How to search in Adobe Acrobat

You can open Adobe Acrobat by either double-clicking on an Adobe (.pdf) format document or by opening the Adobe application prior to accessing the web page.

Once you have Adobe Acrobat open and the document loaded, perform the following procedure to search the document for any single word or pharse.


To find a word using the Find command:

      1. Click the Find button , or choose Edit > Find, from the Adobe Acrobat Toolbar.


      2. Enter the text (word or phrase) to find in the text box, such as "all forgiving" as shown


      3. Select search options if necessary:

          • Match Whole Word Only finds only occurrences of the complete word you enter in the
             text box. For example, if you search for the word stick, the words tick and sticky will not
             be highlighted.

          • Match Case finds only words that contain exactly the same capitalization you enter in
             the text box.

          • Find Backwards starts the search from the current page and goes backward through
             the document.

          • Ignore Asian Character Width finds only those Kana characters that exactly match the
             text you enter.

      4. Click Find. Acrobat finds the first occurrence of the word.

      5. By clicking the "Find Again" button, Acrobat finds the next occurrence of the word or

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