Volume 3 No. 3, May 1995

Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808


Letter from the Editor:

GOD’s infinite grace is as always, the genesis for new revelations to expand the role of the mathematical miracle of the Quran. Every word in the Quran is numbered and GOD has counted the number of all things and has assigned a number to everything [1]. GOD informs us that the sun and moon are perfectly calculated [2]. When we read these verses in the Quran, we must believe GOD for He is the Truth and the truth is what He utters. Remember that the Quran ‘s mathematical structure is based on the number 19. However, this does not mean that the code is based on the "divisibility" by 19 only. People who believe this do not understand GOD and have not realized His omnipotence. If we count the number of words "Al-Qamar" or "The Moon" from the beginning of the Quran we find the 19th such word in 54:1 [3], referring to the moon-landing in 1969. In 54:2 GOD tells us about the 19-based mathematical code of the Quran and how people ignored it and called it old magic.

Verse 54:1 is connected to 74:30 where we find the number 19 explicitly mentioned. Note that number 541 is a prime number and it happens to be the 100th prime number. Number 100 happens to be the 74th composite (nonprime) number and it is the 30th number mentioned in the Quran. Therefore, GOD mathematically guides us to the 74:30 and the number 19. Note that 30 is the 19th composite.

In 74:31 GOD tells us why the number 19 was assigned by Him. The last reason is given to expose the doubters and the disbeliveers. Again the word "Al Kaferoon" or "the disbeliveers" mentioned in this verse is the 19th such word from the beginning of the Quran. Another warning to such people. In 74:32 GOD takes an oath by "The Moon". If you read sura 54, GOD keeps repeating that He has made the Quran easy to learn, does any one wish to learn? GOD also warns the people about how terrible His retribution is after the warnings.

The 19th frequency of the word "AShams" or "The Sun" coincides with the 11th frequency of the word "The Moon" in 29:61. Remember that 11 is the 19th number mentioned in the Quran. The number 11 mentioned in sura 12 verse 4, is in conjunction with Joseph’s dream and the eleven planets of our solar system [4].

This is GOD’s awesome power beyond our comprehension, with a mathematics unknown to our present day knowledge of mathematics. The ultimate challenge that GOD poses to people who continue to "doubt" in the "COMPLETENESS" of the Quran, is to bring "ONE CHAPTER" like this if they are truthful [5]

54.1 Ultimate Mathematics Continued

Well, it seems that there is no end to Quran’s mathematical code. The more we look into the Quran, and the more we study it, the more we find out about GOD’s absolute and infinite authority. When I looked at all the verses where the words "the sun" and "the moon" are mentioned together there are 18 such verses. These numbers are tabulated in the following table:

Frequency of the Moon" and "the Sun" Chapter. Verse [3]

1 6:96
2 7:54
3 10:5
4 12:4
5 13:2
6 14:33
7 16:12
8 21:33
9 22:18
10 29:61
11 31:29
12 35:13
13 36:40
14 39:5
15 41:37
16 41:37
17 55:5
18 71:16
19 75:9

Note that although there are only 18 verses, there are 19 frequencies. These are not by accident. Note from the above article that the 19th frequency of the sun and the 11th frequency of the moon are in 29:6 1. From the above table, we see that the 10th frequency of the sun and the moon mentioned together, is 29:61. Note that the 10th prime is 29 and 61 is the 18th prime, hence the 18 verses in the above table. Note that in the first verse 6:96, when the sun and the moon are mentioned, GOD tells us that these heavenly bodies are calculation devices and the last mention in 75:9 are when the cosmos expires and the sun and the moon crash into one another. All praises are due to GOD, the Creator of all things.

54.1 Ultimate Mathematics Continued

Milan by the grace of GOD, noted the following properties of 2961 and its relation to key Quranic numbers such as 9127.

a) Number l9llth "Positionally Partitionable" number is 1931 and 29:61 is the 1931st initialed verse.

b) In the 9 verses where ‘the sun’ is mentioned by herself (up to 29:61), the sura numbers add up to 151 and the verse numbers add up to 806. Note that 806 = 13 x 62.

Furthermore, the 1362nd numbered verse is 9:127 and 9127 is the ll3lst prime number, finally, the 1131st initialed verse is 15:1. Therefore, we are back to 151, which is the sum of the sura numbers.

c) "The sun" and "the moon" are mentioned together in 10 verses (up to and

including 29:61). The 10th initialed sura is sura 19, which has 798 initials, and the

798th Positionally Partitionable number is 806. Note the sum of the verse numbers from part a).

d) When we add up all the sura and verse numbers where ‘the sun’ and ‘the moon’ have been mentioned up to 29:61, we get 1508, which is the 1490th Positionally Partitionable number and the 1490th numbered verse is 11:19. GOD be praised, The Creator of all things.

The Greatest Criterion

In verse 39:45 of the Quran, GOD has provided a litmus test in order to expose people who do not believe in the hereafter. GOD tells us that the hearts of these people shrinks with aversion when GOD ALONE is mentioned, but when others are mentioned besides Him, they rejoice. Saied has been instrumental by GOD’s grace in finding mathematical coding regarding this verse. Every new mathematical miracle in the Quran carries with it huge responsibility and we have to be very careful not to fall into idol-worship.

Saied counted all the verses in sura 39, where the word GOD has been mentioned only once and found out that the verse 39:45 is the 19th verse in chapter 39, where the word GOD has been mentioned "once". We already know from this journal that 39 is the 19th uninitiated sura and the 45th uninitiated sura is chapter 74 and that 74 is the chapter where the number 19 has been mentioned.

These miracles are stern warnings to the idol-worshipers who continuously insist upon mentioning other names besides GOD. These names could be a thing such as the world or a human such as Jesus, Muhammad or the Saints. Their persistence signifies that GOD is not sufficient for them and they try to frighten you with their idols [6]. GOD tells us that they do not believe in the hereafter, although they may insist that they do.

Remember that GOD continuously gives us signs beyond our wildest imagination. We should for our own good fall prostrate to GOD and thank Him for His blessings. GOD gives us the examples of the disciples of Jesus, when they asked Jesus if his Lord can send them a feast from the sky? When the feast came by GOD’s command, their responsibility increased and GOD warned them in no uncertain term’s [7].

GOD tells us that the mathematical code of the Quran is more than ten times greater than the previous miracle’s [8] and our responsibility is much greater than the previous generations.

Ultimate Mathematics Continued

The count of verses where the word GOD has been mentioned once plays an important role in the second sura. The 19th such verse is number 67 and 67 is the 19th prime. Note that 2 is the first prime and 2:67 is a concatenation of the first prime and the 19th prime. The 267th prime happens to be 1709 which coincides with the gematrical values of the Quranic initials and signifies the number of years after Hijra and the end of the world. The 23rd such verse is verse 74. Remember that the 74th sura revealed is sura 23. The 23rd number in the Quran is number 30 and 74:30 is where the number 19 is mentioned. GOD be praised.

After, I sent the above to Milan, he noted the following items by GOD’s grace:

a) The 267th prime is 1709, their sum is 1976, and the 1976th "Positionally Partitionable" number is 1998. The 1998th composite is 2346, and 19:98 is the 2346th numbered verse, 2346 is the 2321st Positionally Partitionable number, 2321 is the 1976th composite, 1976 is the 1677th composite, and 16:77 is the 1976th numbered verse.

b) 2:67 is the 74th numbered verse, and 267+74=341, 2:67 is the 67th numbered verse in sura 2, and 267+67=334, and 3:41 is the 334th numbered verse, and 19 x 334 = 6346, which is the total number of verses in the Quran.

c) The sura numbers and the verse numbers of these 19 verses add up to 638, 6:38 is the 34 1st untilled numbered verse, and GOD says that ‘We did not leave anything out of this book." Note that 341 = 11 x 31 and the 113 1st prime is 9127.

d) When you add the sura and ayat numbers twice where God is mentioned twice in the ayat, they add up to 821, which is the rank of the composite 988 (Al-Bayeenah or the proof), 988+821=1809 and the 1809th numbered ayat is 15:9, which says that God will ‘protect’ the Quran.

e) 821 is the 142nd prime, 82 1-142 = 679, and 679 x 19 = 12901. When we add up the numbers of all 114 suras in the Quran and the number of ayat’s in each of these suras, we get 12901, which is 679 x 19. GOD be praised.


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