Volume 6 No. 3, July-August 1998

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An Invitation to Stop "Shirk" A Revelation from the Lord of the Universes

Letter from the Editor:

GOD emphasizes in the Quran that the highest transgression against Him is the practice of "shirk" or to set up partner or partners for GOD. If one believes that for one reason or another, GOD needs partner or partners to perform or do tasks in His Creation, one would nullify all his/her work and will end up as a loser in the hereafter. Unfortunately, people in the world practice this high crime against GOD with blatant ignorance and will fight against any one who advocates GOD Alone. We have to go with our natural instinct of monotheism according to GOD's creation [1] and do not set up partners for GOD. Unhappiness follows immediately and in the hereafter one will end up debased.

We have to remember that GOD is the One who provides for us. He is the Living, the Eternal, and not the dead prophets, messengers, saints or imams. More blatant acts of shirk are practiced when tombs of prophets and saints or imams are turned into sacred places or mosques and names other than GOD is called. Calling upon anything or anyone besides GOD constitutes "shirk". GOD tells us that He is The Seer, The Hearer and Omnipotent. Why do we ask others besides Him for help. Have they created anything? Can they hear or see or help anyone? Previous messengers have warned about the evils associated with setting up partners for GOD and they were ridiculed and insulted. This is a tragedy for the people who practice the highest crime of "shirk" against GOD. We must remember that we were all gathered before coming to this life and were asked by GOD if He is our Lord, and we all agreed that He is and bore witness to that, thus on the day of Judgment we cannot claim that we were unaware of this[2]. Remember that after this testimony, and this covenant with GOD, we cannot go back to the pride of the days of ignorance. This amounts to breaking our covenant with GOD and an unforgivable offense.

Seeking help and protection from anything or anyone tantamount to "shirk". Many people think or believe that the ink and paper of the Quran has some power to protect them. They walk under it when they want to take a trip or perform other arduous tasks. They do not understand that Quran means a book to be recited and not kissed and pampered. Some people think that carrying medallions or other artifacts mentioning GOD's name can protect them. These ignorant behaviors stem from the lack of understanding of GOD's Power. GOD's Power of protection is not in a "talesman" around someone's neck or hanging from the rear view mirror in a car. GOD helps you when you remember Him, when you ask Him for help, when you seek guidance from Him. Commemoration of GOD is what the Quran emphasizes for the people. Making these talismans, logos and other devices, giving people a false sense of security, is the first step towards "shirk". Remember that Satan is enticing people to follow methodologies not prescribed in the Quran. Do not respond to Satan, for he is your most ardent enemy.

The question that we owe to ourselves to ask is why ask any one besides GOD for anything? Is GOD not sufficient for His servants? GOD informs us that:

2:186 -- When my servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided.

What more can we ask for?

This is warning to those who blatantly practice the abomination of "shirk". GOD has promised hell as their abode. Practice of setting up partner for GOD is a great injustice [3] and those who damage the balance of GOD's just system have to pay. Their wage for this transgression is as an eternal and painful punishment.

Ultimate Mathematics (Hessaban Shadeedan) A Sign for the Believers Over it is 19

GOD's revelation of the Quran is a monumental event in human history. It reminds us that GOD means what He says, GOD does everything for a reason, GOD is the All Wise, and He is fully aware of all things. He has counted the number of all things. He further tells us that understanding the Quran is independent of language and GOD is the one who teaches the Quran to those who sincerely seek Him. This is a warning to those who blatantly stick a particular translation of the Quran and claim that Quran cannot be understood without Rashad Khalifa's English translation.

Some people with little knowledge of mathematics and with a desire for worldly admiration have made a mockery of GOD's mathematical Sign of the Quran. The divisibility by 19 is used to promote themselves as messengers and deceive many people. I want you to be warned not to fall for these satanic tricks. GOD's Signs are to glorify GOD not people. Furthermore, these "so-called" mathematical miracles presented by certain individuals are nothing but ignorance of number theory and are not worth the paper they are written on. Beware of these people and ask GOD to increase your knowledge so you can distinguish true Signs of GOD from the nonsense of numbers manipulation.

The Quran according to GOD, its Author, is a complete and fully detailed book. It is the only book which can be called "book of GOD". People who bring examples and references for religion or religious practices do not realize that the previous Signs revealed and performed through messengers by GOD's leave, did not even amount to one-tenth of what we are given.

34:45 -- Those before them disbelieved, and even though they did not see one-tenth of we have given to this generation, when they disbelieved My messengers, how severe was My retribution.

In this article, I will introduce you to a mathematical Sign from GOD which should disturb the disbelievers and increase the belief of the believers. Any of these Signs should convince people to take these warnings seriously and not waste their lives away, following guess work and conjectures.

Let us look at chapter 19 and count all the numbered verses until the end of this chapter or sura, namely from 1:1 to 19:98. We find that there are 2346 such verses. The number 2346 is a composite and it is the 1998th composite and we note that the last verse in sura 19 is 98. This should be enough to bring down the arrogance of the disbelievers and those who set up powerless partners for GOD.

This is only half of the story. Let us look at all the permutation group elements of 2346 in ascending order. The following table illustrate this Sign of GOD the best way.


Index Group


Index Group




















































We plainly see that the 19th index correspond to group element 6234. The fact is that 6234 is the total number of "numbered verses" in the entire Quran. This is why GOD says "over it is 19". Note that this is only true if sura 9 has 127 verses. GOD be praised.

Remember, we started with 2346 and obtained the number of verses in the Quran. Let us do th following operation.

6234 - 2346 = 3888

Note that sura 38 has 88 verses. Such is GOD's Power.

A Note from the Editor

I lost my e-mail list about 6 months ago and started a new mail list from very old files I had. Many of you did not receive the Journal of Submission and please accept my apologies. May GOD help us to do better, insha Allah. A Note

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The editor


[1] Quran, 30:30

[2] Quran, 7:172

[3] Quran, 31:13

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