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Volume 3 no. 5, July 1995


Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Adherence to the Quran


Letter from the editor:


In the past two and half years, since the inception of the Journal of Submission by GOD’s leave, we have tried to completely adhere to the Quran as the only source for our articles. This GOD authorized policy has not been always popular with groups of people who insist that Quran is not complete and fully detailed and explanations are required in order to understand it.  We as submitters have to be on our highest state of alert not to fall for Satan’s tricks.  We have to be objective [1] and sincere [2] students of the Quran and do not stretch our imaginations to qualify statements made by GOD that we do not understand at a given time [3].


In this Journal, we have made several Quranic declarations that have not been well received and not too many have made a firm stance with GOD.  We have declared that the phrase “Allaho Akbar” is not in the Quran and GOD introduces Himself to us as “ALKABEER” or “The Supreme”, The people who attacked us never gave anyone any proof why we should not say “ALLAHO-ALKABEER”.  We must remember that the knowledge has come us to now and if we do not have a Quranic reason, we must obey GOD and refrain from informing Him who He is.  This is adherence to the Quran.


We also talked about circumcision.  This ritual is not in the Quran as a requirement for submission.  GOD says very specifically that He is creating a human being from clay, once He “perfected” him an blew into him from His Spirit, the angles have to fall prostrate to him [4].  GOD tells us that He is creating a “perfect” man with all bodily parts in tact.  As far as the Quran is concerned circumcision is not required by the Almighty, our Creator.  Our source has to be the Quran and we must remember that rituals that do not conform to the Quran, must be man-made.  We, therefore, have to check them carefully and make sure that we are not stretching our imagination.

We talked about Qibla (direction we face during contact prayer).  Although, we had rigorous mathematical proof that from North America, the direction is North East (NE), and GOD commands us to face the Sacred Mosque, wherever we are, we were attached for standing with GOD[5].  When we verified that Rashad in Tucson, prayed NE, the most blatantly blasphemous response was and is that Rashad choose that direction because the room was facing that direction and therefore, it was the most convenient direction for the congregation!  This is the level of reasoning of the groups who have a new “sunna”.  Our request from sincere believers is that they should at least verify these facts for themselves and/or ask the experts.  However, once they found the truth, there is no room for disobedience to GOD.  We have to obey Him and FACE THE SACRED MOSQUE AS WE ARE COMMANDED TO DO.


We must remember that GOD is our Lord and Master, and be warned that if we fall into idol-worship, there is no way out.  We have to constantly examine ourselves and find out where we stand.  We have to ask GOD to help us in this Endeavour.  We all make mistakes, we have to repent and ask GOD for forgiveness, He forgives us for He is the “EXPANDER OF FORGIVENESS” [6].  Our ego gets in the way and Satan invites us to wrong path.  We must know that, Satan has no power over us, and remember that he was the one who was to fall prostrate by GOD’s Command to Adam as GOD’s appointee on earth and he refused to do so.  He did not conform to GOD’s System, invited Adam to do the same and Adam obeyed Satan, instead the other way around, and therefore, Adam also did not conform to GOD’s System and we are here as a consequence of our disobedience to GOD.  We must remember that GOD creates things for a specific purpose and reason and according to His Infinite Wisdom.  We have to trust Him and submit to Him in order to be able to conform to His System, which happens to be the best possible one.  We shall fall prostrate to Him while we are whole and able, so we would be able to accomplish the requirement o prostration on the day of Judgement.  On that day we have no choice, and hopefully we would not be among those who are unable to fall prostrate, InshaAllah. [7]



Another Awesome Mathematical Relation


Once again, we have awesome news of GOD’s Signs from His EVER-EXPANDING FORGIVENESS upon us humans.  There is no end to His Forgiveness and it is beyond our wildest imagination stretching beyond infinites.  Quran with its amazing expanse of the 19-based mathematical code glorifies and magnifies its Author; the Almighty speaks to us through mathematics beyond our capability, yet simple to understand.  Again, we must remember that GOD has counted the number of all things and has assigned a number to everything [1].  Through these numbers, who have submitted to GOD’s magnificent system, GOD shows His Unending Grace and Beauty.


The mathematical Signs we are about to witness together are in conjunction with sura 19, the only sura in the Quran with five (5) letters in its set of initials (K.H.AY.A.S).  In the following table, the initialed suras are shown up to and including sura 27.


Table I


Sura Number




























If you count all the numbered verses up to and including sura 19 we get 2346, which is the 1998th composite and we know that chapter 19 has 98 verses.  Now the new Sign is how 2346 breaks down into initialed and un-initialed verses from the beginning of the Quran.  We call all of the verses in the initialed suras as initialed verses and all of the verses in the un-initialed suras as un-initialed verses.  Therefore, the sum of un-initialed verses up to sura 19 is:


            7 + 176 + 120 + 165 + 75 + 127 + 128 + 111 + 110  =1019


From Table I, note that the 10th initialed sura is number 19.  Glory be to GOD.


If we do the same exercise on the initialed verses we get:


            286 + 200 + 206 + 109 + 123 + 111 + 43 + 52 + 99 + 98 =1327


Again from Table I, note that the 13th initialed sura is number 27.  Praise be to GOD.  These Signs are fixing the position of suras 19 and 27 (the only suras with two opening statements) and relating them to number of initialed and un-initialled verses up to sura 19 which is the base of the Quranic mathematical code.  Note that these numbers also insure that chapter 9 must have 127 verses.


More Signs from GOD


Sura 42 is the only sua in the Quran with two sets of initials.  The second verse contains 3 initials, A.S.Q. and there are 209 A’s + S’s + Q’s in this sura which is 19 x 11.  Saied, by GOD’s grace counted all the verses in this sura where all three letters are utilized, he found out that there are 19 such verses in sura 42.  There is truly no end to GOD’s Grace.  Readers who are familiar with Arabic language can easily verify this Sign for themselves.  The 19th such verse has 3 A’s, 4 S’s and 2 Q’s, which makes 342 = 18 x 19.  Remember that the sum of sura numbers from 9 (the missing opening statement) to 27 (the extra opening statement) is 342.  The first 8 verse numbers where all three initials are mentioned adds up to 98 and the total number of Q’s is 19.  Remember that sura 19 has 98 verses and the 8th prime is number 19 and that 8 words “GOD” has been mentioned in sura 19.  Also note that the letter Q, sequentially is the 19th Arabic letter.  GOD be glorified.


More Signs from GOD


As mentioned in the above article, the initials in sura 42 are unique in the Quran since there two sets of initials.  We all witnessed by GOD’ Grace in the last issue of this Journal that 42:1, H.M. is the 4271st numbered verse from the beginning of the Quran and 4271 is the 114th twin prime and it controls the number of H’s + M’s in this sura [8].


Now if we look at the initialed verses from the beginning of the Quran, we find that 42:1 is the 2374th such verse.  Note that 74th revelation is chapter 23, entitled “The Believers” and 42 is the 23rd initialed sura.  Also note that 74 is the sura where number 19 is mentioned.  This is the Greatness of GOD, The Most High, The Supreme (AL-ALEEO AL-KABEER).


Meeting in Baton Rouge


The meeting, announced last month, here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 17 and 18, 1996 InshaAllah is still on.  The main point to this meeting is a get-together of the sincere believers who worship GOD Alone.  We will also discuss the Infinite Grace of GOD through His continuous expansion of the Ultimate Mathematics by which we can commemorate GOD frequently.  If you wish to attend InshaAllah, please drop us a note.


A Note


A Farsi translation of the Quran by Behruz Mofidi is available.  Interested parties should contact him directly in order to obtain more information.  His address/phone numbers is:


P.O. Box 251902

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Tel: (310) 262-7838




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