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Volume 2 no. 11, January 1995


Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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We Have to Submit to GOD


The Awesomeness of the Quran

The Number of “Dots”


Letter from the Editor:


GOD has promised in the Quran that He will show His signs in the horizons and within themselves until they realize that this is the truth from Him [1].  GOD also declares that He possesses the most powerful argument [2].  Therefore, every time people come up with an excuse to refute GOD’s mathematical miracle of the Quran, GOD produces a more powerful miracle.  We know that in the Arabic alphabet, there are some letters that have “dots” and some are “dotless”. Well, again we are in for a treat by our Creator to strengthen our faith.  We, therefore, should praise Him, glorify Him, and maginify Him day and night to come ever closer to Him.


The Number of “DOTS” as Well as Their Positions Conform

With the 19-Based mathematical Code of the Quran


We start with the Opener.  If we count the dots from the beginning, and get to verse number 5 we reach the 19th “dot” in the Quran.  Appropriately, and as a warning the 19th “dot” is assigned to the Arabic work “NAABUDO” or “Worship”.  The letter “NuN” in Arabic has a dot and when we put it in front of a verb, it means “we”.  By doing this we make a declaration that worshiping Him alone is our intent and deed and we have to stick by it for GOD has mathematically coded this beyond our wildest imagination and we will be responsible to our Creator on the day of judgment.


The 23rd “dot” is on the “NuN” of “NASTAEEN”.  We declare that from GOD alone “we” ask for help.  Again, we are committing ourselves to a declaration and we better, for our own good, stick by it.  Note that 23 is 19 written in base 8.


GOD tells us in the Quran that we should say that we believe in what was revealed to the previous messengers as well as what is revealed to us [3].  It just happens to be true that believers behave the same no matter who they are or when they lived.  We know that GOD says that His system is unchangeable [4].  Let us see what GOD commanded Jesus to say about this in the Bible:


Matthew 5:17-19

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.  For truly, I say to you that until the heaven and the earth pass away, not an iota, not a “dot”, will pass from the law until all is accomplished” [5]


It is interesting tha the word “dot” has been mentioned explicitly in the above Biblical verse.  We know that GOD has counted the number of all things [6].  He is the one who has preserved the Quran and continues to do so [7].  When GOD gives us such an assurance, we have to believe that every facet of this unique book is divinely controlled. Let us praise GOD.


There are 56 dots in the first sura and 56 is a very interesting number.  It is the index of 78 and the product of the digits in 78 is equal to its index, meaning 7 x 8 = 56.  The index of 56 is 39 and 39 is half of 78, meaning 39 x2 =78.  Milan looked up verse 56:78 and it says “IN A PROTECTED BOOK”.  Glory be to GOD.


Divine Control of the Letters

“Dotted” Letters and “Dot less” Letters


As I mentioned in the previous segment, the frequency of every “dot” in the Quran is mathematically coded.  We learn from this segment that the number of “dotted” letters and “dot less” letters in the Quran is also mathematically coded beyond our meager imagination.  This design, can not be initiated by anyone but GOD ALONE.  There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet.  Some have dots and some are dot less.  It happens that in the Opener, chapter 1, there are a total of 38 dotted letters.  When we say “YOU ALONE WE WORSHIP AND YOU ALONE WE ASK FOR HELP”, this very important statement has 19 Arabic letters and its gematrical value is 836 = 19 x 44.  The last “NuN” in “NASTAEEN” possesses the 28th “dot” in the Quran and this “NuN” happens to be the 19th “dotted” letter in the Quran.  Let us glorify GOD.  Note that 28 in the second “perfect number” in mathematics and it is the number of letters in the Arabic alphabet.


The 19th “un-dotted” letter in the Quran is the letter “HA” in the word “ALHAMDU” meaning “praise be”.  The gematrical or sequential value of “HA” in Arabic is 8.  Remember that the 8th prime number is 19.  GOD is in full control of all things.


Divine Control of the Quranic Initials

We know that the total number of A’s + L’s + M’s in chapter 2, the first initialed sura in the Quran, is 9899 or 19 x 521.  We have explored previously the importance of 521 [8] and I will try to repeat it here in order to refresh the reader’s memory.  The number 521 is a prime number and it is the 98th prime.  It has very unique permutation group properties. By this we mean:


            125, 152, 215, 251, 512, 521


Only one of these numbers is a multiple of 19 and it is 152 = 8 x 19.  Only two of these are primes and they are: 251 and 521.  Their indices are 54 and 98, respectively.  If we add them up we get:


            54 + 98 = 152 = 8 x 19


Also knot that if we concatenate 19 and 8 we get 198.  The index of this composite is 152 = 19 x 8.  Therefore, we see the unique mathematical properties of 521 and we get a feel for why this prime number is the coefficient of 19 in sura two.  Let us praise GOD.


Saied, recently looked at sura 2, verse 152.  Note that 152 is the number that is being reproduced and we take it as the “identity” element in the permutation group described above.  We also know that sura 23, the first initialed sura has the initials A, L, and M.  Saied simply counted the number of A’s, L’s, and M’s in verse 152 and he found out that there are 5 A’s, 2 L’s, and 1 M in this verse or the number 521, the coefficient of 19 is again reproduced by the group identity element 152.


These findings, by GOD’s leave make us feel insignificant and small beyond description.  We have no way out, we come from GOD and we go back to Him [8].  Everything that GOD says is for our own good.  It does not matter to GOD if everyone on earth disbelieves, for GOD is Rich, Praiseworthy [9].  For our own good, we must abandon worshiping and commemorating insignificant human idols.  In other words, We Have to Submit to GOD.  We have to worship GOD ALONE and commemorate Him frequently.


The Seven Pairs


We know that in sura 15, verse 87, GOD says that “We have given you the seven pairs and the great Quran”.  Chapter 15 is an initialed sura and its initials are A, L, and R.  We already know that these seven pairs refer to the fourteen (14) sets of Quranic initials.  These Quranic initials are made up of fourteen (14) letters of the Arabic alphabet.  Note here that this verse is mentioned in the ALR initialed sura, so the key here are the letters A, L, and R in verse 87.  Saied, by GOD’s grace found the number of A’s, L’s, and R’s are 9, 3, and 2, in 15:87, respectively.  If we add these numbers up we get 14 or the “seven pairs” again. Glory be to GOD.


Another Relation Between 9 and 27 Through 19


We know that sura 9 is the only chapter in the Quran that does not begin with the opening statement preceeding every other sura in the Quran.  This opening statement is compensated latter in chapter 27.  This divine design has far reaching implications and is controlled in many ways to sh9ow us that GOD knows the “secret” in the heavens and the earth.  This time this relation manifests itself through the initials of these suras.  Note that sura 9 has no initials.  Therefore, let us look at the sura 19.  It has 798 K’s + H’s + Y’s + A’s + S”s.  Sura 27 has 27 T’s and 94 S’s for a total of 121.  If we add 798 and 121 23 get:


            798 + 121 = 919!


This prime number actually tells us that we count 19 suras from sura 9 and we get 27 where we find the missing opening statement.  Furthermore, the word GOD number 1131 is mentioned in 9:19.  Note that 1131st prime is 9127 and chapter 9 has 127 verses.  I let the reader read this verse for him/herself.  Let us praise GOD.


Milan’s Visit


Milan will be coming to Baton rouge next week, GOD willing.  We will discuss his findings on the “PARTITION ABLE” primes/composites and he will give a talk to a small group here.  We will be doing all these, GOD willing, of course.




In last month issue, by mistake in the opening article, I referred to 197 as the 46th prime.  It is actually the 45th prime.  The number 197 is not only 114 plus its index 83, but as Milan pointed out to me latter it is 197 minus its index 45 to equal to 152 or 8 x 19. Glory be to GOD.




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