Volume 3 No. 11, January 1996

Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Letter from the editor:

The Quran was revealed in Arabic over 1400 years ago as a book to let us know that we must for our own good worship GOD ALONE. This act on our part would be a mean by which GOD takes us of the darkness into the light [1]. GOD also tells us that He is the source of the information and knowledge in the universe. He is The One who teaches us how to distinguish and how to read and write. He is Initiator of the heavens and the earth and none initiates anything in the heavens and the earth except GOD. No one can inform GOD about his or her religion. GOD is The One who has chosen Submission as the mankindís religion. [2]

Verse 22:78 and states:

22:78: And strive in the cause of GOD as you should strive for His cause. He has chosen you and has put no burden on you in practicing your religion; the inspired practices of your father Abraham. He named you Submitters, originally. Thus, the messenger shall serve as a witness among you and you shall serve as witnesses among people. You shall observe the contact prayers and give the obligatory charity and hold fast to GOD, He is your Lord, the best Lord and the best Supporter.

The problem here as we see it that "He" in the third sentence in the above verse has been interpreted mistakenly as referring to Abraham. This interpretation is contradictory as far as the Quran is concerned. Submission is the only religion acceptable by GOD from the beginning of the creation of the heavens and the earth. We learn from the Quran that Noah who was before Abraham tells people that he was commanded to be one of the Submitters [3]. Obviously, GOD commanded Noah to be one of the Submitters. No one can inform GOD about his/her religion.

This fact by GODís leave was noted by Edip Yuksel. Journal of Submission has always made a stance with GOD and the Quranic truth is the only thing important to us. As stated above, GOD, Initiator of heavens and earth does everything and is in full control of all things. If one still believes that Abraham is the one who called us Submitters originally after this truth has been recited to him/her, he/she does not follow the Quran alone. All praises shall be as always directed to GOD alone.

Awesome Mathematical Signs

I have been explaining in the past few issues specific items about sura 13 (13th Integer in the Quran is 19) in the Quran and all the mathematical signs associated with it controlling the number of "authorized" verses in sura 9. This sura is related in chapter 22 and actually controlling the number of verses in that chapter to be 78. Remember that the number of initials in chapter 13 is 1482 = 19 x 78, and that the 13th composite is 22. If we count all the number of verses from 13: to 22:43 (remember that sura 13 has 43 verses) we find that there are 931 = 19 x 49. Note that chapter 49 is the 22nd uninitiated sura in the Quran. Furthermore, 931st composite is 1119. Note that the 19th number (including fractions) in the Quran is 11, which is mentioned in chapter 12, verse 4. If you look at verse 11:19, you find the 1343rd frequency of the word GOD signifying that sura 13 has 43 verses.

Furthermore, as shown above sura 13 is related in a multi-dimensional way to sura 22 in the Quran. Note here that sura 13 is an initialed sura and the number of initials is 1482. This number is a "twin prime companion" (TPC) and it happens to be the 49th TPC. Note from the above that sura 49 is the 22nd uninitiated sura in the Quran. This design is only possible by the Knower of secret in the heavens and the earth. We must praise and glorify Him day and night.

Awesome Mathematical Signs

Again, there is truly no end to GODís Grace. Every time, I think we are finished, GOD sends more assurance from His Infinite Grace in order to reassure us. This is also to give more Signs to those who poke fun of this and with sarcasm and unfounded accusations heedlessly blunder and mislead others. GOD has no place for "misleaders" in His Kingdom [4].

Chapter 13 called "The Thunder" talks about how the thunder glorify and praises GOD and so do the Angels out of reverence [5]. We discussed that number of verses, where the verse number is a prime number and the method by which it connects sura 13 to 22. I explained that if we count the number of verses where the verse number is prime up to the end of sura 13 we find that there are 419 such verses. Number 419 happens to be the 22nd twin prime. We find that there is only one chapter in the Quran, which has 13 verses, which is chapter 60. If we continue counting the number of verses where the verse number is prime up to the end of chapter 60 (60:13), we find that there are 1343 such verses. Note that sura 13 has 43 verses. Such is GODís Design, Creator of all things.

I have been explaining to you that GOD has done everything according to a mathematics which is beyond our todayís understanding of math but out His Mercy, it is easy to explain to anyone, willing to pay a bit of attention. Some people keep making excuses that they were never good in math as though when GOD designed the Quran, He somehow forgot about them. Every one of these folks are very good in counting money and remember many phone numbers including area codes and not to mention their social security number. However, when GOD is mentioned there number-remembering ability disappears. A warning to these folks is declared by GOD in the Quran in 27:83-84 when they are gathered on the Day of Judgement:

2 7:83 The day will come when we summon from every community a group who disbelieved in our Signs, forcibly.

2 7:84 When they arrive, He will say, "you have rejected My Signs, before acquiring knowledge about them. Is this not what you did?"

Awesome Mathematical Signs

Saied Andalib noted the following mathematical signs by GODís Infinite Grace. Let the order of a verse be the number of times GOD is mentioned in that verse. (e.g., verses of order 0/2, have 0/2 frequencies of the word GOD, respectively)

These Signs again in connection with chapter 9 and its number of "authorized" verses which is


Starting with verse 126, the last 0-ordered verse (a verse where the word GOD is not mentioned)

and count backward, we find that the 12th such verse is verse 73; pointing to 1273, which is the

frequency of the word GOD until the end of chapter 9.

Now we do the same exercise with the Ordered verses (the verses where the word GOD has been mentioned at least once) starting with verse 127 and counting towards the beginning, we find the following simple facts:

36th such verse is 83,

63th such verse is 46. and

76th such verse is 31,

These are controlling parameters submitting to GOD telling us that chapter 36 has 83 verses; total number of verses as authorized by GOD is 6346, and chapter 76 has 31 verses. Such is the design of The Almighty, Creator of all things. All praises are due to Him alone.

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