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GOD Insists: Sura 9 has 127 Verses Digit Reproduction

Letter from the Editor:

GOD has shown us again with His Mercy that we are on the straight path and that we must preach the message of "worshiping GOD Alone". GOD gives us reassurance that His word is eternal and nothing shall abrogate His word. In a vein and blasphemous attempt, the people who idolize prophet Muhammad against his wishes, tried to elevate him to rank with GOD and attributed two of The Almighty's perfect names to him. These two GOD's Names are "All Compassionate" and "All Merciful". However, GOD has exposed the falsifiers with a mathematics that cannot be imitated by anyone, and yet it is easily explainable to others. I have referred to this mathematics as Ultimate Mathematics. The number system of the Quran keeps it intact by GOD's command. Let me explain how this is done.

The number of verses where the word GOD has been mentioned until 9:127 is 790. The number 790 is 2698 written in base 19. We know that 2698 is the frequency of the word GOD in the entire Quran. The number of verses until the end of sura 9 is 1362. The index of composite 1362 is 1143 and

1143 = 9 x 127

The number of verses with a prime number as the verse number until 9:127 is 317 and

790 - 317 = 473 = 11 x 43

The number 9127 is a prime and its index is 1131. If we subtract 790 from 1131 we get:

1131 - 790 = 341 = 11 x 31

GOD be praised. This is how digits pointing to 9:127 are being reproduced over and over again by GOD's leave. All praise belong to GOD.

Cry of God Fearing People in Quran and Throughout the Ages

By: Hossein Kowsari

17:44 -- "The seven skies and the land and everyone in them glorify Him. There is not a thing that does not praise His limitless glory, but it is you who do not comprehend their glorification."

It is said that the loftiest expression of thankfulness that we can make at the threshold of our true object of worship-God-is supplication, the profession of love and devotion for God's absolute perfection. This we do in harmony with all the creation, as they do glorify God; The One and The Only One worthy of praise. The worship and praise do not bring God the slightest benefit, for he is in no need and is the absolute perfection. Man cannot add anything to God or take anything away from Him by praising Him. It is man who by gaining knowledge about God, by studying the creation, the signs in the creation, the most beautiful attributes of God, by praising God and worshipping God reaches the ultimate aim set for him by God; be free from other than God, have no dependency to other than God, fear no one other than God, be certain that God is everything and all else is nothing, know that God is the source of all things, all things return to Him, existence depends upon Him, absolutely. The praising of God, the awareness of God is a means of purifying the heart. It is through the awareness of God that deaf hearts begin to hear, blind hearts begin to see, and rebellious hearts begin to soften. Absolute submission belongs only to God. We, as human beings, are too noble to be humbled and subjected by anyone other than God - we have of God's spirit in us, the angels prostrated before us. We must remain free as God has decided for us. Our prostration and bowing is and must be to God and God only.

You are O'God absolutely other than all things; You alone are the essence of being. You are beyond of the beyond, indescribable, unimaginable beyond the grasp of the senses, beyond imagination. We know only to the extent that You let us, through the creation, through the signs, and through your most beautiful attributes. We cannot penetrate, in any way, the depth of Your splendor and majesty and glory. No mind can perceive You, no eye can see you, and no tongue can describe You. Remembrance of Your eternity absolutely halts all thoughts in its track. Sings of Your power and splendor - what of it that You have shown us, and what of it that we have understood - absolutely boggles the mind.

You are not a thing, you are not a who, You are not a he, You are not a she, You are not a force, You are not a light, You are not a spirit, You are not a body, You are not this, You are not that, you are not Here, Your are not there, You do not occupy this space or that, You are absolutely unique, there is nothing like You. You are the only Reality, the only Real, the Absolute - always, everywhere. It is extreme foolishness and arrogance to compare any thing and any being to You. It is extreme of ignorance and arrogance to ask about You such questions as "how You came to be" as none of these apply to you: neither 'why', nor 'when' nor 'how' nor 'where'... You are unborn, uncaused, uncreated, eternal, timeless, boundless, formless...

Teach me O'God to be generous and forgiving. Teach me O'God not to be so arrogant as to think that my way of worshipping You is the only way. The ways to You are many and this has been Your decision, let me then O'God accept this sincerely and wholeheartedly and let me always remember your unconditional statement in Quran, (49:13) "The noblest of you in the sight of God is the most God fearing among you...." I echo the cry of all Your humble servants, from that sufi, long long ago, who said: O' God Thou know that I am not able to thank Thee according to all Thy bounties, wherefore, I pray to Thee; thank Thyself for me; to that ruler of that vast ancient empire who wrote in his inscriptions - over 2000 years ago - All this that was done, I did by the will of God, he bore me aid until I did what was to be done. He bore me aid for the reason that I was not unruly, I was not a liar, I was not an evildoer, neither I nor my family transgressed. I did not deal crookedly with either the weak or the strong. May God protect me and my house and my country from evil. I pray to God for this. May God grant it to me. O'man, let not that which is God's command seem evil to you. Do not stray from the straight path. He who worships God will be blessed both while living and when dead. You, whoever you are, who shall come afterward, if you do not conceal this proclamation and do tell it to the people, may God be a friend to you and may your family be numerous and may you live long.

Teach me to serve You as You deserve; to give for Your pleasure and not to count the costs; to strive to spread Your eternal message; the message of God Alone, and not heed the wounds; to toil in Your way and not seek for rest; to labor and not seek reward, to speak of your glory and fear no ridicule, to mention Your bounties and show no arrogance or boasting.

The stars are shining, the darkness of the night has fully spread, all eyes have closed in sleep, all doors are shut, many people are alone with their thoughts, in secret, with their dreams. But I am with you, O'God, I need no partner, I need no companion when I think of you with all my heart, all my mind and all my love. You are all that I have, You are all that I need, You are all that I seek. It is enough for me that I should be Your servant, it is enough for me that You should be my Lord. O' All Powerful, bring my state into conformity with Your will and let me not lord it over Your servants. O' Majestic, make me among those who are humbled before Your magnificence, obedient to Your decrees and judgment.

I thank You O'God for all the sins which I have not done, because You restrained me. I thank You for the sorrow I have felt for all the sins I have done. Chastise me for my sins and purge me of all evil now - if it be Your will - so that I may be saved from the everlasting fire. I am willing to endure any suffering here on earth O'God so that I may be spared the everlasting wrath. I fear O'God that terrible day when even [22:2] "a nursing mother would abandon her infant," when "people stagger as if drunk" when they see how painful the everlasting punishment is; the day when the arrogant sinner laments [69:25-31] "I wish I was never given my record, I wish I did not know my account, I wish my death was eternal, all my wealth will not help me in the least now, all my power is gone from me now", but he will not hear any soothing voice on that day; only the bone crushing, absolutely devastating, loud cry of "Seize him and shackle him, then burn him in the fire of hell." Give me vision O'God to inspire me, that, working or resting, I may always think of You. give me the light O'God to guide me, that, at home or abroad, I may always walk in Your way. Give me the wisdom O'God to direct me, that, thinking or acting, I may always discern right from wrong. Give me courage O'God to strengthen me, that, among friends or enemies, I may always proclaim your justice and your message. Always O'God rule over my thoughts and my feelings; over my words and my actions - do not leave me to may own devices. Do not let me follow any opinion - my own or any other - all the guidance if explained in Your glorious book, make me content to follow it and none other.

Take pity on me O'God. During my infancy I ignored You; during my early youth I had no interest in You; during my adolescence I pursued vain pleasures. I ask for Your mercy now O'God - you are the most merciful of the merciful ones. Save me from the excessive and vain pleasures of this world that I may always find joy in Your wonderful creation, so that I may always find joy in your remembrance.

O'God, grant me patience in troubles, humility in comforts and constancy in temptations. Grant me sorrow for my sins, thankfulness for Your benefits, fear of your judgment, love of Your mercies and mindfulness of your presence at all times. Let me O'God be joyful for nothing except that which pleases You; nor sorrowful for any thing, except that which displeases You. Teach me O'God, in all things 'thee' to see, and whatever I do, to do it for 'thee".

You are Master and Lord of all creation, by whatever name we call you: God, Allah, Khoda, Ahuramazda, Shen, Dios, the all Gracious, the all Merciful... You are the One, as there is no one else, there is no other lord, there is no other king, there is no other provider... You say in Your glorious book that You are Lord and Master of all creation but are 'Mowla' of the believers only: 'the protector, the friend, the protective friend, the patron, the ally' of the believers. What a joy and an honor O'God that I can call You "My Mowla, O' My Mowla: Mowlaya ya Mowla", and reject all the false mowlas, all false deities, all false lords; any other being, living or dead, self proclaimed or promoted by foolish people among us.

My Lord, You are God the Great and I am Your servant; who can show mercy to the servant but God the Great? My Lord, You are strong and powerful, I am weak and helpless; who can show mercy to the weak other than the strong and the powerful? My Lord, You are eternal existence and I am a creature destined to perish. Who will show mercy on the one destined to perish other than the eternal, everlasting existence? My Lord, You are the guide Who points out the way, and I am lost and bewildered. Who will take pity on the lost and bewildered other than the guide Who has made the way, Who has determined the way and Who points out the way?

My Lord, Have mercy upon me by Your infinite grace; accept and be satisfied with me in Your generosity, favor and kindness; O' most merciful of the merciful ones. My Lord, you are the One Whose aid sinners supplicate through Your mercy, You are the One in the remembrance of Whose generosity the wretched seek refuge, You are the Once in fear of Whom the wrongdoers bitterly weep.

O'God, You are the best companion for those who love You. You are the best source of remedy for those who place reliance upon You. You observe them in their inner states and outer doings and are aware of the depth of their hearts. You know the extent of their insight and knowledge, and their secrets are manifest to You. Their hearts tremble in separation from You, and if solitude causes them fear and unease, the awareness of You comforts them, and if hardship and difficulty assails them, You alone are their refuge.

Glory be to you O'God, how generous and merciful You are! You ascribe the work to Your servants and say they are to enter paradise because of their deeds, but their success if due to Your help and mercy only and You are the One Who has shown them the way.

O'God, I have migrated to Your forgiveness and set out to Your mercy. I ardently desire Your pardon and rely on Your generosity, for there is nothing in my conduct to make me worthy of forgiveness; Your kindness is my only hope, O'God; your Kindness is my only hope.

I have read Your glorious book, O'God, that You have sent for guidance and as mercy and healing. You say Your clemency is unlimited toward Your servants. I am in need of Your unlimited clemency O'God because I have no excuse for my conduct. I have no excuse for the arrogance that I have shown towards You and Your creatures. I have no excuse for the anger that I have shown towards Your servants, I have no right to be angry, O'God, as I own nothing, and have no right to anything. All decisions are Yours, all is Your creation, all begins with You and ends with You, all begins with You and returns to You, all is Yours and Yours alone.

I have read Your glorious book, O'God and I shall try to do - if it be your will - as you have instructed me to do. [93:11] "...always speak of the blessings of your Lord." I shall not settle for any mere creature as my confidant and intimate companion. I shall not tell any one about my problems, it is with You O'God that I will be on intimate and confidential terms. I will recognize no other being as a source for any thing as none has the power to bring me loss or gain, income or expenditure, honor or disgrace, promotion or demotion, poverty or affluence. All is in Your hand O'God.

O'God, You are the source of tranquility for the hearts of those banished in fear from their homes. You are the consoler of those who sorrow with broken hearts. You are the companion of the lonely, the helper of the rejected and the needy. I am all those, O'God and in more need - in need of Your help and mercy.

O'God, here I stand before You, the Kind, the Absolute; in all humility. Your command is all reaching, Your power is infinite, Your will is absolutely effective, Your authority is irresistible, your kingdom is everlasting, Your sovereignty is enduring and Your judgment is just. Not an atom's weight on the land or in the skies escape your notice, nor the wrong of any wrong doer. Have mercy on me O'God as I have no other hope but You and Your mercy.

O'God, here I am prostrate at the dust at your door. You are the One Who shows mercy to whomever calls upon you in supplication, let me then be earnest in my supplication to you. You are the One Who forgives those who weep in your presence O'God, let me then hasten to weep.

O'God, I have come to You in all humility. Do not make hopeless the one who seeks no giver but You; do not thrust me away with the hand of rejection now that I stand at Your door. You say in your glorious book, [40-60] "call upon Me and I will answer you." Here I am O'God calling upon You; show me the way and have mercy on me as I have no one and seek no one but You. You say in Your glorious book, [39:53] "..Never despair of God's mercy...," because [15:56] "...None despairs of the mercy of his Lord, except the strayers." Let me then not be one of those ungrateful, rejectors O'God, let me not despair of Your mercy.

I have done what You have instructed me to do O'God; [2:152] "You shall remember me, so that I may remember you." I do remember You O'God, so that You may remember me, I do remember You so that You will not leave me on my own, I do remember You so that You will not abandon me.

I am that servant of yours who responded obediently when You commanded men to call upon You. Guide me O'God on the straight path, send me forth on the best path and let me die as a believer and a Moslem - a sincere submitter to You only. [3:193] "Our Lord, we have heard a caller, calling to faith that you shall believe in your Lord and we have believed. Our Lord, forgive us our transgressions, remit our sins, and let us be among the righteous when we die."

All praise belongs to God.

Ultimate Mathematics (Hessaban Shadeedan)

GOD Insists: Sura 9 has 127 Verses

GOD has again revealed an awe-some sign giving us proof in the Quran of His Omni-science through the Ultimate Mathematics. Saied Andalib was blessed by GOD to note the following mathematical Sign in the Quran. This again points to GOD's insistence upon perfecting His light despite the disbelievers. [1]

I should emphasize that the mathematics introduced in this journal is not the ordinary mathematics of the elementary school level but a mathematics unknown to man and only known to GOD. In order to better understand this mathematics, please spend some time and study about prime numbers. The first time one comes across prime numbers and their properties is usually in the seventh grade. I remind you again that GOD's signs are infallible and cannot be performed, imitated or emulated by any one except those who are authorized by GOD.

Saied looked at all verses where the word Allah is mentioned. He recorded all the verse numbers with the word GOD and added them up. When he reached 2:83, the sum the verse number with the word GOD is 1362. This number is exactly the total number of numbered verses from the beginning of the Quran to 9:127. We know that the index of composite 1362 is 1143 and that:

1143 = 9 x 127

This is only half of the story as it was previously known to us by GOD's Grace. What Saied did was to count the number of verses from 2:83 to 9:127, He found that there are 1273 verses. Remember that 1273 = 19 x 67 is the number of word GOD mentioned from the beginning of the Quran to 9:127. Glory be to GOD, Creator of all things.

Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge

We had our annual meeting here in Baton Rouge on the 16th and 17th of July 1999, by GOD's Grace. Over 75 people from across the US and Canada attended the meeting. We worshiped GOD in a span of a day and half and it was indeed a spiritual uplift for all of us. We thank GOD for this blessed opportunity and may He provide more of these gatherings for us in the future, Insha Allah.

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A Web version of Behruz's translation is now available for the viewers on http;// May GOD reward Behruz and Saeed Talari for their efforts.

The editor

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[1] Quran, 9:32

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