Volume 3 No. 6, August 1995

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GOD's Laws

Letter from the editor

GOD created everything without any flaw and we are invited to look at the creation of The Most Gracious over and over, only to be humbled and subdued by His flawless creation [1]. As our knowledge of GODís creation increases according to His will, we therefore become more and more responsible to behave in a more righteous way in order to please our Creator. GOD informs us in the Quran that when He commanded the heavens and the earth to come into existence, they were given the option to come "willingly" or "unwillingly", to which they responded that they will come "willingly" [2]. This shows that these awesome creations have completely submitted to GOD. GOD, then inspired the laws for every universe and these are the physical laws that we observe in nature today. We must remember that GODís laws are perfect and they must be models for us in order to be happy and content in this life as well as preparing ourselves for the hereafter.

As a physicist, in studying and teaching properties of atoms, nuclei and particles, I was always fascinated by the so-called "Pauli Exclusion Principle", which in essence, states that no two like objects can occupy the same space. GODís laws tells us that "strength" of atoms, nuclei and particles as a community existing in harmony is because of their internal differences. Let me explain how. The hydrogen atom is the simplest atom in the universe. It contains one proton and one electron. If one is to make a helium atom, we have to have two protons in the nucleus and two electrons. First, we investigate the second electron. The second electron occupying the same neighborhood can be exactly like the first electron and has to be different. The second electron must possess opposite "spin" in order to be able to form the Helium atom.

Now let us look at the nucleus. Remember that we need two protons to make the nucleus of the Helium atom. One can not put two protons even with opposite spins in the nucleus, we must "include" a second particle called "neutron" in order for the nucleus "community" to survive. Neutrons are very different from protons by not having any electrical charge. It turns out that the stable Helium nucleus must have two protons and two neutrons. If we compare the strength of the nucleus to that of the atom, we note that the nuclear strength is one million times greater than that of the atom.

If we go one step further inside the proton or the neutron, we find even smaller objects, called quarks. We find that there are three quarks inside the proton. Now this time, it is not enough only for the spins and the electric charges to be different, but the quarks must possess different "color" and "flavor", in order to form a "strong", and "harmonious" community called the proton. Now let us see how strong this community is. This time we can not compare to the strength of the nucleus, since the strength is so high that no free quark has ever been observed.

Why all these differences? It turns out that such arrangement of "unlike" objects as building blocks for the entire universe is the most economical way of construction of all things. This is why GOD does not love wastefulness and He warns us about not being wasteful. We must remember that all these particles are constituents of our universe including our physical bodies. These objects have fully submitted to GODís laws. This is how GOD created His colorful creation. He requires differences to be the source of strength and beauty.

We as humans always complain about our misfortune and we seldom conform to GODís laws. How can we be happy and prosperous outside GODís laws. People segregate themselves according to class, race, color, and any other differences small or large, while as we just noted GOD has decreed integration. Millions of people are killed and maimed because people do not like the way GOD has created us. These are the objectors and GOD has decreed "SUBMISSION" as a requirement for all the people. The problem of objection to GODís system not only brings us misery in this temporary life, but it will forever buy us the eternal agony of being eliminated from GODís kingdom GOD describes this state of existence as "Hell". Note that as Quran describes GODís presence as it is in Heaven as "intolerable inferno" [3] and would be worse than Hell for the disbeliveers. One can think of creation of Hell by GOD as an extension of His Infinite Mercy for creatures who eternally object to GODís System.


Another Awesome Mathematical Relation

Once again, we have awesome news of GODís Signs from His Revelation, the Quran. This is truly an unending blessing for us humans. Because GOD, The Almighty, The Most High, The Supreme, knows that we as His servants are faced with lots of criticisms and are always faced by doubts. He sends stronger and stronger Signs to remove the traces of doubts from the hearts of the believers and those who are given knowledge [4]. There is no end to His Infinite Grace and it is beyond our wildest imagination stretching beyond infinities. Quran with its amazing expanse of the 19-based mathematical code glorifies its Author, The Almighty will show His Signs in the horizons and within ourselves until we realize that the Quran is the Truth from Him [5]. This mathematics is beyond our capability and yet simple to understand. Again, we must remember that GOD wills to ascertain that His messengers have delivered the messages of their Lord. He is fully aware of their achievements and He has counted the number of all things and has assigned a number to everything [6]. Through these numbers, who have submitted to GODís magnificent system, GOD shows His Unending Grace and Beauty.

The mathematical Signs we are about to witness together are in conjunction with sura 19, the only sura in the Quran with five (5) letters in its set of initials (K.H.Y.A.S). Note again that the base of these Ultimate Mathematics is number 19 as it is described by GOD in the Quran [7]. This continuous Grace from GOD is a further demonstration of GODís knowledge of the secrets in the heavens and the earth. In the following Table, the initialed suras are shown up to and including sum 19 and their corresponding number of numbered verses are listed.

Table I

Initialed Sura Number Number of Numbered Verses

2 286
3 200
7 206
10 109
11 123
12 111
13 43
14 52
15 99
19 1 19:1 K.H.Y.A.S

If we add all the numbered verses up to and including verse 19:1 we get 1230, which is the 42nd Twin Prime Companion (TPC). Reminding that TCPís are the composites sandwiched between a pair of twin primes. Note that this is a Grand Design by GOD, because the total number of all initial letters in chapter 19, i.e. Kís + Hís + Yís + Aís + Sís utilized in different words is 798 = 19 x 42. Note further that here a purely mathematical relation such as the index of a TPC is connected to the Quran. There is a further observation that the gematrical value of Rashad Khalifa is also 1230, since he was the person whom GOD chose to point out the 19-based mathematical code of the Quran. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.

More Signs From GOD

Sura 42 is the only sura in the Quran with two sets of initials. Two issues ago [8], we all saw that 4271st numbered verse from the beginning of the Quran, is the H.M. verse of chapter 42. We also witnessed that the total frequency of all Hís and Mís utilized in sura 42 is 353 which is the 71st prime and hence, 4271. This is a great Sign by itself, however GODís Signs are never ending. We know that 42 is related to 19, since there are 798 = 42 x 19 total frequency of the initial letters K.H.Y.A.S in sura 19. If we look at all the "positionally partitionable numbers", we find that 4271 is the 42nd 19th positionally partitionable number. This is the design of The Almighty. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.

More Signs From GOD

Allah, Al-Aleeo Al-Kabeer

Chapter 40 is the first of the seven H.M., initialed suras, and the only sura in the Quran where the phrase "ALLAHU WAHADHU", or "GOD ALONE" has been mentioned twice, 40:12 and 40:84. Neither of these verses are good news for the disbeliveers. Please read them and see how the disbeliveers will be dealt with by GOD. In 40:12, the verse ends with the phrase that the "JUDGEMENT IS WITH GOD, THE MOST HIGH, THE SUPREME". In Arabic it is "FALHUKMU LeLLAHE AL_ALEEEí AL-KABEER". We see that this important verse is mathematically positioned by GOD to control the total number of Hís and Mís in all seven H.M. initialed chapters which we know is 2147 = 19 x 113. If we count all the numbered verses from the beginning of the Quran, we find that 40:12 is the 4143rd numbered verse. We know that there are 8 mentions of the word AL-KABEER in the entire Quran. It turns out that 4143 is 2147 written in base 8. This is the Greatness of GOD, The Most High, The Supreme (Al-ALEEO ALKABEER).


The American Mathematical Society Meeting

The American Mathematical Society meeting is being held from April 19-21, 1996 here on the Louisiana State University Campus in Baton Rouge. My talk is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on the 21st of April, InshaAllah. Saied and I are attending the entire Conference to get feedback from mathematicians regarding the Ultimate Mathematics of the Quran, GOD willing. The abstract of my talk will appear InshaAllah in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society.


Meeting in Baton Rouge

The meeting, announced last month, here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 17 and 18, 1996, InshaAllah is still on. The main point to this meeting is a get-together of the sincere believers who worship GOD Alone. We will also discuss the Infinite Grace of GOD through His continuous expansion of the Ultimate Mathematics by which we can commemorate GOD frequently. If you wish to attend InshaAllah, please drop us a note.

A Note

A Farsi translation of the Quran by Behruz Mofidi is available. Interested parties should contact him directly in order to obtain more information. His address/phone number is:

P.O. Box 251902

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tel: (310) 262-7838



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