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Inspiration: GOD's Infinite Mercy

Letter from the Editor:

Quran is the source of information. GOD repeatedly informs us that whatever we need is provided by Him alone and no one else. We always need GOD in our daily lives for everything we can imagine. Accordingly, we have to be grateful and appreciative of GOD's blessings that he bestows upon us. However, being thankful to GOD cannot be achieved without GOD's inspiration and help. We must ask GOD to make us to be thankful for His blessing. In other words, we cannot be grateful to GOD on our own, the process is initiated by GOD.

We learn from the Quran that performing good deeds by people is not initiated by people but it is an inspiration by GOD. This process of gratefulness to GOD is a good deed that is inspired by GOD to those who are worshiping Him alone. Ungratefulness for GOD's countless blessings upon us is practiced by many people who are disbeliever’s or set up partners for GOD. Let me bring you a couple of verses from the Quran, where GOD describes the process for us. The first cite is when GOD tells us about the children of Abraham. Remember that Abraham is the father of all "true submitters".

21:73 -- We made them leaders who guide according to our commandments, and We inspired them to do good deeds, and how to observe the Salat (contact prayers) and to give the Zakat (obligatory charity) to Us they were worshipers.

In this verse GOD informs us that we cannot teach people how to work righteous work, or how to do their Salat or how to give their Zakat. These have to be inspired by GOD.

16:68 -- And your Lord inspired the bee: "build homes in the mountains, the trees, and what they build for you."

16:69 -- "Then eat from all kinds of crops, and follow the design of your Lord." Out of their bellies comes a liquid of various colors, wherein there is healing for the people. This should be a sign for those who reflect.

As you see from these verses, once inspiration from GOD comes, the beautiful process of total submission to GOD begins. Submitters are inspired by GOD and being a submitter is not embedded in one's name or a declaration in a passport or job application. These are man-made tools for political purposes and has nothing to do with the way Abraham worshiped.

16:123 -- Then we inspired you to follow the practices of Abraham, monotheism, he never set up partners for GOD.

Again, in the above verse, we see that inspiration is the only means of true submission to GOD. This is done on an individual basis by GOD to those who worship Him alone and are purely devoted to GOD. This is why no matter how hard one tries to make someone give the Zakat (obligatory charity) or to perform the Salat (contact prayer), he or she cannot succeed. Messengers are sent by GOD with clear proof and disbelievers refuse to see and recognize His Signs.

Ultimate Mathematics (Hessaban Shadeedan) A Sign for the Believers Over it is 19

GOD has chosen to show us His omnipotence through the Ultimate Mathematics of primes numbers and their indices, and prime derivatives such as composites, twin primes, twin prime companions, partitionable numbers, lonely primes and their respective indices or positional ranks. This is to inform us that not only the Quran is mathematically coded, but it is coded with a mathematics impossible for us to handle.

I have repeatedly mentioned that GOD's signs are infallible and cannot be done, imitated or emulated by any one except those who are authorized by GOD. An example are Signs shown to Pharaoh and his elders by GOD through Moses that could not be done by any other person or any other messenger. Muhammad was challenged by the people who set up partners for GOD to bring Signs like the previous messengers, such as Jesus or Moses. However, this is GOD's system and He gives specific Signs to specific messengers and no one else. To the disbeliever’s, Signs shown by GOD's command through Moses and Jesus, looked like magic and Pharaoh claimed that he could reproduce them by magic. GOD nullified Pharaoh’s schemes and gave victory to His messenger.

GOD gave Rashad the ability to count the initials in the Quran and this cannot be done without GOD's inspiration. He noted the 19-based mathematics of the Quran, a secret which remained with the Quran for 1400 years, by GOD's design. These could not be reproduced by anyone else.

The function of Ultimate Mathematics revealed by GOD, is:

a) to show the people GOD's omni-science, b) to confirm the counts of the initials, c)and to confirm that sura 9 has 127 verses.

The Quran according to GOD, its Author, is a complete and fully detailed book. It is the only book which can be called "book of GOD". People who bring examples and references for religion or religious practices do not realize that the previous Signs revealed and performed through messengers by GOD's leave, did not even amount to one-tenth of what we are given.

34:45 -- Those before them disbelieved, and even though they did not see one-tenth of what we have given to this generation, when they disbelieved My messengers, how severe was My retribution.

In this article, I will introduce you to a mathematical Sign from GOD which should be a warning to the disbeliveers not to waste their lives away and return to GOD's path as soon as possible.

Let us look at chapter 11 and 13 and the frequency of the number of initials in these two suras. We have 2489 A's + L's + R's utilized in chapter 11 and 1482 A's + L's + M's + R's utilized in chapter 13. There are awesome relations between these numbers and the number of verses and the position of the word "GOD" in the Quran that are independent of language.

Let us look at all the permutation group elements of 1482 in ascending order. The following table illustrate this Sign of GOD the best way.


Index Group


Index Group


















































We see that the 19th index corresponds to the group element 8124. Now let us count all the verses,

from 1:1 to 81:24

There are : 5822 numbered verses.

One notes that sura 58 has 22 verses. Furthermore, the last frequency of the word "Allah" or GOD in 58:22 is 2489. Note that 2489 is the frequency of A's + L's + R's in sura 11. GOD be praised.

Remember, we started with 1482 and obtained the number of verses in sura 58 and connected this to the frequency of initials in sura 11. Verse 11:11 is the 1482nd verse from the beginning of the Quran and from 58:22 to the end of the Quran there are exactly 1111 verses. Such is GOD's Design, Creator of all things.

Verse 11:11 is the 812th initialed verse from the beginning of the Quran and 812 is the 670th composite. The sum of 670 + 812 is 1482 and 11:11 as mentioned above is the 1482nd verse from the beginning of the Quran. More importantly, the 670th un-initialed verse from the beginning of the Quran is 9:127. All praises are directed to GOD, Creator of all things.


Throughout the Glorious Quran, the pronoun "We", its objective case "Us", and the possessive adjective "Our" have been used repeatedly in verses where God, the All Gracious, is referring to Himself. "We" is the first person plural. However, it is also used by writers to keep an impersonal character and by persons in a position of leadership or authority. Ironically, while its use by the mere mortals is perfectly understood and accepted, the reader routinely questions its use by the All Gracious. In the Glorious Quran, itself, there are instances where individuals use "we" in reference to themselves.

18:80 -- As for the boy, his parents were good believers, and we (the one whom God had bestowed upon from His Own Knowledge) saw that he was going to burden them with his transgression and disbelief.

18:81 -- We intended that your Lord substitute in his place another son; one who is better in righteousness and kindness.

18:87 -- He (Zul-Qarnain) said, "As for those who transgress, we will punish them. Then, when they return to their Lord, He will commit them to more retribution.

27:16 -- Solomon was David's heir. He said, "O people, we have been endowed with understanding the language of the birds, and all kinds of things have been bestowed upon us.

26:18 -- He (Pharaoh) said, "Did we not raise you as an infant, and you spent years with us?

However, with respect to the subject of this article, the true identity of this specific "We" becomes apparent to us in the light of the Glorious Quran. There are at least three mechanisms for this purpose. In one of these mechanisms, "We" is defined within the same verse or passage. Let us look at some of these examples.

32:13 -- Had WE willed, WE could have given every soul its guidance, but it is already a predetermined fact that I will fill Hell with jinns and humans all together.

7:145 -- WE wrote for him on the tablets all kinds of enlightenment and details: "You shall uphold these teachings strongly and command your people to uphold them; these are the best teachings. I will point out for you the fate of the wicked."

14:13 -- The disbeliveers said to their messengers: We will banish you from our land unless you revert to our way of life. But, their Lord inspired them, "WE will annihilate them." "And WE will let you live in their land after them.

14:14 -- This is for those who reverence MY majesty, those who reverence MY promise."

54:42 -- They rejected OUR signs, consequently, WE respited them as An Almighty, Omnipotent should.

2:38 -- WE said, "Go down therefrom, all of you, and when guidance comes to you from ME, those who follow MY guidance will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

2:159 -- Those who conceal OUR revelations and guidance after proclaiming them for the people in the scripture, GOD condemns them; they are condemned by all the condemners.

2:160 -- As for those who repent, reform, and proclaim the scripture, I redeem them. I am the Redeemer, the All Merciful.

18:56 -- WE do not send messengers except as deliverers of good news as well as warners. Those who disbelieve argue with falsehood to defeat the truth, and they take MY signs and warnings in vain.

20:21 -- HE said, "Pick it up; do not be afraid. WE will return it to its original state.

20:23 -- WE thus show you some of OUR great signs.

21:25 -- WE did not send any messenger before you except with the inspiration: "There is no God except ME; you shall worship ME alone."

20:85 -- HE said, "WE put your people to the test after you left, and the Samarian misled them."

50:45 -- WE are fully aware of everything they utter, while you have no power over them. Therefore, remind with this Quran those who reverence MY warnings.

The above examples could still be argued as involving certain tasks, which could have included the participation of God's servants. Therefore, let us consider the second mechanism. There are instances in the Quran where "We" could only be referring to God, since the specific situation or attribute dictates this and only this as the truth. Please consider the following examples.

43:80 -- OUR messengers are with them recording.

54:50 -- OUR commands are done with the blink of an eye.

38:54 -- OUR provisions are inexhaustible.

34:37 -- It is not your money or children that bring you closer to US.

38:45 -- Remember OUR servants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

46:7 -- When OUR revelations are recited to them, perfectly clear, those who disbelieved said of the truth that came to them, "this is obviously magic".

21:90 -- WE answered his prayer, and granted him John; WE fixed his wife for him They used to hasten into righteous works, and turn to US in need, as well as in reverence; to US, they were humble.

21:73 -- WE made them leaders who guide according to OUR commandments, and WE inspired them to do good deeds, and how to observe the Salat (contact prayers) and to give the Zakat (obligatory charity) to US they were worshipers.

17:70 -- WE honored the children of Adam, and WE carried them on land and in the sea, and WE provided them with good provisions, and WE endowed them more than many other creations, generously.

11:9 -- When WE bless the human being with mercy from US, then remove it, he turns desperate, un-appreciative.

19:17 -- While secluded from her folk, WE sent to her OUR spirit and he went to her in the form of a perfect man.

Please note that the Arabic text has "ROOHANA" in this situation, meaning that while the possessive adjective (our) is plural, the noun (Spirit) is singular.

It is a fact that messengers, commands, provisions, revelations, and etc., all come from God. Another important point regarding the above verses is that in most of them the verb "to be" has been used. This verb does not express any action. Simply stated, these verses make some kind of statement rather than describing an action or a task.

Finally, Quran uses a wonderful mechanism to present the best argument in order to identify the source whom this "We" is referring to. There are verses which have been repeated in the Quran with some using the singular pronoun, while others using "We". Let us review the following sets of examples. Please, review 19:54, 4:164, 27:9, 50:43, 23:80, 50:38, 57:4, 31:12, 2:269, 51:47, 91:5, 20:115, and 38:71-74.

Please note the following verses:

15:26 -- WE created the human being from aged mud, like the potter's clay.

15:27 -- As for the jinns, We created them before that from blazing fire.

55:14 -- HE created the human from aged mud, like the potter's clay,

55:15 -- And created the jinns from blazing fire.

16:40 -- To have anything done, WE simply say to it, "Be'" and it is.

2:117 -- HE is the Initiator of the heavens and the earth. To have anything done, HE simply says to it, "Be," and it is.

Thus as the reviewed verses testify, it is clear that "WE" in these verses refers to the Almighty Himself; it is simply an indication of GOD's true Majesty. The following verses sum it all up quite beautifully.

36:82 -- His only command to have anything done, is to say, "Be" and it is.

36:83 -- Therefore, glorified be the one who possesses the kingship over all things, and to Him you return.

Praise be to God, Lord of the universes .

By: F. Fazely

Happy Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is here again and the believers are worshiping GOD by following His commandments to fast from dawn to sunset. This feast for the soul is written for us by GOD and should be cheerfully practiced. GOD makes exceptions for those who are ill or on a trip to fast the same number of days, later. If one cannot do this and it is too difficult, he or she should feed a poor person for each day that he or she has missed fasting. These are GOD's commandments and should not be taken lightly. [1]


Ablution before performing Salat is a commandment from GOD and an act of worship. Note that the word "ablution" is not mentioned in the Quran, however, GOD details for us four steps for this act of worship. We should wash our face, wash our hands to the elbow, wipe our head and wash our feet to the ankles. This act of worship has to be repeated if one has bodily excretion requiring privacy, or if one touches women.[2]

A Note from the Editor

I lost my e-mail list about 6 months ago and started a new mail list from very old files I had. Many of you did not receive the Journal of Submission and please accept my apologies. May GOD help us to do better, insha Allah.

A Note

A Farsi translation of the Quran by Behruz Mofidi is available. Interested parties should contact him directly in order to obtain more information. His address/phone number is:

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Behruz Mofidi has expressed and is expressing, in the strongest terms, that although; he has translated the preface, the footnotes, the subtitles, the items in the parenthesis, and the appendices from Rashad's English translation of the Quran; these items ARE NOT parts of the Quran.

The editor


[1] Quran, 2:183-185

[2] Quran, 5:6

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