Volume 6 No. 5, January 1999

Editor: Ali R. Fazely

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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GOD's Forgiveness After Death

Letter from the Editor:

GOD repeatedly informs us that He forgives all sins except for those who set up partners for Him. The process of forgiveness is done by GOD on the day of judgment for the people who seemingly do not deserve it, but GOD's forgiveness expands and there is no stop to it. We learn from the Quran that this process is initiated by GOD when we humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness. GOD, then opens up the gates of His infinite blessings and forgives us. This process, according to the Quran will not be exclusive to this world and reaches beyond this worldly life to after we die.

This is probably a shock to some people who want to send every body to hell, except for themselves and their families. However, GOD tells us that there are a lot of surprised individuals in Gehenna who will ask where are those whom we deemed wicked? [1] GOD informs us about men in a place called Purgatory, who recognize people in the heaven and in the hell by their marks and ask GOD not to place them in hell and GOD answers their prayers. [2] GOD wants us to stay close to Him in this world and do not drift away so our hearts hardens and we cannot remember GOD and be unable to invoke His name. Once the heart hardens even harder than rock, then there is no escape and eternal damnation of hell will be with persons having such hearts. [3] Lessons from the Quran are to be with GOD, take Him as your friend and ally. Remember that we have no friends except Him. When you are dead and gone, your closest friends or relatives forget about you, but GOD is the one who remembers you and does this with no condition or self interest. GOD's love for us is absolutely unconditional, unlike the so-called human love having strings attached to it. Take advantage of His infinite bounty and open your heart to Him and ask Him to help you in all your tasks. This brings humility to your heart and keeps you with GOD throughout your life and in the hereafter.

Ultimate Mathematics (Hessaban Shadeedan)

An Awesome Sign Over it is 19

GOD has again showered us with His infinite mercy and is proving His Omniscience through the Ultimate Mathematics of primes numbers and their indices. This is to inform us that not only the Quran is mathematically coded, but it is coded with a mathematics impossible for us to handle.

I have repeatedly mentioned that GOD's signs are infallible and cannot be done, imitated or emulated by any one except those who are authorized by GOD. In this article, I will introduce you to a mathematical Sign from GOD which should be a warning to the disbeliever's not to waste their lives away and return to GOD's path as soon as possible. A warning to people who reject GOD's Signs without acquiring any knowledge about them. [4]Let us look at the number 4567. It is a very easy number to remember because it is the combination of four consecutive digits. This number happens to be a prime number and is the 619th prime. We have known for a long time that 619 is also a prime and it is 114th prime and 114 is the number of chapters in the Quran.

Let us look at all the permutation group elements of 4567 in ascending order. The following table illustrates this Sign of GOD the best way.


Index Group Element Index Group Element

1 4567 13 6457

2 4576 14 6475

3 4657 15 6547

4 4675 16 6574

5 4756 17 6745

6 4765 18 6754

7 5467 19 7456

8 5476 20 7465

9 5647 21 7546

10 5674 22 7564

11 5746 23 7645

12 5764 24 7654

We see that the 19th index corresponds to the group element 7456. Now let us look at chapter 74 in the Quran, we note that 74:56 is the last verse in this sura. Remember that this chapter is the sura where the number 19 is mentioned.

The number 7456 is a composite and it is the 6512th composite and a quick look in the Quran reveals that chapter 65 has 12 verses. Note that chapters 74 and 65 are uninitiated suras and they are the 45th and 37th uninitiated suras in the Quran, respectively. Another quick look in the Quran reveals that chapter 45 has 37 verses. Such is GOD's Design, Creator of all things.

GOD's Signs in the Quran Number of Initials in Chapter 29 and 31 and 43 and Their Relation to Ultimate Mathematics Let us look at the number of initials H.M. from chapter 43 to 46. The following table makes it easy to see these counts [5]

Sura Number

Frequency of H

Frequency of M

Frequency of H+M






















Note the total frequency of the letter M in these four H.M.-initialed suras is 899. Number 899 is 29 x 31. Remember, we started with sura 43. Now look at 43rd twin prime companion which 1278. Verse 12:78 is 1672nd verse from the beginning of the Quran and 1672 = 19 x 88. The two numbers 43 and 88 are the key connectors. Let us do this:

19 x 88 = 167219 x 43 = 817

These two numbers 1672 and 817 are the number of frequencies of A.L.M in chapters 29 and 31. Such is GOD's Design, Creator of all things.

We also note that the number of frequency H+M in sura 43 is 368. Number 368 is the index of composite 456 and

456 = 19 x 24.

Note that 43 is the 24 initialed sura in the Quran and verse 43:1 H.M. is the 4324th verse from the beginning of the Quran. Furthermore, 456 is the index of composite 559 and

559 = 13 x 43.

Note that chapter 13 has 43 verses. We also note that 13th uninitiated sura is 24 and the 24th prime number is 89 and that chapter 43 has 89 verses. Furthermore, 559th composite is 684 and

684 = 19 x 36.

Note that sura 36 is the 19th initialed sura. Such is GOD's Design, Creator of all things. Annual Meeting in Baton Rouge

We will have our annual meeting here in Baton Rouge on the 16th and 17th of July1999, Insha Allah. This year, we are choosing July instead of June because some schools are not done by the middle of June.

A Note from the Editor

I lost my e-mail list about 8 months ago and started a new mail list from very old files I had. Many of you did not receive the Journal of Submission and please accept my apologies. May GOD help us to do better, Insha Allah.

A Note

A Farsi translation of the Quran by Behruz Mofidi is available. Interested parties should contact him directly in order to obtain more information. His address/phone number is:

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Tel: (310) 262-7838

Behruz Mofidi has expressed and is expressing, in the strongest terms, that although; he has translated the preface, the footnotes, the subtitles, the items in the parenthesis, and the appendices from Rashad's English translation of the Quran; these items ARE NOT parts of the Quran.

The editor


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[5] "QURAN: Visual Presentation of The Miracle", by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D

Islamic Productions, Tucson, AZ, USA p. 148 (1982)

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