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Awesome Mathematical Sign

GOD Insists:

Number of Inintials in Sura 13

Confirms That

Sura 9 has 127 Verses

Letter from the editor:

Every time we look at the Quran and see a revelation from GOD, we think that no more can be found. GOD, The All Knowing, The All Wise encourages us that we should never lose hope for this is one of Satanís attributes and that is why he was called "Iblees" by GOD before his exile from GODís kingdom. If we always look forward to GODís Mercy and Bounty, He accordingly showers us with Mercy and Bounty for He is the All Merciful, Possessor of Bounty, The All Great. There is no end to GODís Signs and this is to reassure us and to strengthen our hearts. Remember that part of the reason for the mathematical code of the Quran is to remove all traces of doubts from the hearts of the believers as well as people who possess knowledge. [1]

The Sign, I am about to introduce to you, is about the positions of verses in certain initialed suras or chapters in the Quran and how this is connected to the frequency of initials and number of verses in different suras. By GODís leave, I have shown you many Signs connecting chapters 9 and 13. This time, we further note the relation between chapters 9 and 13 and how the number of verses in sura 9 is controlled by the position of certain verses in initialed suras in the Quran. The reader should remember that sura 13 is an initialed sura and its initials are composed of four different Arabic letters, A.L.M.R. The total frequency of all these letters in chapter 13 is 1482. If we look at the 1482nd numbered verse from the beginning of the Quran, we find out that it is the 11th verse of chapter 11. Now let us look only at the total number of verses in the initialed suras up to and including 11:11. We find that 11:11 is the 812th such verse. On the other hand, if we count all of the numbered verses in the uninitiated suras up to the end of chapter 9 we note that there are 670 such verses. Obviously, if one adds 670 and 812 one gets 1482, however, the intricacy of the Quran is revealed when we note that 812 is a composite number and it happens to be the 670th composite. In other words, 1482 is partitionable into a composite and its index. Let us praise GOD, for His Grace.

Note that if you count all the verses including the unnumbered opening statements in the initialed suras up to and including 11:11, then one finds that there are 817 such verses. Note that 817 = 19 x 43 and that chapter 13 has 43 verses. I remind the reader that 11:11 is the 1482nd numbered verse from the beginning of the Quran and this is the number of the frequency of the usage of the initials in chapter 13. Let us praise GOD, for His Grace.

This design is only possible by GOD and no one else. It is befitting to stress the importance of verse 17:88, which states:

17:88 ó Say, "If all the humans and the jinns banded together to produce a Quran like this, they can never produce one like it, no matter how much assistance they lend one another."

We shall glorify and thank GOD day and night and ask Him to keep us on the straight path. We should never despair from GODís Mercy and always remember that there is no power, except what is GODís [2].

Awesome Mathematical Sign

Primes and Number of H.Mís and

Number of Verses are Controlled

by GODís Command

By GODís leave, the Quranís connections based on prime numbers has been an awesome proof to tell the people that only GOD could have Authored it. One expects, therefore, that GOD has already told us, for example, about the value of the total number of verses in each sura in the Quran and how they are connected to the frequency of usage of different initials in the Quran. These signs are also connected to whether or not a given verse in a given sura is assigned a prime number as its number or not.

Saied, by GODís Grace noted the following Signs in sura 42. Sura 42 is the only sura in the Q uran where the first two numbered verses are composed entirely of initials. These Signs are connected to the first set of initials, namely, H.M. and where the two letters H and M are utilized in verses with a prime number as the verse number. The reader should remember that verse 42:2 is composed entirely of initials A.S.Q.. When we count all the Hís and Mís up to the end of verse 13, we find that the total frequency of usage of Hís + Mís in verses with primes as their number is 43. Note that sura 13 has 43 verses. If we continue counting until the end of 13th prime which is verse 41, we find that there are 78 usageís of Hís + Mís in the prime numbered verses. Note that 41 is the 22nd initialed sura and we know that sura 22 has 78 verses. The reader should note that sura 13 has 19 x 78 Aís + Lís + Mís + Rís used in the entire sura. If we keep counting the number of usage of Hís and Mís in prime-numbered verses the next one is verse 43 which is the 14th prime and we note that the number of Hís + Mís up to and including verse 43 is 82. Therefore, we are back to 1482 and we know that this is the number of frequency of usage of the initials Aís + Lís + Mís + Rís in chapter 13 and that this chapter has 43 verses. If we keep counting until the end of this chapter, we know that there are 15 verses with primes as their verse number, the number of frequency of usage of Hís + Mís is 99. One can easily verify that sura 15 has 99 verses.

This is the design that GOD has used as a Sign to us that He is the Author of the Quran.

One should embrace GODís Signs, for they are a mercy from Him and He showers us with

His Abundance. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.

GODís Amazing Creation

Recently there has been a lot of excitement in the possibility of ancient microbial life on the planet Mars. This excitement reached a peak last summer when the President of the United States announced it in a news briefing at the White House just before NASAís scientific news conference. These findings were based on many samples of rocks believed to match the composition of that of the Mars surface as reported by the Viking spacecraft which landed on Mars in 1976. Although, these findings require further scientific scrutiny, the idea is another Sign of GODís amazing creation. It has been known for a long time that there may be water in liquid form under the polar ice cap on Mars. GOD tells us in the Quran that He has created every living thing from water [3]. Some data indicates that there is so much water in the form of ice on Mars that if melted could cover the Martian surface with a depth of 600 meters. If the same thing happens on the earth, the water would cover the entire surface of our planet to the depth of 6,000 meters.

The possibility of ancient life on Mars was first discovered on rock samples believed to be billions of years old. Later, scientists in England examining much younger rocks also discovered similar indications of the possibility of microbial life on Mars. Since these rocks are about 140,000,000 years old, the notion of the present existence of life on Mars has been suggested. All these thoughts were reinforced by the recent discovery of single cell creatures at the bottom of our own oceans. Scientists recently announced that the existence of a new type of life form at the depth of 1.8, miles near undersea volcanoes where the water temperature is near the boiling point and the hydrostatic pressure is about 300 atmospheres. At these extreme pressures and temperatures, no life form as we know can survive. The new life form does not need sunlight nor oxygen to live. It uses nitrogen. The biochemical structure of this new life form is neither plantlike nor animal like. It constitutes a third class of lifeform and it can account for most of the biomass on our planet. GOD is telling us in the Quran that He creates what we do not know [4] and these are simply Signs from Him that our knowledge is very minute and we have to humble ourselves before our Lord.

Additional recent evidence of possible frozen oceans on two of Jupiterís moons, Europa and Ganymede have intensified the debate of possible life on these remote worlds. There are possibilities that liquid water could have existed or presently exists deep within the ice, and microbial life, similar to those of Mars, could flourish by GODís command.

GODís Bounty in the Form of Ice on the Moon

Recent announcements by the US Department of Defense officials of discovery of ice in a huge crater in the south pole of the moon has generated renewed interest in the construction of a manned moon base. The spacecraft Clementine, built by the US Air Force, was to be tested to map the surface of a planetary body by the radar-imaging techniques. The officials decided to put this satellite in a polar orbit around the moon. Analysis of the data taken by this satellite revealed that deep within a huge crater in the south pole region of the moon, not visible from the earth, there is as much as a small lake of frozen water. This region never sees the sunlight and therefore the water had remained frozen for millions of years. The ice presumably was deposited when a comet crashed millions of years ago in the South Pole region of the moon.

The availability of water on the moon allows astronauts to establish a small human colony for a long period of time. From water, one can produce rocket fuel and build factories on the moon for further interplanetary voyages, such as a trip to Mars. These are all Grace from GOD, for He is the Provider for us and eases our tasks as He sees fit.

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We would like to announce a meeting here in Baton Rouge, LA on the 18th and 19th of July 1997, InshaAllah. The purpose of this meeting is for everyone to witness the latest findings of Ultimate Mathematics as revealed by GOD and to commemorate and glorify GOD with those who worship Him Alone.



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