Journal of Submission

Volume 8 No. 6

February 2001

Editors: Ali R. Fazely and Milan Sulc


Great Responsibility

In spite of GODís continuous revelations and proofs, people choose not to follow the path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy. Is it so difficult to accept GOD as the only Lord and Master?

Why is it so hard to worship GOD, the One who has granted us our existence? He is GOD, there is no other god except He. The One who provides for us. The One who heals when we get sick.

The One who is the All Gracious, the All Merciful. The One who answers our prayers. Do we not owe Him everything? As a people who connect to this site, we have a higher responsibility to obey GOD. GOD knows that and He in return expects more from us. Those who are blessed with GOD's bounty and have received bonuses throughout their worldly life, owe a great debt to GOD, to be humble and charitable.

World leaders who rule millions of people have a great responsibility to worship GOD alone. Recently in the US after an unprecedented close and controversial presidential election, George W. Bush was sworn into the most powerful office in the world. Mr. Bush in exchange is invited to turn his worship to GOD alone and obey the One who gave him this important office. According to the 19-based Quranic mathematical proof, Mr. Bush is the 19th republican and the 19th governor who has become the president of the United States. This is a proof for George W. Bush that he has been called upon by GOD, the Almighty, to become a submitter. Mr. Bush's stance on avoiding intoxicants, abortion, lowering interest rates, family values, shunning homosexuality, and encouraging people to morality is in line with GOD's commandments. Next, he should take the bold step of calling upon GOD and mentioning GOD "Alone". This means that He should obey GOD and His messengers including Jesus whom he mentioned in one of his debates as a person whom he admires the most. He accordingly should obey the message that GOD's messengers advocated which is "WORSHIP GOD ALONE". This simple message unites people in the world. Mr. Bush can be an example for other world leaders who are ruling millions of people in their countries. We invite all world leaders as well as religious leaders to abandon commemorating messengers and other entities they worship besides GOD and come to the path of GOD. We in the United States have been blessed by GOD more than any other people in the world. We accordingly must come back to GOD, the source of our blessing and take Him as our only Lord and Master. Many people in the US, have deified Jesus against his will. This will eventually bring misery to us and GOD will take His blessings away from us. At this point, we would like to narrate the true history of Jesus for the people from the Quran. Remember that Quranic history is mathematically coded beyond our mathematical knowledge.

This narration is from chapter 19, verses (proofs) 1 -40, called Mary, in the Quran. In the Name of GOD, The All Gracious, The All Merciful

  1. K. H. Y. 'A. S. (Kaaf Haa Yaa 'Ayn Saad)
  2. A narration about your Lord's mercy towards His servant Zachariah.
  3. He called his Lord, a secret call.
  4. He said, "My Lord, my bones have turned brittle in my body, and my hair is aflame with gray. As I implore You, my Lord, I never despair."
  5. "And I fear for my dependants after me, for my wife has been sterile. Grant me, from You, an heir."
  6. "Let him be my heir and the heir of Jacob's clan, and make him, my Lord, acceptable."
  7. "O Zachariah, We give you good news; a boy whose name shall be John. We never created anyone like him before."
  8. He said, "My Lord, will I have a son despite my wife's sterility, and despite my old age?"
  9. He said, "Thus said your Lord: 'It is easy for Me to do. I created you before that, and you were nothing.' "
  10. He said, "My Lord, give me a sign." He said, "Your sign is that you will not speak to the people for three consecutive nights."
  11. He came out to his family, from the sanctuary, and signaled to them: "Meditate day and night."
  12. "O John, uphold the scripture, strongly." We endowed him with wisdom, even in his youth.
  13. And kindness from Us, and purity; he was righteous.
  14. He was kind to his parents, never a disobedient tyrant.
  15. Peace be upon him the day he was born, the day he dies, and the day he is resurrected back to life.
  16. Mention in the scripture Mary. She isolated herself from her family, into an eastern location.
  17. While a barrier separated her from them, We sent to her Our Spirit. He went to her in the form of a perfect man.
  18. She said, "I seek refuge in the All Gracious, unless you are righteous."
  19. He said, "I am the messenger of your Lord, to grant you a pure son."
  20. She said, "How can I have a son, when no man has touched me, and I have never been unchaste."
  21. He said, "Thus said your Lord. 'It is easy for Me. We will render him a sign for the people, and mercy from Us. This matter is already decided.' "
  22. When she bore him, she isolated herself to a faraway place.
  23. The birth pangs came to her by the trunk of a palm tree. She said, "I wish I were dead, and completely forgotten."
  24. He then called her from beneath her, saying, "Do not grieve. Your Lord has provided you with a stream."
  25. "And if you shake the trunk of this palm tree, it will drop ripe dates for you."
  26. "Eat and drink, and be happy. When you see anyone, say, 'I have made a vow of silence; I am not talking, today, to anyone.' "
  27. She came with him to her family, carrying him. They said, "O Mary, you have committed something gross."
  28. "O sister of Aaron, your father was not a bad man, nor was your mother unchaste."
  29. She pointed to him. They said, "How can we talk with an infant in the crib?"
  30. He said "I am a servant of GOD, He has given me the scripture, and made me a prophet."
  31. "He made me blessed wherever I go, and enjoined me to observe the contact prayers and the obligatory charity for as long as I live."
  32. "I am to honor my mother, He did not make me a disobedient rebel."
  33. "And peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I get resurrected."
  34. Such was Jesus, the son of Mary. This is the truth of this matter, about which they have a lot of doubt.
  35. GOD is never to beget a son, be He glorified. To have anything done, He says to it, "Be," and it is.
  36. He also proclaimed, "GOD is my Lord and your Lord; you shall worship Him alone. This is the straight path."
  37. The various parties disputed among themselves. Therefore, woe to those who disbelieve from the sight of a terrible day.
  38. Wait till you hear them and see them when they come to face Us. The transgressors on that day will be totally lost.
  39. Warn them about the day of sorrow, when judgement will be issued. For they are totally oblivious, they do not believe.
  40. Indeed, We are inheritor of the land. and everyone on it, to Us they will be returned.


Remember that these are GOD's proofs you are reading. Believing in GOD's proofs will bring prosperity in this world and in the hereafter, one will be close to GOD eternally. On the other hand, disobeying GOD's commandments and denying His proofs, will hurt no one except the person him/herself.

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