts all prove that the sun is running in its orbit, while the Earth is fixed, stable and flat; spread out by God for His mankind. ... Anyone who professed otherwise would utter a charge of falsehood toward God, the Qur’an, and the Prophet.

Sheikh Abd el Aziz bin Baz, President

Departments of Scientific Research, Decrees (Fatwa), Propagation (Da’wah), and Guidance.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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