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Published Monthly by Masjid Tucson

September 1986 Muharram 1407

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.



Since the first presentation of evidences that, the last two verses of Sura 9 are false injections (March 1985 issue), I received more support than objections. Some objections resulted from lack of understanding the mathematical data. For example, some people looked up the Qur'an's index and found that the word "Rasool" occurs in Qur’an 116 times, not 115 as reported in my 1985 declaration. Thus, they did not take into consideration that one word "Rasool " refers to the "Rasool of Pharaoh" (12:50), and was not counted as "Rasool of Allah." Another example is the word’ Arsh which means dominion, or palace, or throne. The objectors did not deduct the occurrence of the word ‘Arsh when it referred to the "Arsh the Queen of Sheba" (27:23). Even the objectors did agree with me regarding other words in 9:128-129 which violated the Qur’an’s mathematical code.

The majority of objections centered around the infallible divine law of preservation of Qur’an.

Surely, we have sent down this message, and surely, we will preserve it. (15:9)

Falsehood shall not come into it (Qur’an) in the past or the future. (41:42)

Let me state at the outset that Qur’an is and has always been perfectly preserved, as proven irrefutably by the mathematical code. Every sincere believer actually knew the perfect Qur’an, and every sincere believer today, and forever, knows the perfect Qur’an. As it turned out, the true Muslims did know the true Qur’an, while the false Muslims knew a false Qur’an. False Muslims are not worthy of Qur’an, because they have made a decision not to believe in the Qur’an’s perfection and completion as divinely stated in 6:19, 38, & 114. Please see 7:146 & 18:57. They uphold other sources such as Hadith & Sunna).

The vast majority of Qur’an in the world today do not conform to the original Qur’an as written by Muhammad’s own hand; they exhibit a variety of errors. Millions of Qur'an's have been printed in Iran during the last five years using standard Arabic, not the divinely dictated and unique Qur’anic Arabic. All these copies are wrong, for they violate the mathematical composition created by God to guard and protect every letter in Qur’an. But this does not nullify God’s law that Qur’an has been perfectly preserved.

The true Muslims continue to know the true Qur’an and the false Muslims continue to know a false Qur’an. This too is God’s law as stated in 7:146. Many readers wrote that they were always uncomfortable with the obvious deification of the Prophet in 9:128-129. They always felt that something was wrong.


As a rule,


For example, let us assume that there is a law stating that you shall not leave this room. If you stay forever in this room, no one will ever know that such a law exists. But if you violate the law by leaving the room, and you are forced back into the room, then everyone knows that the law exists.


Thus, the violation of the law of preservation of Qur’an was in accordance with God’s will in order to demonstrate to the world that such a law does indeed exist, and that any violation of the law shall be exposed and eliminated. Our Creator, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, has given us a hint by refusing to prefix Sura 9 with His holy name.

Another good example is the divine law that the angels possess the freedom of choice. It is obvious from 2:34, 7:11, 17:61, 18:50, & 20:116 that the angels possess the freedom of choice to obey or disobey God. When they do disobey God, they become angels no more; they become Jinns (18:50). However, the only reason we know that such law exists is that it has been violated. Only because Iblees (Satan) refused to bow down before Adam that we know that such a law exists. Had Satan obeyed God, and bowed down with the rest of the angels, we would have never known whether the angels possess the freedom of choice or not.


This Azhar-approved title indicates that Sura 9 was the last sura revealed in Medina, except for the last two verses; they were supposedly revealed in Mecca. In retrospect, this is impossible. For it means that the last two verses were revealed at least 10 years before the rest of the sura.

A study of the Meccan and Medinan revelations shows that Medinan verses are regularly found in Meccan suras, but not the other way around. This, of course, excludes the only sura revealed between Mecca and Medina (Sura 8).


Perfectly On Schedule


With the advent of the Islamic year 1407 AH, a new era was ushered in that will eventually become known to the whole world. As stated in Qur’an 63:8, the true believers received profound signs and distinctive marks, of which the hypocrites are totally unaware.

All power belongs to God, His messenger, and the believers, but the hypocrites do not know. (63:8)

Meanwhile, Satan’s days are numbered. These last days of Satan are marked by the closest birth pangs (labor pains) yet. These are the birth pangs preceding the birth of the United Islamic Nation, in fulfillment of the 19-words of Sura 110.

The birth pangs have been occurring once a week, namely, every Thursday, during the Islamic year 1406 (19x74). For example, the first Thursday of 1406 witnessed the earthquake destruction of a major center of idol-worship, Mexico City. The detailed list is shown below.

This year, 1407, the birth pangs are occurring every day (see list below). We expect a universal declaration sometime during 1407 AH, followed by the inevitable victory for all those who worship God ALONE, and uphold His word ALONE.


* Thursday, Sep 19, 1985 (Muharram 5, 1406):

Mexico city earthquake kills 10,000. Thousands more are injured and homeless.

* Thursday, Sep 26 (Muharram 12):

Hurricane Gloria batters entire East Coast of USA from the tip of Florida to Canada’s border.

* Thursday, Oct 10 (Muharram 26):

Hurricane Isabel devastates Puerto Rico, then USA’s east coast, 500 dead and millions of dollars in damages.

Yul Briner dies.

Orson Wells dies.

* Thursday, Oct 17 (Safar 4):

Worst typhoon in history hits the Philippines. Three strong quakes shake Japan. Italian government falls in the wake of the Achille Lauro ship hijack.

* Thursday, Oct 24 (Safar 11):

Violent demonstrations in Egypt. Hurricane Juan pounds New Orleans and the South.

* Thursday, Oct 31 (Safar 18):

Tanzanian government falls and a Muslim president takes over.

* Thursday, Nov 7 (Safar 23):

Worst floods in history devastate - four mid-Atlantic states; Virginia, W. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the capital Washington, DC. All monuments in the capital close for the first time in history. More than 70 people die. Losses reach $400,000,000.

* Thursday, Nov 14 (Safar 30):

Volcano erupts in Columbia (major center of idol-worship) and kills 25,000 people. The city of Armero, Columbia wiped out.

* Thursday, Nov 21 (Rabi I 7):

For the first time in history, a hurricane hits USA this late in November. Hundreds of thousands flee in panic in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia (Hurricane Kate). Many deaths. Millions of dollars in losses. Red Cross announces," This is the worst year in history in the number of disasters." The Red Cross announces closure of many offices due to running out of funds.

* Thursday, Dec 5 (Rabi I 22):

Chaos in Tokyo. Saboteurs destroy the brain of Japan’s railway system. 10,000,000 people stranded and confused.

* Thursday, Dec 12 (Rabi I 29):

Plane crash kills 247 (19x13) military personnel. The plane was flying from Sinai to USA, and crashed in New Foundland, Canada. This is the worst disaster in US military history, and made 1985 the worst year in aviation history in terms of casualties.

Ann Baxter dies.

* Thursday, Dec 19 (Rabi II 6):

France’s turn. Gunman takes a whole courtroom hostage; the judges, the attorneys, security guards, the spectators, etc. All of France watches on TV in horror. France is terrorized for 24 hours.

* Christmas 1985. Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, Dec 25, 26, & 27:

Mount Aetna erupts causing deaths and destruction. Rome and Vienna airports attacked. Machine guns kill 16 and injure 116 (17+116=133 (19x7).

* Thursday, Jan 2, 1986 (Rabi II 20):

Kiloway volcano erupts in Hawaii. Casualties of the Rome and Vienna airports attacks adjusted to 19 dead and 114 injured. Plane crash in New Zealand.

* Thursday, Jan 9 (Rabi II 27):

Bloody Coup d’etat in South Yemen.

* Thursday, Jan 16 (Jumada I 5):

9000 people killed in Yemen. Coup d’etat still in progress.

* Thursday, Jan 23 (Jumada 112):

Fire in the Continental Hotel in New Delhi kills 38.

Victims of Yemen’s Coup reach 12,000. Coup d’etat in Uganda; new government takes over.

* Thursday, Jan 30 (Jumada 119):

The world is shocked by Space Shuttle accident that took place January 28, killing 7 astronauts. Thursday, it became known that the accident happened exactly 19 years to the day after the Apollo accident that killed 3 astronauts, and that this was mission No. 57 (19x3).

* Thursday, Feb 6 (Jumada I 26):

Chaos in Haiti. Baby Doc flees to France. Government falls.

* Thursday, Feb 13 (Jumada 1110):

Revolution in the Philippines.

* Thursday, Feb 20 (Jumada 1117):

Rebellion in Egypt kills hundreds and injures thousands. Paramilitary security forces revolt.

* Thursday, May 1 (Shaaban 21):

Afghanistan government falls. Babrak Karmal replaced. Soviet troops invade Kabul.

* Thursday, July 24 (Dhul Qi’dah 19):

French newspaper headline: "RED THURSDAY" due to devastating fires in the south.

* Thursday, Aug 14 (Dhul Hijjah 10):

Hurricane Charly hits USA East Coast.

* Thursday, Aug 21 (Dhul Hijjah 17):

2000 people die from poisonous gas in the Cameroon. Worst geological disaster.


* Friday, Muharram 1st (Sep 5, 1986):

"Muslims" hijack Pan Am Plane in Karachi (a Muslim country). 19 people are killed in the aftermath, and Islam is given a bad name world-wide. 11-minute telecast invades Iranian television and shows the new Shah of Iran announcing his imminent return.

* Saturday, Muharram 2 (Sep 6):

"Muslims" attack Jewish Synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey (a Muslim country) and machine gun 19 Turkish Jews and 2 Israeli Jews while they worshiped God. Islam is given a bad name worldwide.

* Sunday, Muharram 3 (Sep 7):

"Muslims" attack church in southern Philippines with hand grenades. Islam is given a bad name worldwide.

* Monday, Muharram 4 (Sep 8):

Bomb explodes in Paris City Hall; kills 1 and injures 19.

* Tuesday, Muharram 5 (Sep 9):

Israeli raid on Sidon. 19 Jewish victims of Istanbul terror are buried.

* Wednsday, Muharram 6 (Sep 10):

Chaos in Chille following assassination attempt against President Pinochet.

* Thursday, Muharram 7 (Sep 11):

Bomb explodes in Paris Cafe. Kidnapping resumes in Beirut.

* Friday, Muharram 8 (Sep 12):

Bomb explodes in Paris supermarket.

* Saturday, Muharrath 9 (Sep 13):

Earthquake in Greece kills 19, injures hundreds

* Sunday, Muharram 10 (Sep 14):

Bomb explodes in Paris police headquarters; injures 38.

Bomb explodes in NATO offices of Munich.

* Monday, Muharram 11 (Sep 15):

The worst disaster in mining history claims the lives of hundreds in South Africa.





Our first conference was held near San Francisco August 29-31. The great events that took place during that conference assured all believers that every word and every action at the conference was guided by Almighty Allah.

The conference reporter, Jahan Spooner, is preparing a report on the conference that will be printed in the coming issue of M.P. IN SHAA ALLAH.

The next conference will be held IN SHAA ALLAH at the same time, i.e. the closest weekend to Muharram 1st, 1408. It may or may not be held in Monte Carlo as previously announced. Due to security considerations, the Second Conference will be strictly attended by invitation only, and the location shall be known only to prospective attendees.

Some uninvited guests forced their way into the conference, in violation of Qur’an 24:27, and wasted the time of some attendees by asking such primitive questions as "Why should we uphold Qur’an alone?" and "Why should we say, "LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH" without mentioning other names besides Allah?" and "Why not make distinction among the prophets, since Muhammad was the best?" During the second conference IN SHAA ALLAH, security will be strengthened to avoid such disruptions.


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