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Volume 3 no. 7, September 1995


Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Awesome Mathematical Sign


Letter from the editor:


Every month we are witnesses to GOD’s infinite grace revealed through a mathematics which is beyond our understanding, yet simple enough to be explained to every person on earth.  GOD is The Most Merciful and in order to reassure us of His constant support and encouragement, He reveals these signs.  The mathematical sign we are about to learn about revolves around the number of verses in each chapter which possesses a prime number as the verse number.  For example, chapter 1 has 7 verses and verses 2, 3, 5, and 7 are the ones possessing a prime number as the verse number.  Therefore, chapter 1 has 4 verses that have prime numbers as the verses number.  In the following Table, we tabulate the number of verses in every chapter with a prime as the verse number.


Table I

Sura Number

Number of Prime Number Verses



























Total Number of Verses           419


I stopped at chapter 13 since number 19 is the 13th integer in the Quran.  We will see how the Quran fixes the number of verses in specific chapters and relates them to the count of initials.  Chapter 13 is initialed with four Arabic letters A.L.M.R. and it is called “The thunder”.  The counts of the initials utilized in different Arabic words in this chapter is 1482 = 19 x 78.  The total number of verses possessing a prime as their verse number according to Table I is 419 and 419 happens to be the 22nd “twin prime” pair.  Note that 22 is the 13th composite and chapter 22 in the Quran has 78 verses.  Praise be to GOD, Lord of the universes.


Note here that 78 which is the coefficient of the number 19 is not just a mindless multiple of 19.  It is there because to it GOD has assigned other missions such as controlling the number of verses in chapter 22.  It is noteworthy that chapter 13 has 43 verses which happens to be a prime.  The verse immediately before 43 with a prime numbers assigned to it as a verse number is 41 which is the 13th prime number.  Verse 41 of chapter 13 happens to be the 418th verse from the beginning of the Quran which has been assigned a prime as its verse number and 418 = 19 x 22.  Remember that 22 is the 13th composite.  Such is the design of the Almighty.


The sign described above does not distinguish if sura 9 has 127 or 129 verses.  But GOD insists upon perfecting His light [1].  If we look at only the number of primed number verses in those chapter who already have a prime numbers as their total number of verses, we find four such chapters.  These are chapters 1, 9, 10, and 13 that have 7, 109, 127, and 43 verses respectively.  The number of verses with a prime assigned as the verse number in these 4 chapters add up to 78 which is the coefficient of 19 in the number of initials in chapter 13.  Note this time that chapter 9 had to have 127 verses.  All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.


Quran, Complete and Fully Detailed


…Wa Al-hukmu Lellah, Al-Alee’e Al-Kabeer - - 40:12

...And The Judgment is With GOD, The Most High, The Supreme


GOD in His infinite wisdom keeps people in this world for a predetermined period in order to thoroughly test them and expose people’s true convitions.  People say that they believe, but GOD is not through with them and their test is not over until the day their lives are terminated in this world.  Many people who claim that they follow the Quran and believe tht it is fully detailed are actually offering lip service.  Some people actually twist the meaning of “clear” verses in the quran to prove that the Almighty calls Himself with a name which is actually below His Dignity.  They claim that GOD refers to Himself as “akbar” (greater) in the Quran.  They cite verse such as 9:72, which refers to GOD’s approval being greater, 29:45, which states that GOD’s remembrance is greater in the contact prayers and finally 40:10 where it states that GODs abhorrence is greater towards them than their own abhorrence towards themselves.  Note that in none of these verses or any other place in the Quran does GOD refer to Himself as “akbar”.  They therefore attribute a lie to GOD, informing Him that they know better than GOD and can describe Him more accurately and even try to inform GOD that they can compose better Arabic that Him.  These approaches have been taken in the past and resulted in names for GOD that are below His Dignity.  They have actually concocted 99 names for GOD.  The traffic of erroneous and scientifically flawed counter arguments to GOD’s message on the internet and elsewhere has been enormous.  These arguments have no basis in the Quran.  This alone should have been sufficient for them.  GOD tells us in 17:111 to “extol” Him.  The best way to extol Him is the way He introduces Himself to us in the Quran as AL-KABEER.  Furthermore, their arguments have no basis in the Arabic grammar.  At least, these folks could have looked at “Al-Munjid”, (the famous dictionary of the Arabic language), had some references for their articles and acted in a more responsible manner.  However, we must remember that the Quran should have been sufficient for them, as it was for many people who are proclaiming that GOD is THE SUPREME (AL-KABEER) without any argument.  GOD tells us very specifically in 19:54 that He has cited all kinds of examples in this Quran (AL-QURAN in this verse it the 19th frequency of this word from the beginning of the Quran), but the human being is the most argumentative creature.  He further says that He has not left anything out of this Quran [2].  GOD also tells us that this book is fully detailed and GOD’s word is “complete” [3].  They can not stand it when someone advocates GOD by “Quran Alone” [4].  They like to mention someone else besides GOD ALONE to comfort themselves [5].


They have gone even further to confuse people by citing so-called mathematical proof as to why we should say Allahu Akbar.  Their flimsy mathematics is based on divisibility by 19 or addition of digits of a number to be equal to 19.  Their lack of knowledge of the field of “number theory” caused them to be a tool for GOD’s enemies and make a mockery of the true mathematical code of the Quran.  Due to their ignorance, they do not realize that 5.26% of all the numbers are divisible by 19 and the sum of the digits of another few percent of the numbers add up to 19.  This tells us that if one uses enough digits by arbitrarily concatenating them, then one is bound to produce a few numbers that possess such properties.  True believers should be on their highes state of alert not to fall for these tricks.  Satan, with GOD’s revelation of the ULTIMATE MATHEMATICS of the Quran, is attempting his best to make a mockery of the Quran.  The reader should realize that everything we have mentioned about GOD’s MOST BEAUTIFUL NAMES is from the Quran, the complete and fully detailed word of GOD, and every opposing view presented is from “outside” the Quran.  We should steadfastly persevere in the face of their utterances and continue to uphold GOD’s word, the Quran.



Another Awesome Mathematical Relation,

Chapter 9 has 127 Verses


Once again, we have awesome news of GOD’s Signs from His Revelation, the Quran.  This is truly an unending blessing for us.  Because GOD, the Almighty, The Most High, The Supreme, knows that we as His servants are faced with lots of criticism and are always faced by doubts, He sends stronger and stronger Signs to remove the traces of doubts from the hearts of the believers and those who are given knowledge [6].  There is no end to His Infinite Grace and it is beyond our wildest imagination, stretching beyond infinities.  Quran with its amazing expanse of the 19-based mathematical code glorifies its Author.  The Almighty will show His Signs in the horizons and within ourselves until we realize that the Quran is the Truth from Him [7].  This mathematics is beyond our capability and yet simple to understand.  Again, we must remember that GOD wills to ascertain that His messengers have delivered the messages of their Lord.  He is fully aware of their achievements and He has counted the number of all things and has assigned a number to everything [8].  Through these numbers, who have submitted to GOD’s magnificent system, GOD shows His Unending Grace and Beauty.


Saied Andalib noted the following mathematical sign by GOD’s leave and it is in conjunction with sura 9, the only sura in the Quran without the opening statement which precedes every other sura in the Quran.  This continuous Grace from GOD is a further demonstration of GOD’s knowledge of the secrets in the heavens and the earth.


Note that 127 is a prime number and it is the 31st prime.  Saied counted all the verses where the word GOD has been mentioned in sura 9 up to but not including verse 31 and found 11 such verses.  Note that the 11th prime is 31 and the 1131st prime is 9127, confirming that chapter 9 has 127 verses.  After verse 31 there are 43 verses where the word GOD has been mentioned only once, and 1143 is equal to 9 x 127, again confirming that sura 9 has 127 verses.  The reader is invited to read verse 9:31 and verify it for him/herself where GOD tells us to watch out for distortions and distorters.  All praises are due to GOD, creator of all things.


The American Mathematical Society Meeting


The American Mathematical Society meeting was held from April 19-21, 1996 here on the Louisiana State University Campus in Baton Rouge.  I presented the result of the studies on Twin Prime Companions (TPC) and the talk was well received.  I then elaborated that the idea of TPC/s is from the Quran and the talk was generally well received and by GOD’s grace, I established some contact amongst mathematicians.  The point is that now the mathematicians know about the Ultimate Mathematics of the Quran.  The rest is according to GOD’s will.  The abstract of my talk has been published in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society.




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