Volume 4 No. 4, October, November, December 1996

Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Awesome Mathematical Sign

GOD Insists:

Sura 9 has 127 Verses

Letter from the editor:

GOD, The All Knowing, The All Wise has given His word that He, The King, The All Sacred, The All Dignified, has revealed the Quran and He, The King, most assuredly is preserving it [1]. GOD has revealed a book called the Quran, which is meant to be read by people with clear and unbiased hearts who take GODís words as the ultimate word in existence. This group of people who are called submitters by GOD never object to GODís system, and as a consequence, are perfectly content and will end up as GOD has promised them, in Paradise. The Quran has many features by which it mathematically dictates how many verses each chapter must have. We know that, for example, chapter 9 is of special interest because two alleged verses 128 and 129 which have always been suspect. However, every sura in the Quran is mathematically guarded to contain specific number of verses and nothing else but those specific numbers.

The Sign, I am about to introduce to you, is about the positions of initialed suras or chapters in the Quran. By GODís leave, I have shown you many Signs connecting chapter 9, 13, 22, and 27. This time, we further note the relation between 9, 13, 19 and 22 and how the number of verses in 9 is controlled by the position of initialed suras in the Quran. The reader should remember that 22 is the 13th composite and if we tabulate all the initialed suras in the Quran, we note that chapter 41 is the 22nd such chapter. It is very easy for the reader to verify two items that the 13th prime number is 41 and that the 13th integer in the Quran, in ascending magnitude is 19. If we count all the numbered verses from 9:127 to 22:41 we find that there are 1273 verses.

Note that 1273 = 19 x 67, where the 67 is the 19th prime, but more important is that the 1273 is the number of frequency of the word Allah from the beginning of the Quran to the end of chapter 9.

This design is only possible by GOD and no one else. As I have been stressing the importance of verse 17:88, which states:

17:88 - Say, "If all the humans and the inns banded together to produce a Quran like this, they

can never produce one like it, no matter how much assistance they lend one another."

We shall glorify and thank GOD day and night and ask Him to keep us on the straight path. We should never despair from GODís Mercy and always remember that there is no power, except what is GODís [2].

Awesome Mathematical Sign

Lonely Primes Control Number of Verses

by GODís Command

GODís Mercy and Grace continues to provide for us Signs beyond our wildest imaginations. GODís Power, which is the only Force in existence and there is no other force proves to us that the number of verses in suras in the Quran must be exactly what they are and nothing else. Let us look at sura 13 and 31. We note immediately that 31 is the reverse of 13. We find that chapter 13 has 43 verses and that chapter 13 has 34 verses. We note that 43 is also the reverse of 34. These are simple observations that one can readily make. Now if we look at the position of uninitiated suras in the Quran, we note that the 13th untilled sura is chapter 24 and the 31st uninitiated sura is 59. If we look at sura 59, we note that it has 24 verses. Now, if we count all the verses from 13:1 to 59:24 we see that there are 3443 verses. Note from the above that 13 has 43 verses and 31 has 34 verses. This is GODís design. If we count the number of verses from 13:1 to 24:59, we note that there are 1143 verses.

1143 = 9 x 127 (1)

We know that chapter 9 has 127 verses. Furthermore, 1143 is the index of composite 1362. Verse 9:127 is the 1362nd numbered verse from the beginning of the Quran.

Now this is also connected to chapter 19. We note that 13th integer in the Quran is 19 and 191 (191 referring to 19:1) is the 43rd prime number and chapter 13 has 43 verses. We also can verify that 191st lonely prime is 2137, which is the 322nd prime and if we add it to its index we get

2137+322 = 2459 (2)

The number 2459 is another lonely prime and it happens to the 221 such prime. These numbers directly connect verses 19:1 to 22:1. I just remind the reader that lonely primes are the primes when we remove all twin primes from the set of primes. Therefore, the first lonely prime is 2 and second is 23 and the third is 37 and so on. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all thing. He is The One, The Supreme.

Awesome Mathematical Signs

I have been saying that every chapter in the Quran must have the number of verses as designed by GOD and nothing else. Let us look at chapter 43 and chapter 24. We see that chapter 43 is the 24th initialed sura and the 24th prime is 89 and we know that chapter 43 has 89 verses. Chapter 52 is the 24th uninstalled sura in the Quran. Number 24 is the 14th composite and chapter 14 has 52 verses. Chapter 52 is the 24th untilled sura and 24 is the 13th uninitiated sura. Chapter 49 is the 22nd uninitiated sura and 22 is the 13th composite. Sura 52 has 49 verses. These simple but fundamental loops by GODís command control the number verses in different suras in the Quran. GODís Design is not "improbable" to imitate, IT IS "IMPOSSIBLE" to imitate. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.

Awesome Mathematical Signs

Saied, by GODís Grace was able to note the following awesome mathematical Sign, further proving that the total number of H.M. initials in chapters 40 through 46 must be 2147. The key again is chapter 42, the only chapter in the Quran where the first two verses are composed of initials. In this sura, if we count the verses where the word GOD is mentioned, we find that the 21st such verse is verse number 47, therefore we are back to 2147.

Saied also looked at chapter 47, and by GODís leave he found that there are 21 verses that the word GOD is mentioned. We are again back to 2147. This is a design possible by GOD alone. It is a self contained book that GOD has Authored to show us that He is The Omniscient. Unfortunately for some people, they are still setting up partners for GOD. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.

Prime Numbers and the Complex Domain

A lot of people commenting and inquiring about the mathematics of the Quran, including some mathematicians expect a simple formula, by which they can plug in value and presto, there comes the Quran written on paper. GOD has created what we see and what we do not see. Scientific laymen never question how scientists come up with conclusions usually published and after a while becomes a norm of our understanding. GOD, has Authored the Quran and has included all kinds of examples in it for people. But human being is the most argumentative creature.

By GODís leave, the Quranís connections based on prime numbers has been an awesome proof to tell the people that only GOD could have Authored it. One expects, therefore, that GOD has already told us, for example, about the value of "p " = 3.14159...". The answer is, that He has, but we have to have the background to understand and appreciate it.

I like to talk a bit of very advanced math. This is about Reimannís "zeta" function. This function which, in general, is a complex function can be expressed as:


Where z, in general, is a complex number. A complex number is number having a "real" and an "imaginary" part such as 4 + 6i. An imaginary number is a multiple of square root of "-1". It can be shown mathematically that ~(z) can be expressed as:


Where as you see all denominators have to be primes numbers. If we assume that z is a real number and it is equal to 2 then it can again be shown that:


GOD, in fact is telling us that since he has composed the Quran based primes, the value of "ir" is already in there, but we need a bit more math to witness His Power. However, people who are not familiar with such mathematics. can ask those who possess the knowledge. GOD be praised.

Factorizing Primes in the Complex Domain

As it is mentioned above, GODís system is formidable beyond our wildest imagination. We know that primes can not be factorized in the domain of real numbers. As a matter of fact prime numbers form a basis on which all composites are built. In other words, every composite number can be factored out into primes. This is mathematical rule. Factorization is not a trivial task and it is a formidable number crunching task.

Primes can be factored out only in the complex domain. This, known as "unique factorization domain" can be thought of a prime number being a sophisticated complex polynomial that may or may not be factorized into complex numbers. These sets of complex numbers have to be integers and are usually known and referred to as Gaussian integers.

An easy example of a prime factoring into Gaussian integers is the case of primes with the following form. Fermat primes can be considered as a subset of these primes:

p = n2 + 1 (6)

Some examples are 5, 17, 37, 101, and 257.







Note that:

i x i = -1 (13)

Another Prime Was Discovered

In the last issue we reported that a new prime was discovered. Prime searchers found yet another prime number. Milan found out from the French news agency Agence France Presse that a 29 year old mathematician verified that the number 2 raised to the power 1398269 minus 1 is a prime. It is the new record.

The discoverer of the new largest prime is named Joel Armengaud, and he is a software developer for a company called Apsylog. Note again that this is another Mersenne prime. Trying to find a prime this large not of the non-Mersenne type is next to impossible.

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[1] Quran, 15:87

[2] Quran, 18:39


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