Journal of Submission

Volume 8, Number 4

December 2000

GOD's Awesome Sign

Count of Verses is Sura 9 is 127


We have seen so many times GOD's proofs of the counts of verses in the Quran and that every sura is to have a specific number of verses and GOD has promised that He has revealed the Quran and that He protects it.

15:9 -- Indeed we have revealed the reminder and indeed we are its protector

GOD has revealed and has collected the Quran with a built-in internal self consistency check based on mathematics of primes and their indices well beyond our knowledge.


There are two orders to the suras and verses in Quran. One is the order of revelation and the other is the conventional order. The order of revelation places sura 96 as the first sura and the last sura as 110. The conventional order is what GOD collected as we see it today as sura 1 being "the Opener" and the last sura is being "the People". Accordingly, when we talk about verse 19 of chapter 96, we should note that this is the 19th verse that was revealed. From the previous articles in this journal, we know that this verse has a pivotal role in controlling the number of verses in sura 9. Therefore, when we count number of verses in the Quran, we are really counting them in two orders, conventional and revelation.

In this article, we will see GOD's awesome sign of how these two orders of counting coincide to keep the count of verses in sura 9 as 127.

The counts of verses from the beginning of the Quran until 9:127 in the conventional order are 1362. The index of composite 1362 is 1143 and we know that:

1143 = 9 x 127.

Now if we count only the number of verses in the uninitiated sura until 9:127 in the conventional order we get 670 and we have the following relation between 670 and 1143;

1143 - 670 = 473

473 = 11 x 43

Now let us concentrated on 11 and 43 and indices of primes 31 and 191 and multiplying 31 and 191 will get us

31 x 191 = 5921

Please keep the two numbers 473 and 5921 in mind.

The 5921st verse in the conventional order is the same as the 473rd verse in the revelation order.

This is GOD's design to again reassure us as we finished the month of Ramadan that we are being reminded. This is awesome blessing from our Creator and accordingly our responsibility is higher than those who do not know about these proofs from GOD.

All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.

Happy Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is upon us again as a blessing from GOD. This is a chance for us to redeem ourselves and put ourselves in charge of our bodies for a whole month. According to GOD's commandment in the Quran as it was decreed to those before the revelation of the Quran, we are to abstain from eating, drinking, and sexual contact from dawn to night. GOD tells us fasting is best for us only if we knew. Those amongst us, who are blessed by wealth, should feed the poor and the needy. If one is ill or on a trip, he/she shall substitute equivalent days to compensate for the days he/she has missed. We ask GOD to help us during this month so we are able to fulfil our duties.

The first day of Rmadan: November 26, 2000

The last day of Ramadan: December 25, 2000

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