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Volume 2 no. 9, November 1994


Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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These Are the Miracles of This Book of Wisdom [1]


Quran is a unique work of literature, because of its Quranic initials.  No other book in the entire history  possess such a unique characteristic.  We know a lot about these Quranic initials by now [2], but GOD’s miracles are infinite dimensional and there are no end to them.  There are 29 initialed chapters in the Quran.  Every one of these chapters in prefixed with a specific number of letters.  For example, the initial for sura 2 is composed of 3 letters and so on [3].  If we count these letters for all initialed suras until sura 68, we get 79.  But why the prime number 79?  Remember that if we add the chapter numbers for all the initialed suras we obtain 822.  Let us analyze 822 and find out more about GOD’s omnipotence.  First, note that 79 is the 22nd prime number and the reason for 22 in the number 822.  Furthermore, 8 is the index of prime number 19, therefore, 822 is the concatenation of the indices of 19 and 79.  Also note that 822 is a composite and its index happens to be 679.  If we add 822 to its index 679 we get:


            679 + 822 = 1501




            1501 = 19 x 79


Which takes us back to 8 and 22.  Let us praise GOD.  The important item to note is that if the number of initials in “NuN” –initialed sura 68 was assumed to be 1 instead of 2 which is the correct count, this ultimate mathematics would not have been achieved.  This immediately reminds one of vers 15:9, that GOD is the protector of the Quran.  Let us glorify GOD.


Happy Ramadan


The lunar month of fasting “Ramadan” is upon us again and it is time for the believers to commemorate GOD and develop their soul for a whole month.  The first day of Ramadan this year is January 31 and the last day is March 1.  The importance of fasting is emphasized in chapter 2 verse 185 in the Quran.  It is the best for us to fast during this month.  If for reasons of illness or travel, we are unable to fast, we should make up latter.  As a last resort if we are unable to make it up, then we shall feed one needy person for each day we have missed.  GOD does not wish hardship for us.  As GOD informs us in sura 22 verse 78, Submission, the religion of our father Abraham, is not a religion of hardship.  Note, the word “AL-DEEN” or religion in 22:78 is the 19th frequency of this word.


Friday Contact Prayer


GOD declares in the Quran the importance of the Friday congregational contact prayer.  It is so important that sura 62 is called “Friday”.  GOD emphasizes by commanding the believers that once they hear the call to prayer on Friday, they shall rush to commemorate GOD and drop all business at hand [4].  GOD further emphasizes that this is better for you if you only knew.  Since GOD is our only Lord and Master, He is the One who feeds us, promotes us, and makes us successful in our jobs or trades.  Many people do not think this way and this is why there is so much unhappiness in their lives.  If we obey GOD’s commands, we will be much better off.


The Most Gracious


Last month, by GOD’s grace we reported that GOD’s most beautiful names are mathematically coded beyond our imagination.  This month, we look at the word “The Most Gracious”.  We know that this word has been mentioned in the Quran 57 (19 x 3) times.  The 19th frequency of this word occurs in chapter 19, more specifically in verse 92.  Note that 92 is a composite and it happens to be the 67th composite and 67 is the 19th prime and 19 is the 8th prime.  In chapter 19 the word GOD has been mentioned 8 times. If we assume that 67 is written in base 8, then the decimal equivalent of 67 is 55, and sura 55 is called “The Most Gracious”.  Let us praise The Most Gracious.


The Shape of the Earth


GOD informs us in chapter 79 of the Quran that He made the earth “Egg-Shaped”.  A lot of people have learned briefly in school about the shape of the earth as being spherical with a little depression at the poles.  This shape is of course a well-known geometrical shape known as an “oblate spheroid”.  A set of measurements performed in the 19th century indicated that the diameter of the earth in the equatorial region is 41 kilometer (km) (25.5 miles) longer that the diameter in the polar region.  Note that the diameter of the earth is approximately 12,800 km.  More recent measurements performed in the twentieth century revels that the shape of the earth is more complex that a simple “oblate spheroid” thought previously [5].  GOD tells us that it is egg-shaped.  Note that because of lack symmetry in the shape egg, it does not have a geometrical name.


GOD Sends Only Men as Messengers


GOD plainly explains in the Quran the roles for men and women in this life, which by the way is insignificant as compared with the hereafter.  In chapter 4, verse 34, GOD appoints “men” as responsible for “women”.  The point of submission is that a true submitter, be it man or woman is happy and content with GOD’s laws.  Therefore, righteous women would cheerfully accept GOD’s appointment of men to be the captain of the ship.  For this reason GOD has always been sending “men” as messengers and there are no exceptions to His rule.  Two references in the Quran are sura 12, verse 109 and sura 13, verse 38.


Moses Was a Dark-Skin Man


GOD gave 9 miracles to Moses to be presented to Pharaoh and his elder so they may take heed [6].  The first miracle is the famous transmutation of Moses’ staff into a serpent.  For the second miracle, GOD commands Moses to put his hand in his pocket and when he removes from his pocket, it would come “white, without a blemish”.  One therefore sees that for a miracle to attract peoples’ attention there must have been a dramatic change and the only way for this miracle to be an awesome one is to have a sharp contrast in the color of his hand and the color of his forearm.  Note that Pharaoh did not make a deal out of this fact.  This informs us that the people did not care about the color of skin.  Note that this information is unique to the Quran.


Historical Information from the Quran


GOD informs us in the Quran that just because He has chosen a man as a prophet, it does not mean that his wife is a guided person.  The most repeated example in the Quran is Lot’s wife who was a disbeliever and also betrayed here husband [7].  Another interesting case is the story of Noah and his family.  When the flood started, Noah’s “son” did not join his “family” aboard the ark.  Noah complains to GOD and asks for his “sons” rescue.  GOD responds to him by informing that the person that Noah thinks is his “son” is not of his family.  GOD tells Noah that he is being unrighteous by asking DOD for something he does not know.  GOD, further informs Noah, that He is enlightening him otherwise he would be ignorant.  The reader can find the story of Noah in chapter 11, verses 25 through 48.  Furthermore, we know from the Quran that Noah’s wife was just like Lot’s wife, by disbelieving and betraying here husband and both were be told to enter Hell-fire.


GOD has Provided us with E-Mail



It is with pleasure to announce that with GOD’s grace we are now on e-mail.  This is really moves us into the new era of the information super highway.  The request from our subscribers is to send us their e-mail address so we can send them the Journal of Submission via e-mail.  This request is only to people who are on e-mail, while the rest will receive our Journal the usual way by GOD’s will.





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