Volume 5 No. 4, September-October 1997

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Awesome Mathematical Sign Intricacy of GOD's Mathematical Signs

96:1 Read in the name of your Lord who created

Letter from the editor:

About 1400 years ago, GOD revealed His final scripture, the Quran, to prophet Muhammad and the above verse, namely, 96:1 was the very first verse ever revealed. Sura 96, therefore, constitutes the very first sura in the chronological order of revelation of the Quran. We know today, by GOD's Grace that the Quran is mathematically coded beyond our capability. In sura 74 verse 30, GOD tells us that "Over it is 19". Accordingly, GOD's first revelation contains 19 verses. Now, let us look at the awesome mathematical properties of the number 9619 and how this number controls the number suras in the Quran by GOD's Design.

Number 9619 is a prime number and its index is 1187. In other words, 1187th prime number is 9619. Number 1187 is also a prime number, however, it is a special prime, called "lonely" prime. We introduced the lonely primes in this journal by GOD's leave, as a part of the Ultimate Mathematics of the Quran. I will refresh the reader's memory by saying that a lonely prime is obtained once the twin primes are removed from the domain of the prime numbers. Therefore, the first ten (10) lonely prime are 2, 23, 37, 47, 53, 67, 79, 83, 89, and 97. Now, if we look at the index of 1187, we note that it is the 114th lonely prime. Note that 114 is the number of chapters in the Quran. I want to stress that these mathematical relations are not known to mathematicians. This mathematics is beyond the capability of humans and jinns together, no matter how much assistance they give one another as it is stated by GOD is 17:88. These are GOD's Signs and this is how He has coded the Quran mathematically. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things. GOD's Signs in the Horizons A Visit to Mars What Went Wrong?

GOD created in His Infinite Wisdom the heavens and the earth according to a perfect balance. The sky we see today during the night containing hundreds of billions of galaxies with trillions of stars like our sun, is the lowest, the smallest and the innermost of the seven universes (heavens). GOD placed in the sky a moon as a light and the sun as a lamp [1]. GOD also tells that He adorned the lowest universe with planets [2]. We know of nine (9) planets orbiting the sun, however, astronomers believe that at least another planet is out there, causing a wobble in Pluto's orbit. GOD tells us that there are eleven (11) planets.

Recently, we have been hearing a lot about Mars, our neighbor and the forth planet from the sun. Since the Pathfinder landed by GOD's Grace, successfully, on Mars and started transmitting data and breathtaking pictures, so much new knowledge has been gained by mankind, that we would not have been able even to imagine it. We have to remember that GOD reveals the new knowledge, when we are ready to absorb it and according to His Infinite Wisdom. Today we know, for example, that the landing site on Mars witnessed a great flood a long time ago and the amount of water passing through this area was as much as the Mediterranean sea. We also know that the whole planet has rusted. What happened on this planet which seems to have been warm and a hospitable place, billions of years ago? Today Mars is hostile place and very cold with a very thin atmosphere mainly made up of carbon dioxide. The water, one day, flowing on the surface has sunk into the Martian crust and the oxygen in the atmosphere has been utilized to rust away the surface of this planet. Most of the reddish dust we see on the Martian surface is iron oxide or what is commonly known as rust. GOD tells us in the Quran

67:30 -- Say "what if your water sinks away, who will provide you with pure water?"

We take for granted that our waters are floating on the surface of the earth. GOD shows us on Mars that this is not a natural behaviour of planetary bodies. In the case of Mars, there is so much water in the subterrainian martian surface that if taken out would cover the entire planet to a depth of 600 meters (about 660 yards). Remember that in the case of High Heaven, GOD describes the flowing streams and the caseof Lower Heaven, He describes two wells to be pumped. We, therefore, should not take GOD's blessingsfor granted and be thankful to Him for floating waters and flowing streams on earth. We must think about itthat our deepest oceans are only a few miles deep and the radius of the earth is 6400 kilo-meters,therefore, the amount water is not much compared to the volume of the earth.

GOD also created a large moon for us that is almost the size of the innermost planet, Mercury. It causes tides on our oceans bringing the level of waters up on our planet. There are no moons for Mercury and Venus. Mars has two small moons, Phobos and a smaller one Deimos. Phobos is only 15 miles (25 kilometers) in diameter. These are GOD's Signs in the horizon [3]. The moon always keeps the same side towards the earth, by GOD's command. We can not see the other face of the moon. It has the same diameter seen from the earth, as does the sun. When we have a total solar eclipse, the entire disk of the sun is covered by the moon. This fact, actually allowed us to measure bending of light near massive objects as was predicted by Einstein's theory of general relativity. These are GOD's blessings and we really can not be thankful enough.

Obey God and the Messenger:Follow Quran AloneBy: Hossein Kowsari

In view of the recent articles written about the absolute importance of following Quran alone this may seem redundant. Nonetheless, the enormity of crime and blunder committed, if any source or anyone besides Quran is followed, compels me to write this reminder, hopefully emphasizing it from a different perspective.

According to 6:38, 114, 2:99, 21:10(among other verses) Quran has been sent to all of us, to each one of us, fully detailed, complete and with nothing left out. Whenever you hold a Quran in your hand, you are holding GOD's complete and fully detailed message to humanity and more importantly to you, personally. There is no excuse and no way out of this crucial fact, if you honestly believe in the truth of the above verses. According to 55:1,2 (among other verses) it is only GOD who IS the teacher of Quran and continues to explain it as He sees fit. According to 2:3, 6:115 (among other verses) with sending of Quran through Muhammad , the revelation is complete, ALL that was to be said is said , ALL the commands that was to be sent is sent. It is for this reason that it states; "they believe in what was sent to you and what was sent before you...." and does not say; "...and what will be sent after you...", because there is nothing to be sent after Quran, there is no need to send anything further since it is complete in and of itself.

GOD, of course, continues to send messengers as He sees fit. According to 33:45 ( among other verses) He sends messengers only as a witness, warner and giver of good news. The messenger only and absolutely advocates the following of Quran alone, warns those who disobey this command and gives good news to those who follow this command and nothing more. The messenger, of course, himself bears witness to this truth and tries to live according to this truth and he can do nothing more. As has been repeatedly pointed out, by obeying the command of GOD alone and GOD's book alone you obey GOD and His messenger and by disobeying it you disobey GOD and His messenger. By denying this truth you deny GOD and His messengers. Denial of GOD's messenger(s) is simply denial of the above truth, denial of the message of "Quran alone", whether you accept a particular messenger or not.

40:83 -- and then when their messengers went to them with clear proofs, they arrogantly exulted in whatever knowledge they already possessed....

Note in the above verse the word "knowledge", as in most places in Quran refers to knowledge of the scripture. So it points out that when their messenger came with new information from the scripture, they ridiculed the messenger, immediately rejected it and were satisfied with what they already (thought) they knew, whatever they had learned or supposedly learned from their "beloved" dead messenger and thus, in effect rejected and denied both messengers, the old and the new.

In the examples we have in Quran of previous messengers and why previous communities were condemned and destroyed, it was always because these communities denied the truth of "GOD alone and GOD's book alone" and GOD's specific commands and instead preferred to continue to follow what they considered to be the ways and teachings of their beloved messenger, and the hadith and fabrications made in the name of their beloved messenger, the ways and opinions of their leaders, etc. (7:70 etc.)

Unfortunately, some of the so called followers of Quran have abused Quranic verses as other people have abused their scripture. They have come up with all kinds of fabricated commands such as absolute obedience of the messenger. They fabricate such things as "our messenger's teachings" and that all messengers have to confirm these "teachings". They take their messenger's supposed understanding of a verse or duty or a subject matter or supposed teaching as Binding and Final for all time to come and then proclaim no "real GOD's messenger" should or would contradict THEIR MESSENGER. By doing this, then, by definition, they deny Quran, they deny the messengers, they deny GOD's prerogative to send messengers as He wills, and explain Quran as He wills. In this way they have abandoned Quran entirely, they have closed Quran and as a consequence Quran has remained closed to them. One group follows Hadith of Muhammad etc. and one group follows Hadith of Rashad and as Quran says in a similar situation, each group is happy with what they have (30:32), and they will not believe any thing that contradicts their beloved messenger, no matter what!

They may give lip service that they really do follow Quran alone, that they really do not believe Rashad was infallible but the test is easy. Will they ever admit to an error in his English translation, in any of his understandings? Under what condition will they admit there was errors made? They have refused to admit any error was made by Rashad even though he himself, while alive, continuedto correct and change his understanding of various verses. Obviously, they will not believe if all the scholars of Arabic language agree that there is a mistake. Since any one who says Rashad made a mistake, from their view point, can't possibly be righteous person, let alone a messenger, then they will not even believe another messenger, unless of course that messenger totally also confirm all that Rashad said and wrote, i.e.; infallibility of Rashad! So to the end of time Rashad will remain infallible for them, no matter how much they insist otherwise. Ironically, they readily criticize followers of Muhammad's Hadith because they believe he was infallible!

Did not the Jewish opposition in Mecca say in order for them to believe, Muhammad had to confirm their rites and ceremonies and their understanding of the burning of sacrifice, etc. (3:183)? Did they not say bring us a book that we can read, i.e.; confirms with what we believe (17:93)?Did they not say our hearts is depository of knowledge, we already had our (beloved) messenger, we know all we ever need to know, we don't need any new messenger (2:88)?Did they not show too much pride and love for their (beloved) messenger to accept every time a new messenger came and said something that they did not like (2:87) and what could the messenger possibly have said except, follow GOD's book only and discard all else, all your hadith in whatever form it may be?

Those who wish to glorify the messenger instead of GOD, those who wish to idolize the messenger instead of obeying him BY following Quran alone continue to misinterpret the verses of Quran to justify their evil deeds and to mislead. They misinterpret such verses of Quran as 53:2,3, which obviously are in reference to the revelation of Quran and the night journey as being about the words of prophet and messengers. From this they then fabricate all kinds of rules that messenger's every word is sacred and binding and infallible. Since the absurdity of this is obvious, some have then amended their own fabrication(!) and say this infallibility and holiness etc. referred to speech of the messenger when he talks about Quran and religious matters!

As another example of how they abuse the verses of Quran; they love to quote such verses as 3:164 and claim it shows messenger was sent to teach us the scripture, wisdom, to purify us etc. In addition to the fact that this would be in contradiction to other verses of Quran that repeatedly tells us GOD alone is the guide, GOD alone teaches Quran, GOD alone gives wisdom, GOD alone explains Quran, GOD alone purifies (75:16-19, 25:31, among other verses), messenger is only sent as warner and giver of good news, etc., verse 3:164 does not say nor imply what they claim at all.

3:164 "Indeed, GOD has bestowed favors upon believers when He raised a messenger from among themselves to recite to them His revelations, and to purify them, and to teach them the scripture and wisdom, although before that they were obviously lost in error"

In the above verse the only verb referring to the messenger is "to recite." GOD has sent him to recite Quran, GOD's revelations and nothing else because it contains all the wisdom and knowledge and in this way GOD teaches and purifies those who listen and follow His Book and His guidance. Thus it is that GOD says, both messenger and those who received the message will be questioned. Messengers will be questioned whether they gave the message of Quran alone or not and people will be questioned whether they did follow Quran alone to the best of THEIR ability and knowledge or not. People will be questioned whether they did use their brain and intelligence to understand and follow GOD's book or they used messenger's words and understanding as Hadith with no question asked.

The fact that only GOD through His scripture teaches and purifies and messenger is only sent as witness, while alive, and as only giver of good news and warner has been emphasized in another way. In 33:45 GOD addresses the prophet, ANNABI, the term that is normally used when prophet was alive saying "We have sent you as a witness and giver of good news and warner," the reason being that obviously messenger dies and thus can't be a witness for generations to come, Muhammad can't possibly be a witness for us. There is no other function stated for the messenger. In 73:15 only a comparison is made "We have sent you a messenger as a witness as We sent a messenger to Pharaoh.." In 5:117 Jesus states: "I was a witness among them as long as I lived with them. "although, for the sake of completion, it is to be noted that in the Arabic original here a different word is used for "witness" that may or may not be significant. However, in 48:7-9 the reference appears to be to Quran and mathematical code of Quran.In 48:9 as you note it is stated, why it was sent, "in order that....", and the witnessing is perpetual since Quran does not die, it is a living book.

48:7 -- To GOD belongs the soldiers of the heavens and earth. GOD is Almighty, All Wise.

48:8 -- We have sent you as a witness and bearer of good news and warner-

48:9 -- in order that you (people) believe in GOD and His messenger, and reverence Him and observe Him and glorify Him day and night."

As you note verse 48:7 talks about GOD's soldiers, the same expression used in 74:31. In 48:8 if the reference were the messenger, the address would have been "so that they......." and not addressing the messenger in third person; His messenger. Also if the reference was the messenger the statement appears somewhat awkward ;" We sent order that you (people) believe in GOD and His messenger. "Note also how GOD indicates sending of Quran and mathematical code of Quran is enough, and thus there is no intermediary, "We sent you in order that.", There is no need for additional explanation by someone other than GOD and from outside Quran, it is indeed fully detailed and complete with immediate consequence being that those who are willing to listen and follow Quran have all the proof and information that they need to believe, and to glorify GOD day and night. All Praise belongs to God

A Note

A Farsi translation of the Quran by Behruz Mofidi is available. Interested parties should contact him directly in order to obtain more information. His address/phone number is:

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Behruz Mofidi has expressed and is expressing, in the strongest terms, that although; he has translated the preface, the footnotes, the subtitles, the items in the parenthesis, and the appendices from Rashad's English translation of the Quran; these items ARE NOT parts of the Quran.

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[1]Quran, 71:16

[2]Quran, 37:6

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