Volume 2 No. 10, December 1994

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The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Although to GOD belongs the most beautiful names [1], in the very first verse of the Quran, He has chosen to introduce Himself to us as The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. We are very blessed beyond any imagination, for GOD is giving us the good news that it is never too late to ask for forgiveness, because He is The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. We all witnessed before that GOD’s most beautiful names do also conform with the sophisticated Quranic mathematics [2]. The words, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful or The Most Merciful have been mentioned in the Quran 57 and 114 times, respectively. Note that "The Most Merciful" has been mentioned 34 times and "Most Merciful’ is mentioned 80 times. The last frequency of the word The Most Gracious is in sura 78, verse 38 and the last frequency of the word Most Merciful is sura 73 verse 20. If we add these chapter numbers and verse numbers, we get:

78+38+73+20 = 209


209 = 11 x 19

Note that 11 here is not by accident. It happens that the 19th, number in the Quran is number 11

which has been mentioned only once in the Quran in chapter 12, verse 4, in association with 11

planets and Joseph’s dream.

It is interesting if we look at the frequency of the word "The Most Merciful", we find that the last such mention of this word occurs in sura 59 verse 22. If we add these numbers to 78:38 where the last occurrence of the word "The Most Gracious" occurs, we obtain:

78+38+59+22 = 197.

The number 197 is the 46th prime number but more important, it is the sum of a very interesting composite and its index. That composite happens to be 114. We then have:

114 + 83 = 197

God is truly "THE DESIGNER" [3].

The Most Merciful

As I mentioned in the previous segment, the frequency of every word in the Quran is mathematically designed. This design, can not be initiated by anyone but GOD ALONE. There are 34 mentions of the word "The Most Merciful" in the Quran. I remind you from the past issues [4] that the 83rd "Most Merciful" or "The Most Merciful" counted as though they were the same occurs in chapter 30. Now in this issue we examine the frequency of "The Most Merciful" up to chapter 30. Remember that 30 is the 19th composite. If we do this we find that the 24th "The Most Merciful" occurs in chapter 30, verse 5. In this verse, we also find the 1906th frequency of the word GOD. If we add the numbers for the frequencies of the word GOD and the word "the Most Merciful we get:

1906 + 24 = 1930.

Note that the 19th composite is number 30 and "The Most Merciful" has been mentioned only once in sura 30. Let us praise GOD.

Awesome Mathematics Proves Again

Sura 9 has 127 Verses

GOD declares again as in so many ways that sura 9 has only 127 verses. This time GOD has a warning and explicitly exposes the falsifiers as disbeliveers in the hereafter. If we look at the number of verses from sura 9, where the missing opening statement occurs to the end of sura 27, where the missing opening statement is compensated, we have the following numbers:

127+409+123+111+43+52+99+128+111+ 110+98+135+112+78+118+64+

77+227+93 = 2015.

Note here that 2015 is a composite number and its index is 1709 [5]. Remember that 1709 is the total gematrical value of all of the initials in the Quran. This number refers to the seven pairs which signifies the number of lunar years that has to be completed before this physical universe expires willingly by GOD’s command. Furthermore, our Creator explicitly in His conservation with Moses mentions in 20:15 that:

"The Hour is surely coming, I keep it almost hidden, for each soul must be paid for its


Note that if sura 9 had 129 verses this Ultimate Mathematics would collapse. This is how GOD has coded the Quran and protected from the slightest distortion [6]. Truly, GOD is Omnipotent.

Relation between 19 and 68

The last initialed sura in the Quran is sura 68. If we add up all the sura numbers up to and including sura 68 we get 2346. This is called the "arithmetic progression" from 1 to 68. I show you how you can calculate it for any number. Assume the number you wish to calculate the arithmetic progression is N then the sum of all the numbers from 1 to N is:

S = N x (N + l) / 2

For example for N = 68, we have:

S = 68 x (68 + 1)/2 = 68 x 69/2 = 2346.

We also know sum of the verses from chapter 1 to 19 is 2346. The index of composite 2346 is 1998 and sura 19 has 98 verses [7]. Note here again that the number of numbered verses up to and including chapter 19 signifies 68 as a special sum, which we know as being the last initialed sura. I must emphasize here that this relation only holds if sura 9 has 127 verses. GOD is All Knowing.

The Religion

GOD inform us in the Quran that the only religion acceptable to Him is submission [8]. He also tells us that submission is the religion of our father Abraham, and he was the one who called us submitters originally. This information is contained in the last verse of sura 22 or 22:78. The number 2278 happens to be the arithmetic progression of 67 which is the 19th prime number. This means:

l+2+3+4+5……..+17……..+67 = 2278.

Or as in the above note:

S = 67 x 68/2 = 2278

It is interesting that the word "The Religion" (ALDEEN) is mentioned in this verse in the context that GOD has not put any burden on us in practicing our religion. This word "ALDEEN" happens to be the 19th frequency of this word from the beginning of the Quran. Now we have seen that everything in the Quran has been designed by GOD so intricately that absolutely boggles the mind. The reader can verify this Quranic fact from any of the published concordances of the Quran [9]. Let us praise GOD.


The Disbeliveers (Al-Kaferoon)

GOD tells us in sura 74 verse 30 that "on it is 19". He gives us 5 reasons as to why the number 19 was chosen. The fifth or the last reason given by GOD is to expose the people who harbor doubt and "The Disbeliveers", for they say "what did GOD mean by this allegory?" [10]. There are several ways one can make plural for a noun in Arabic. For example the word "The Disbeliveers" can be either "Al-Kaferoon" or "Al-Kafereen". We know that every word in the Quran is mathematically composed in order to prove to us that the Quran is the unaltered word of our Creator. It happens that the word "Al-Kaferoon" used here in conjunction for the 19-based mathematical code of the Quran is the 19th such word from the beginning of the Quran. The reader can verify this from any of the published concordances of the Quran [9].


[1] Quran, 59:21-24


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