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GOD Insists: Sura 9 has 127 verses


Letter from the Editor:

One of the most important Signs from GOD, based on 34:45, is the mathematical structure of the Quran. This historical event in the history of the world should have been celebrated as the most important news item of the last century and the millennium. However, people who promote the true mathematics of the Quran and have no hidden agenda but to glorify GOD are ridiculed and insulted. I am going to repeat this again that the mathematics advocated by GOD is based on the Ultimate Mathematics of primes, composites, twin primes, twin prime companions and their respective indices. The mathematics becomes more complex as primes and composites that are partitionable into numbers with specific mathematical properties, such as a prime and its index adding up to another prime. The mathematics also transcends across number bases and other mind-boggling phenomena. This mathematics then intertwines with the Quranic structure such as number of verses, position of initialed and uninitiated suras, the verses containing the word GOD, and many other Quranic structures.

I want to emphasize that number manipulations by people who promote their names and claim the mention of their names in the Quran is no more than a satanic trick to divert people from the true message of GOD. True believers will immediately recognize these poor attempts and reject them. On the other hand those with disease in their hearts equate the truth with falsehood and reject the truth. A warning goes to these people and if they do not repent to GOD, I fear the retribution of a terrible day for them. GOD says:

6:93 -- Who is more evil than the one who invents lies then attributes them to GOD, or claim to have received divine revelations, when nothing has been revealed to him, or say, "I can reveal just like GOD's revelations." If you could see the transgressors at the time of death. The angels extend their hands to them, saying, "Let go of your souls. Today, you have incurred a shameful retribution for saying about GOD other than the truth, and being too arrogant to accept His revelations."

Let me know tell you about a revelation of GOD to preserve the Quran as GOD has promised in the Quran,

15:9 -- Surely, We have revealed the reminder and indeed We are its protector.

The mathematics again preserves the number of verses in the Quran and points to chapter nine having 127 verses.

The frequency of the word GOD until 9:127 is 1273. Now we count the number of all verses where the verse number is prime number. For example in chapter one, we have verse 2, 3, 5, and 7 as verses with a prime number as the verses number. Therefore, there are 4 such verses in sura one. We then continue counting these verses until we reach 1273rd such verse. This verse happens to be 55:19. It is also happens to be that 5519th composite is 6346 which is the total number of verses in the entire Quran. Such is GOD's design, Creator of all things.

The Message and the Messenger

By: Hossein Kowsari

Since the death of Rashad there has been intense debate as to the role of the messenger, his teachings and his translation of the Quran, somewhat similar to that which occurred many years after death of Muhammad when people argued as to infallibility of the messenger and started to write Hadith. For the first fifty years or so there was no mention of "Muhammad said this" or "Muhammad said that". The focus was only GOD and the Quran. Of course, there was intense debate and discussion but only based on the Quran and nobody brought Muhammad's name as final authority to end debate and discussion on a subject. None of the books written during those years had Muhammad 's name as a title.

Now, as then, there are essentially two points of view. There are those (myself included), who believe: Quran, in the absolute sense, is the only source of guidance, obedience is only to God, and there is nothing divine about the messenger , his English translation of the Quran or his understanding of a given subject. The other view, in various degrees is that: messenger either does not make errors at all or no major errors, that he must be totally obeyed, that his translation of the Quran is divine, without any mistake or no major mistake. I consider that this view essentially amounts to believing in the infallibility of the messenger, believing in other than the Quran, obeying other than GOD.

While messenger was alive (as was true when Muhammad was alive and in early years after his death), these arguments did not arise because he insisted that the Quran was the only source of guidance and None Other. In rare instances when misguided (or overzealous ) people tried to bestow special powers and privileges upon him, he vehemently rejected it. At any gatherings, in any discussion, answering any question, his reference was always the Quran and specific verses of the Quran.

But following his death, people began making Hadith out of his Quran translation and making such statements as; GOD would not allow the messenger to contaminate the message, would not allow him to make errors (if this is not infallibility, what is?). They quote rare instances where God admonishes previous messengers or points out their errors ( 11:46, 33:37, 80:11 etc.), and claim these were the only mistake those messengers made and then offer that as proof that Rashad made no error because they claim God would have mentioned it in the Quran!

They quote such Quranic verses as;

21:27 -- They never initiate any utterances, they strictly follow His commands.

And other verses such as 42:24, 53:3 and conclude that these verses show whatever messenger stated (or at least when it comes to translation of the Quran and religious matters) is specifically sanctioned by God, revealed, and free of error.

They quote such Quranic verses as;

3:32 -- Say "Obey God and the messenger. "then if they turn away, indeed thereafter, GOD does not love the disbeliveers.

They conclude, it indicates that messenger must be totally and absolutely obeyed.

The major source of difficulty and the question that needs to be answered is what it is that messenger brings, what is the message that the messenger brings, that we have to obey, that it is the same as obeying God. Throughout the Quran we read;

5:99 -- The sole duty of the messenger is to deliver the message. And GOD knows what is declared and what is concealed.

We must and do accept that "message" comes from GOD, if there is no message, there will be no messenger. As the verse states, all that the messenger does is deliver the message. Messenger takes "the message" from the message giver, from the source, (God), and delivers it, in whole, total, with no addition or deletion of his own to whom that message giver assigned it (to humanity). Thus we must find out , specifically, what the message is.

The message can't be of the type as apparently these people claim, for example; you go and explain the Quran to them. This not only contradicts the fact that the Quran is fully detailed etc., but it is not a message at all, but a command to someone to do something. As relevant verses (3:20, 24:54, 29:18 etc.) indicate, the message has the following qualities: it is clear, precise, unambiguous, and easy to deliver. It does not need further clarification, it is complete. Those who receive it, know exactly what it says and do not need to ask further question as to its meaning and what to do. They know that for any answer they must refer to Quran alone.

What Rashad, messenger of covenant was given and he delivered; precisely, clearly, and unambiguously, was: "follow the Quran and Quran alone, reject ANY source other than the Quran." This is what we obey and must obey in the messenger; follow Quran alone, the precise message that he delivered. By following Quran alone as each of us can, sincerely and honestly and to the best of our ability and our understanding; we obey God and the messenger.

It is thus that we read for example;

3:32 -- Obey God and the messenger and if you turn away, GOD dislikes the disbelievers.

We know what disbelief is, so obviously, obedience can not be in reference to the messenger but to his message of "Quran Alone", if you turn away from it , if you disobey the Quran and deny the fact that the Quran is the only source of guidance, you have indeed turned away from the truth, rejected the absolute truth, you have rejected the Quran, you have become a disbeliever. So it is not disobeying the messenger that makes you a disbeliever but disobeying the command, follow the Quran. It is thus that we read;

4:80 -- Whoever is obeying the messenger is obeying GOD And We did not send you as their protector.

The messenger can not mislead you, because all he tells you is to follow Quran alone. GOD states in no uncertain terms that the only guidance is God's guidance through His scriptures. GOD states that the Quran is a complete, fully detailed, clear and easy to understand book. We must accept this without reservations and without making excuses. If it is true, and it certainly is true, then all we need to do is listen to " the message", obey the messenger by following Quran alone. The result will be salvation and everlasting happiness . If the Quran is complete and fully detailed, and it certainly is, then the message is also complete and has no deficiency. God does not send an incomplete message such that after receiving it we still be confused, that we still do not know what is expected of us, that we still do not know what we should and should not do.

The message "follow the Quran alone", is total and complete by itself, nothing else is needed, absolutely. It requires no further addition, no further clarification, it directs you to the source that provides you with all the answers; the Quran. We do not need to make or subscribe to all those fabrications such as : messenger does not make mistake, does not make error, etc. These are all irrelevant and useless arguments of no value that had to be invented to justify following another human being, to justify seeking guidance from other than God.

Followers of Hadith and people of the book lost this blessing because they disputed and doubted this Quranic fact. They looked for guidance not from God, not from God's book, but from other than God; from messenger, from Hadith, from saints, etc. The messenger, any messenger, including the Messenger of the Covenant , by delivering the precise and clear message of "Quran alone", God's scripture alone clarifies this, once again, for all and leaves no room for doubt for any one.

6:114 -- Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law and He has revealed to you this book fully detailed. And those who have been endowed with the scripture know that indeed this is revealed from your Lord truthfully. Therefore, do not be one the doubters.

To you, plural, all of you, any one who sincerely tries to follow the Quran, will find that all his questions are answered. The verse is timeless, then, now and always, it is not conditional, does not say combined with x or y... it will become complete and clear. If you are given a road map, telling you; to follow the map, and all the turns etc. are precisely and clearly marked, follow and you will get to your desired destination, ignore or consult other than the map and you will be lost forever, why would you refuse to follow the map unless you do not believe and do not trust the map maker?

People have made a great deal of the word "authorized", as appears on the cover of his English translation to the extent that they act as if the Arabic Quran is no longer authorized! It appears that they accept only that which confirms with the English translation. Any thing that does not, anyone who even uses a single word different, they will reject, using essentially the same excuses followers of Hadith use, such as; it has been revised by GOD, telling messenger to tell us, the Quran is too complex, Arabic words have many meaning and only GOD knows which meaning He is using and He told the messenger or that it is a deliberate mistake to test disbelievers! Once again rejecting the absolute truth that God tells nothing but the truth, rejecting the Quranic fact that the Quran is revealed in clear Arabic, with no ambiguity; the words have the meaning that Arabic language recognizes ( unless in specific cases a special meaning is used and these situations are made clear) rejecting the fact that grammar of Arabic language is used and not some grammar that only God knows and He tells the messenger!

We also must point out in this connection that they use 3:7 as their last resort to justify their following Rashad's translation alone, and Rashad's view or what they claim to be Rashad's view and rejecting any other view and understanding , no matter how well it is explained and reasoned and no matter what kind of Quranic evidence they are given. They claim that according to 3:7 only God and the messenger know the true meaning of the multiple meaning verses and every time someone offers a different meaning of a verse than those given by Rashad, they say that is a multiple meaning verse and immediately reject it without bothering to even listen. There are few problems with this.

The exact meaning of verse 3:7 is: No one knows their true meaning except God. And those who possess knowledge say: "we believe in this, all is from our Lord..", the reference being to the allegorical verses of the Quran, things such as heaven and hell, etc. that are given only allegorically and no human being can possibly imagine it or know it and only God knows their true meanings. Or such things as mathematical code of the Quran and various information that is already in the Quran, hidden, but God will uncover it as He sees fit.

We also point out to the Quranic fact that only the Arabic Quran is revealed and NOTHING after that , not even a single word. In addition, regarding the word, "authorized", it may be worth to reflect; if I authorize you to build a castle, for example, does it mean I have given you or I have to give you each and every piece of brick and blue print of each and every section, every dot , every comma and every word (as apparently they claim)? That is not authorizing someone to build a castle, that is not authorizing some one to translate, that is giving someone the castle, the translation, no wonder then that they have no hesitation to reject the Quran and accept Rashad's translation alone!

As we indicated there are numerous verses stating ; obey God and the messenger. As we also pointed out the reference, the obedience is to the message of "Quran alone", that messenger delivered, simply, clearly and precisely. Yet people since death of Muhammad and in our own time, following death of Rashad, have claimed this is absolute obedience of the messenger , blind and unquestioned following of whatever he wrote, he said , he taped etc. or according to some , at least unquestioned following of all that he wrote. This view, of course, violates clear Quranic principles as we have explained so far, but in addition it contradicts other verses of the Quran as well, for example:

60:12 -- O you prophet when believing women come to you pledging not to set up partners for GOD, nor steal, nor commit adultery, nor kill their children, nor bring any falsehood to concoct an accusation, nor disobey your righteous orders. Thereafter you shall accept their pledge and ask for forgiveness for them from GOD. Indeed GOD is All Forgiver, All Merciful.

As you note, it does not say: nor disobey you.( but only, if she does not disobey your righteous orders..). This verse is specially significant as it refers to Muhammad when he was alive.

17:36 -- You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.

How could then, GOD tell you to totally and blindly follow a messenger and then also tell you that you are responsible for......?

Unfortunately some, shamelessly, say they are using their brain.. etc. by making sure Rashad has said it and that is enough for them!

As we read in the Quran,

3:159 -- It was a mercy from GOD that you treated them compassionately. Had you been harsh and mean hearted they would have abandoned you. Therefore you shall pardon them, ask forgiveness for them and consult them. Once you reach a decision, you shall carry it out putting your trust in GOD. Indeed GOD loves those who trust in Him.

God would not have ordered messenger to consult them, if messenger was to be, totally, obeyed. Consulting someone does not mean you simply inform someone of something, it means you exchange views, accepting each other's views as the situation warrants it, messenger could be right in this situation, X, may be right in another situation, Y may be right in another situation.....

We do not see any where in the Quran stating: obey God and Muhammad, or obey God and Moses...... but always; Obey God and the messenger and we know of course what it is that we obey in the messenger, the message "Quran alone."

There are 11 verses where the individual messenger speaks, for example;

26:108 -- You shall observe God and obey me.

In all 11 instances it is in this particular structure, clearly indicating that the obedience is not to the messenger but the message that he delivers, what he says "observe God, fear God .."., God's guidance alone (whether it is the Torah, the Quran...).

In 24:52,53 apparently God makes distinction between obeying the messenger and "obeying God and the messenger" which as we indicated refers to following the Quran.. In 24:52 God tells the messenger to tell those who swear, if you even order them to abandon their homes etc. they'll obey, not to say so, not to swear this, because only reasonable obedience, logical and righteous obedience (Quran and that which is in the Quran) is required. And very significantly in the very next verse, 24:53 tells the messenger to tell them,"say, obey God and the messenger.."

For the sake of completeness I must point out there are few instances where the reference is to affairs of the state, where decisions have been made regarding peace and war and strategy, matters of the welfare of the society etc. that individual believer must obey, must participate, 4:59 etc.

Those who use such Quranic verses as 81:19, 53:2, 3:32 and the word "authorized" to claim messenger does not make mistake and his English translation is free of errors and final ,etc. in addition to facing the contradictions we have pointed out, must also explain the many errors , subsequent corrections and errors still existing in the translation. We point out a few as a representative sample;

In the gold edition of translation , the verse 5:38 was translated as:

5:38 The thief, male or female shall be punished by cutting their hands as a punishment for their crime, as well as a deterrent from God. God is Almighty Most Wise."

Subsequently in later edition this is how it was translated:

5:38 The thief, male or female, you shall mark their hands as a punishment for their crime, and to serve as a deterrent from God. God is Almighty, Most Wise."

In the first edition, as you note, he translates the verse; that hand of the thief is to be cut and in the footnote supports the cutting of hand with arguments and example of the Missouri baby sitter. In the subsequent edition he translates it that the hand is only to be marked and in that footnote he calls the cutting of hand a satanic practice carried out by false Muslims.

Obviously the gold edition was also "authorized", as it was written on its cover. Now if, as these people claim, translation is error free, is revealed , specifically inspired by God etc., how can they explain this ? Of course we do not have any problem in the Arabic as one may infer both meanings., and in time God explains everything and brings out a better and better meaning of a verse as He did here also. But the problem arises with these people's claim that English translation is revealed or something close to it. If that is the case then it would mean God told an untruth in the gold edition, ordered Rashad to write an untruth in his translation and later corrected it! The sad and scary part is that I have heard this very explanation from some of these people, not only to explain this particular problem but in many other instances. These are the same people who repeat or supposedly repeat the phrase , GOD speaks the truth every time they finish reading a part of the Quran and indeed GOD only speaks the truth, the absolute truth, ALWAYS.

This example, of course, is not meant as criticism of Rashad and in fact it is as good an example as any indicating he indeed tried to be a submitter as best as he could , believing only in the Quran and suppressing his own ego such that if a new concept or understanding as a result of new studies, mathematical evidence, discussion with other submitters with better understanding etc. developed, he immediately changed his views and accepted it. It is only the so called followers who have fabricated all these nonsensical theories to glorify their messenger, as if he belongs to them and no one else, as if they have been appointed the guardian, as if God is not able to preserve His message.

Briefly, we will discuss a few more errors, simply as way of illustration that indeed the translation is only a human translation, neither divine nor holy, nor revealed and with numerous errors, major, minor, etc.

2:180 It is decreed that when death approaches , you shall write a will for the benefit of the parents and relatives, equitably....."

This does not convey the full meaning of the original as the phrase ; " if he leaves wealth behind" , has not been properly translated. So an appropriate translation would be:

2:180 it is decreed that when death approaches any of you, and he is leaving behind wealth, to make a will......."

Again , those who wish to glorify the messenger and insist that there is no error in his translation, rather than accept the facts and go on, will make excuses such as ; it is the same thing because if you have nothing left how can you write a will for the benefit of people, etc.. But God knows and knew this, yet He specifically put that condition in it, it is not up to you and me to make a judgment as to what is major or minor, whether it does or does not matter. It is our duty to follow the Quran and Quran alone . In this command God tells us to write a will if you have left behind any wealth, any thing of value, whereas Messenger's translation tells us to write a will (whether any thing is left behind or not). Sincere believers do not make any excuses for any one. They say we hear and we obey, as soon as a new understanding comes to them they obey and they follow. Why do they not follow the very example of the messenger? As soon as he understood ,for example, 5:38 refers to marking of the hand and NOT cutting of the hand he totally accepted it and revised all his thinking , his translation etc., without being worried of being embarrassed.

49:1 -- "O you who believe, do not place your opinion above that of God and His messenger. And fear GOD. Indeed GOD is All Hearing, Omniscient.

I have heard more people quoting the above than any other verse, to prove that messenger's opinion is binding upon us and must be unquestionably followed. There are a number of difficulties with the translation of this verse as given above.

For one thing, the word "opinion" does not appear anywhere in the original Arabic at all. Of course , this by itself would not be a major problem. This is not a literal translation, the primary aim is to convey the meaning of the original as closely as possible. However the word "opinion" can not and must not be used in reference to God. The dictionary gives the most common meaning of opinion as: "a belief, conclusion or judgment not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof." The messenger may have an opinion, I may have an opinion, many opinions on many subjects, but God certainly does not have an opinion, as He is the Knower of all, He is the Determiner of truth and falsehood; whatever He says is truth is indeed truth and whatever He says is false is indeed false. He simply states the truth and issues command as He wills.

This then is an incorrect translation of the verse in at least two fundamental respects. A close translation of the verse would be:

49:1 -- "O you who believe, do not get ahead of GOD and His messenger. And fear GOD. Indeed GOD is All Hearing, Omniscient.

Implication being once again, do not let your desires, your ego, your prejudices etc. take precedence over obeying God and His messenger; from following the Quran and Quran alone.

These people , as followers of old Hadith do, constantly repeat the phrase Quran Alone , talk of the greatness of Quran and claim they follow Quran Alone, but what they do follow is Rashad's translation alone. If you ask a follower of old Hadith why he does not follow Quran alone he will be puzzled and may not even understand the question because in all honesty he'll tell you that he does follow Quran alone. He admits he does follow Hadith also ( at least he is honest), but he makes no distinction between Quran and Hadith. He will tell that by following Muhammad he does indeed follow Quran, because he argues, Muhammad was God's messenger, and could not have possibly disobeyed God.

The fact that many Hadith are fabrications do not negate the premise, because God defines Hadith as any thing other than Quran. In effect the argument and position of the one who considers Rashad's opinion, translation, video... as binding, error free etc. is the same as that of the follower of old Hadith, the only difference being that one is 100% certain that his messenger said this or that , whereas the other one is only slightly less than 100% certain and even this comparison may not be right because as far as followers of old Hadith are concerned they do have verified and correct Hadith, so they too follow what they consider to be 100% certain Hadith of "their beloved" messenger. So followers of Rashad's Hadith have no advantage and no argument at all against followers of old Hadith. We all better then learn lesson from previous generations and remember the verse of Quran;

7:39 -- The previous one said to the later one, "you have no privilege over us, so taste the retribution for what you earned."

Implication is that you did the same thing we did , you did not learn from our mistake, you used the same excuses and arguments to justify your idolizing and following other than Quran, for following other than God's book.

Now that we have two messengers of God among us, Ali and Milan I note the most ardent and antagonistic opponents are those who , in effect consider themselves followers of Rashad. It is bad enough that they reject God's messengers, but they are not content with that , they go around making criticism, false accusations and misinformation and worst of all deliberately and knowingly misinterpret the verses of Quran. They criticize , for example, why Milan did not announce his messengership right away? How could he be a messenger, he has gotten very upset at people? What is his proof? What is Ali's proof? This last question has been discussed elsewhere, but as for other points: was not Rashad appointed in 1971 and declared many years later? Did not Moses throw the sacred tablets at his people? Did he not entangle with his brother? Did he not kill a human being and was he not about to possibly do it again? Did not Jonah get mad at God and his people, did he not abandon his mission? Do these people expect an angle as messenger, do they expect him or Ali to be other than a human being like themselves?

They have even gone as far as deliberately misinterpreting the verses of Quran to try to prove their opinion. As you know we have received Quranic information that the correct "TAKBEER, glorifying name, of God used in the prayer is "ALLAHO ALKABEER , God is the Supreme. I do not wish to go into the details of the arguments as it has been discussed. But one thing is certain, the word "AKBAR, greater, has not been used in Quran as a name of God. There are 23 instances that the word is used but each time it refers not to God , not as a name of God but to some other thing. In 9:72 and 29:45 the word "AKBAR, greater, appears after "ALLAH, God, due to the sentence structure of the Arabic language and of course in neither instance it refers to God. In 9:72 , says "God's approval is greater... in 29:45 it says; "remembrance of God is greater..." Yet without any fear from God they have been going around telling people that in these instances it refers to God and it is the formula TAKBEER, and says ALLAHO AKBAR, God is Greater, when in fact they know it is NOT, they are only trying to mislead other people. I note they even wrote an article trying to confuse people by saying that in Quran both ALKABEER and AKBAR , the Supreme and greater has occurred after ALLAH, God. But that is entirely irrelevant and has no significance; in one case it refers to God , it is a name of God that God Himself has used and in the other case it does not refer to God, it is not used as a name of God and refers to something entirely different as explained. The very fact that they have written "both ALKABEER and AKBAR is mentioned after ALLAH, God, in Quran", shows they are fully aware and understand that one refers to God and is name of God and the other is not a name and does not refer to God and yet, by saying" both occur after ALLAH , they have packaged it cleverly, have made deliberate attempt to confuse people, to mislead people; make them think that both are names of God and are used that way in the Quran.

25:30 -- The messenger said , "My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran."

This verse refers to all messengers, Muhammad as well as Rashad etc. and not to any particular messenger. Followers of old Hadith give this verse a very twisted and limited meaning , claiming it refers to people who are not doing their religious duties regularly or on time etc. But the word MAHJOUR, deserted, implies and refers to something that is abandoned, is considered of no value. and of no relevance. Both groups pay only lip service to Quran. One essentially follows hadith alone and one essentially follows the English translation alone. One subgroup even has coined a new name The Book, supposedly meaning the English translation along with Quran. Of course the whole idea is blasphemous, but it is baffling why they have even bothered to say along with Quran, because they will NOT accept any thing other than the English translation. Note the verse refers to those who do believe in Muhammad being the prophet, those who do believe Rashad being a messenger, yet he would say they have indeed abandoned Quran.

If that does not scare and bring us to our senses, to reject any thing but Quran, let us ponder the following;

2:166 -- Those who were followed will disown those who followed them. They will see the retribution, and all ties among them will be severed.

Once again, the verse refers not only to Muhammad , but to Rashad and other messengers. Note the verse does not say ; those who "think" they followed..., it does not say: those who "pretend" they followed, it does not say : those who followed "Hadith", but says: those who (DID) follow...... Now then, if as these people claim , it is the messenger, his writings etc., that must be totally obeyed, must be blindly followed, why would God say they, messenger of covenant in this case, will disown those who followed him. Because it is "the message" that the messenger brings; "Quran Alone" , that we must follow and obey.

We can debate and argue and discuss and learn as long as we listen to God , as long as nobody will say so and so said this and that is the end of discussion and discovery is closed. It is only then that we can accept each other views and accept each other as sincere believer. Quran is a living book, God speaks through it with those who study it and ask questions and sincerely say, our Lord increase our knowledge. It will remain closed to those who give it lip service, repeating the words but not really believing it.

Quran has remained closed to the followers of old Hadith, because they know for sure Muhammad knew all there is to know. They have abandoned the Quran, because when they do read it, do not read it to learn. They do not study it, do not discuss it , because really, what is to study ? What is to discuss when, as they believe ,Muhammad has said all that needs to be said. Any thing different than what Muhammad said, they consider innovation. And of course according to God's law, they have not found any thing new in Quran in over a thousand years. We do have some magnificent commentaries and writings from the early years before hadith and such things as finality of messenger's opinion and his sayings and his infallibility and his divinity and his total obedience being incumbent upon the believers etc. took hold and since then not much of any value has been produced. For over a thousand years all they have done is copy the earlier works and comment on those commentaries and then comment on the comment on the commentaries some more and summarize them and translate them and index them etc., hardly any original thinking, hardly any new understanding.

All praise belongs to GOD.

More Mathematics of the Quran

Saied Andalib noted the following mathematical relations in sura 2, by GOD's Grace.

The 41st verse that does not contain the word GOD is verse 54, signifying that 41 has 54 verses.

The 43rd verse that does not contain the word GOD is verse 57. 43 is 14th prime: 43 - 14 = 29 and 43 + 14 = 57, relating 57 and its 29 verses. Furthermore, sura 57 is the 29th uninitialed sura.

The 46th verse that does not contain the word GOD is verse 63, relating to 6346 verses in the Quran.

The 18th odd verse that does not contain the word GOD is verse 49, relating 49 and its verses.

The 14th verses with more than one word GOD is verse 107 which is the 28th prime, and 28 is the 14th initialed sura.

The 15th verse with more than one word GOD is verse 109 which is the 29th prime, and 29 is the 15th initialed sura.

The number of verses where the word GOD has not been mentioned in sura 2 is 114.

All praise belongs to GOD.

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We will have our annual meeting here in Baton Rouge on the 14th and and 15th of July 2000, insha Allah. We have reserved a block of sleeping rooms for July 14 and 15, 2000 under the group account number 1284. When reserving your individual rooms, please refer to this account number. These rooms are being held at a special group rate of $45.00 per night. This block is being held until 7/4/00, however, the hotel will honor this rate for any reservations made through the date of arrival. The entire conference will be held at this hotel. Bengal rooms I, II, and III are reserved for our use and the charges for the meeting spaces will be waved if 20 sleeping rooms are taken.

The address for the hotel is:

Comfort Inn University Center 2445 S. Acadian Thruway Baton Rouge, LA 70808 Phone: (225) 927-5790 Fax: (225) 925-0084

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference, GOD Willing.


[1] Quran, 9:32 [2] Quran, 19:90-92

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