Volume 6 No. 6, February-March 1999

Editor: Ali R. Fazely

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Creating a god


Letter from the Editor:

GOD repeatedly commands us to read His Book, the Quran. This is a Mercy from GOD that He has sent down the Quran and have sent and will send messengers to point out and refer to GOD's word and warn the people from the evils of disbelief and setting up partners for GOD. To the majority of people GOD is a mystery. Books have been written and billions of dollars or other currencies have been spent and being spent by ignorant individuals to explain who GOD is and what His relation is to His creation. Unfortunately, the god being introduced in man-made books, and sought by many people is a creation of minds and has nothing to do with GOD, Creator of all things. I emphasize that the Quran describes its Author, GOD, in a fully detailed way. This is an assertion by GOD, Himself that the Quran is complete and fully detailed [1]. The question remains; do we believe when GOD makes such a statement of truth or do we continue to avoid these Quranic facts and blunder? Where else do we find GOD being described as He is in the Quran? Do we have another book where we can find answers to question we have? Describing GOD, without being mindful of the Quran will lead us astray and eventually we will create a god for ourselves compatible with our wishes or we go so far astray as to ask questions in our mind about GOD that are blasphemous and could render us disbelievers.

The key to understanding GOD is to refer to the Quran and learn about His Most Beautiful Names. These are Names befitting GOD since He has chosen them as His attributes and who knows GOD better than GOD? People have tried to be "nice" and "respectful" to GOD by calling Him the father. This turns out to be a blasphemy against GOD, since according to the Quran the fatherhood for GOD is a falsehood and it is below GOD's dignity. Remember that one of GOD's attribute or Most Beautiful Names is "Al-Mutekabbir" or the all dignified. Some people who have a human concept of GOD, dwell in the idea of who created

GOD. Since humans and everything we see are created, they expect GOD to be created as well. GOD informs us in the Quran that He is the Creator, He creates what He wills and what we do not know. These are satanic ideas and could lead to disbelief. Harboring evil thoughts about GOD is a quick path to


Read the Quran from cover to cover and read it as much as you can [2]. Seek refuge in GOD from Satan the rejected [3]. Do not read the Quran for the sake of finding answers to your questions by referring to a part or a specific verse in the Quran. This is attitude of those who are impatient and GOD tells us He is with those who wait. If you do not understand a verse in the Quran, be patient. GOD reveals understanding of His verses at certain times. Had He revealed above and beyond our understanding, it would be harmful to us [4].

Do not argue with the disbelievers as though you are their advocate. Once someone chooses to argue with you about GOD and His Signs and takes the path of astrayers, leave them alone. You have informed them about GOD and have done your job. GOD does not require any more from you, because you are not their

advocate. Submission to GOD does not come easy to the majority of people. Remember what GOD says in the Quran that how the majority of people choose to disbelieve His messengers, and those who believed in GOD did not do so without setting up partners for Him [5].

Ultimate Mathematics (Hessaban Shadeedan)

Number of Verses in Each Sura is Divinely Controlled

Over it is 19

GOD has again showered us with His infinite mercy and is giving us hints in the Quran and is proving His Omni-science through the Ultimate Mathematics of primes numbers and their indices. He has given missions to numbers to proclaim that the Quran is protected by GOD, and He informs us that not only the Quran is mathematically coded, but it is coded with a mathematics impossible for us to handle. The hint is the in chapter 42, the only sura in the Quran having two sets of initials.

I remind the reader that GOD's signs are infallible and cannot be performed, imitated or emulated by any one except those who are authorized by GOD. In this article, I will introduce you to a mathematical Sign from GOD which should be a warning to the disbeliveers not to waste their lives away and return to GOD's path as soon as possible. Chapter 42 has 53 verses and we shall see how the number 4253 is designed beyond our imagination and how this number controls the number of verses in chapters 45 and 46, the last two H.M.-initialed suras.

Let us look at the number 4253. We have known that this number is a prime number and it generates a special class of primes known as Mersenne primes. A Mersenne is of the form (2^p - 1). Where the power of exponent p is a prime number. If we raise 2 to the power of 4253 and subtract one from the result, we obtain the 19th Mersenne prime.

Let us look at all the permutation group elements of 4253 in ascending order. The following table illustrate this Sign of GOD the best way.



Group Element


Group Element


















































We see that the 19th index corresponds to the group element 5234. Now let us look at the index of composite 5234, we find that it is 4537. If you look at chapter 45, you note that it has 37 verses.

The 22nd index in the above table is number 5342 and again it is a composite. The index of this composite is 4635 and a quick look in the Quran reveals that chapter 46 has 35 verses. Note that 4253 signifying

sura number and its number of verses controls the number of verses in the last two H.M.-initialed suras, namely 45 and 46. Note that we started with 4253 and if we assume that 4253 is written in octal or base 8, then if we convert to decimal or base 10 we get 2219. Note that the group elements where we found the number of verses in suras 45 and 46 are 19 and 22. Such is GOD's Design, Creator of all things.

Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge

We will have our annual meeting here in Baton Rouge on the 16th and 17th of July

1999, insha Allah. This year, we are choosing July instead of June because some schools are not done by the middle of June.

A Note from the Editor

I lost my e-mail list about 8 months ago and started a new mail list from very old files I had. Many of you did not receive the Journal of Submission and please accept my apologies. May GOD help us to do better, insha Allah.

A Note

A Farsi translation of the Quran by Behruz Mofidi is available. Interested parties should contact him directly in order to obtain more information. His address/phone number is:

P.O. Box 251902

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tel: (310) 262-7838

Behruz Mofidi has expressed and is expressing, in the strongest terms, that although; he has translated the preface, the footnotes, the subtitles, the items in the parenthesis, and the appendices from Rashad's English translation of the Quran; these items ARE NOT parts of the Quran.

The editor


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[2] Quran, 73:4\

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[5] Quran, 12:106

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