Journal of Submission

Volume 8, Number 7

March 2001

Editors: Ali R. Fazely and Miln Sulc


Awesome Mathematical Proof

One more time, GOD is telling us that the Quran is a fully detailed book revealed to people in order to take them out of the darkness into the light. GOD revealed the Quran as a Warner as well as a bearer of good news. GOD has spelled His will for the people and going along with GOD's will brings happiness and an imaginable reward in the hereafter. As so many times before, we are blessed by witnessing the mathematics of the Quran proving that we are dealing with the truth from our Lord. The mathematics described in the article is from sura 19 in the Quran. We have seen that the order of revelation of the Quran and the corresponding compositional order of the Quran has an awesome intricate relation that could only be authored by GOD alone.

Sura 19 is called Mary and it has 98 verses and the word "Allah" or GOD ahs been mentioned only 8 times. Note that 8th prime number is 19. Sura 19 is also the 6th initialed sura that was revealed. Note that the 619 is prime number and its index is 114 and that 114 = 6 x 19. I remind the reader that 114 is the number of suras in the Quran. The word GOD is mentioned for the first time in this sura in verse 30. Note that 30 is the 19th composite. This verse refers to a great proof from GOD and it follows,

19:30 -- He said: " Indeed I am a servant of GOD. He has given the scripture and has made me a prophet."

This is the new-born baby Jesus talking, by GOD's command, to his mother's accusers. According to the mathematics of the Quran this verse has an important position to show us and prove to us that this event actually happened. 19:30 is the 114th verse containing the word "Allah" in the revelation order. The number 114 being the number of chapters in the Quran, also tells that Jesus like other messengers and prophets would have believed and preached the Quran which is GOD's word.

These awesome mathematical signs are proofs that Quran is the narration of GOD and these

miracles actually did occur and since you and I were not there, GOD gives us assurance in the

Quran and proves to us by the Ultimate Mathematics that can only be designed by GOD alone. We, therefore, should never slip in our obedience of GOD's commandments in the Quran and after witnessing these awesome proofs, our responsibility is greater than those who were not witness to them.




Another Tragedy in Mina

During the last Haj about three weeks ago, according to the news agencies, 35 pilgrims were killed near a place which the practice of symbolic stoning of the devil is exercised. The same event happened three years ago in the same place where many more people were trampled to death by surging crowd eager to stone the devil. This ritual is not mentioned in the Quran and in order to remain within GOD's law we must obey the Quran. GOD tells in the Quran that satan has no power over those who devote themselves absolutely to GOD alone.

The word Mina has never been mentioned in the Quran. The rites of Haj is spelled out precisely in the Quran and they are very simple. GOD tells us where we should visit and what we should do, even a rite as common as a haircut is mentioned. Haj can be performed in the first ten days the four sacred months of "ZelHejja', Muharram, Safar and RabeeolAwwal".

These so-called accidents during pilgrimage should not happen, because GOD tells that He has

made Kaaba a secure place. Therefore, whatever tragic event happens is because of our own

disobedience of GOD's commandments. We must obey GOD to the last detail as He has decreed

the religion for us. GOD ask us in the Quran:

49:16 -- Say, " Are you teaching GOD about your religion? And GOD knows what is in the skies and what is on the land, and GOD is All Knowing of all things."

One should not take this question lightly and try to stick to GOD's word. Prosperity and happiness in this world and eternal bliss in the hereafter is GOD's promise to those who obey His Will.

Annual Meeting is Baton Rouge

We will have our annual meeting here in Baton Rouge, LA on July 6 and 7, 2001, Insha Allah. Tahir Majeed has reserved a block of rooms at the Comfort Inn University Center at a rate of $45 per night. Please refer to the Quran Conference when making reservation.

All activities will be held at the hotel Insha Allah,. The address is:

2445 S. Acadian Thruway

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Phone: (225) 927-5790

Fax: (225) 925-0084

The agenda for the meeting will be posted on this site soon, Insha Allah.

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