Journal of Submission

Volume 9 No. 3

August 2001

Editors: Ali R. Fazely and Milan Sulc



Mass Murder in the United States

On September 11, 2001, four planes of the types Boeing 767 and 757 with passengers were hijacked and three of them were used as human-guided missiles to destroy the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked plane crashed later near Pittsburgh, PA and killed everyone aboard. This is by far the largest undeclared and unprovoked attack in the history of the United States.

President George W.

Bush who was in Florida then, had to cut his trip short and head back towards Washington. The situation was so chaotic that for security reasons he was diverted to two different airforce bases before arriving in Washington. GOD condemns this indiscriminate killing of people.

In the February issue of this Journal, Volume 8, Number 6, we invited the leaders of the world, especially, Mr. Bush, the 19th republican president and the 19th Governor who became a president to Worship GOD ALONE, to mention GOD ALONE, to call upon GOD ALONE and to believe in GOD ALONE. This way of life brings prosperity in this world and most importantly, makes us amongst the ones close to GOD in the hereafter. This is the religion of Submission. Remember that GOD has shown us the Quran as His final scripture armed with the built-in Ultimate Mathematics as a Warner as well as a bearer of good news. We again invite Mr. Bush and encourage him to become an example for the rest of the world by embracing Submission to GOD ALONE. GOD will then bless him generously, give him wisdom, and protect him. Ignoring this invitation from GOD, the Almighty, the All- Merciful, will bring unhappiness.

We also take this opportunity to warn the leaders of the world, religious leaders and religious scholars, including the Pope, US, TV preachers, Dalai Lama, and Muslim leaders to stop advocating non-scriptural messages for political reasons, and come back to GOD's message and worship GOD ALONE. The following article is a stern warning to these groups.

GOD Insists:

Sura 9 has 127 Verses

9:1 -- An ultimatum has been issued from GOD and His messenger to those who assign partners for Him who enter into an agreement with you.

GOD warns the people who set up partners for Him. GOD, therefore, revealed the Quran more than 1400 years ago and He chose the order of revelation to be in a specific order different from the compiled version that we have today. These two sophisticated different numbering system combined with the Ultimate Mathematics of primes and their indices are some of the mathematical guards to preserve the authenticity of the Quran and especially the number of verses in the Quran.

The mathematical Sign that we are just about to observe again assigns 127 verses to sura 9 and strengthen the hearts of those who believe in GOD Alone.

Let us look at sura 9, and find out its order of revelation. We find it to be the 113th sura that was revealed. Therefore, verse 9:1 in the compilation order is 113:1 in the order of revelation. However, we know that;

1131st prime is 9127

This again in a very straight-forward method tells that sura 9 has 127 verses. May GOD be praised, Creator of all things.

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