Volume 2 No. 8, October 1994

Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Your God is "One God"

Awesome Mathematics Continues

Letter from the Editor.

Last month, we all witnessed the Quranic TRUTH supported by awe-some mathematical relations declaring GOD as THE ONE. The mathematics of the Quran, however; is so mind-boggling that words are incapable in describing it. It encompasses all aspects of the Quran. It makes sure that GODís promise is the TRUTH, when He says that if all the humans and jinns banded together to produce a Quran like this, they would not be able to do so, no matter how much assistance they gave each other [1]. As I mentioned in last month issue, the word "one" referring to the ONENESS of GOD has been utilized in the Quran 19 times. Out of these 19 times, 6 times are reserved specifically as one of GODís most beautiful names or "THE ONE". The other 13 times the word "oneí is always used in conjunction with describing our god who is one and the same god. This is very important since these days, we usually confront people who tell us that the "god" that the Muslim worship is a different "god". This has caused the distortion by GODís enemy to portray "ALLAH" as a different "god" and mislead many ignorant people. It Just happens that the word GOD in Arabic is ALLAH. This is obvious to people who are Arab Christians and read the translation of the Bible in Arabic.

We know that in order for GOD to emphasize His assertion of the TRUTH, He has composed the Quran mathematically beyond our capabilities. The word "one" referring to "one god" has been mentioned in: 2:163, 4:171, 5:73, 6:19, 14:52,16:22,16:51, 18:110, 21:108, 22:34, 29:46, 37:4 and 41:6. If we add the sura number and the verse numbers, we get:

2+163+4+171+5+73+6+19+14+52+16+22+16+51+18+110+21+108+22+ 34+29+46+37+4+41+6 = 1090.

1090 is a composite and its index is 908. If we add 1090 to its index 908, we get 1998. Remember that sura 19 has 98 verses! Let us praise GOD.

GODís Most Beautiful Names

GODís most beautiful names are mathematically coded in the Quran, sequentially beyond our capabilities. This mathematics insures that the combinations of GODís most beautiful names in certain verses in the Quran are mathematically coded. For example, we see throughout the Quran in some verses where GOD refers to Himself as "THE ALMIGHTY, THE MOST WISE". This mathematics tells us that in these verses, we could not have , for instance, "THE ALMIGHTY, THE MOST MERCIFUL", because this combination belongs to other verses. Let us look at some examples. The 19th word "MOST MERCIFUL" is mentioned in 4:23, which refers to the 5 13th frequency of the word GOD. Note that 513 = 19 x 27. The 83rd frequency of the word "MOST MERCIFUL" occurs in 30:5. This is the only time that this word is mentioned in chapter 30. We already know the relation between 83 and 30 [211. Let me just refresh your memory by saying that 83 is the 23rd prime number and the 23rd number in the Quran is 30. Furthermore the 83rd composite is 114 (the number of chapters in the Quran). From reference 2, you recall that 83 is the 19th relative prime of 30 which is the 19th composite and 83 +30 = 113 which is the 30th prime number. Note here that if the two false verses in chapter 9 are included this occurrence of "MOST MERCIFUL" would not be the 83rd but the 84th and this whole mathematics would collapse. This is GODís way of reassuring us in so many ways that we are on the right path. All praises are due to GOD, the CREATOR of all things.

Ultimate Mathematics

By GODís leave, Saied noted the following awe-some mathematical relations in the Quran which are based on Ultimate Mathematics, which we have been discussing, exclusively, here in Journal of Submission. Saied counted the number of verses between 9 and 13, inclusively and made the following table. Note that the missing opening statement of sura 9 has been compensated in sura 27, verse 30. It happens that the 13th initialed sura is chapter 27.

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Ch. Vrs. Idn. Dig. Dig.

9 127 31 9 10
10 109 29 1 10
11 123 92 2 6
12 111 81 3 3
13 43 14 4 7

513 247 19 36


Columns (I) & (2) are chapters and their corresponding verses.

Column (3) are the prime composite indices of (2).

Column (4) sum of digits in (1)

Column (5) sum of digits in (2).

The 1st three numbers in column (3) correspond to chapters. 9-11 (11 is the 19th number in the Quran) and: 31+29+92=152.

From 9 to 13 there are 5 chís and 513 = 27 x 19. Chapter 27 is 13th initialed chapter and is initialized with TS; the gematrical value of T =9, and its frequency in sura 27 is also 27. It provides another connection to chapter 9.

The indices in column (3) are corresponding to prime verses in column (2): 31 + 29+ 14 = 74

(sura 74 is where number l9 is mentioned), and their chapter numbers: 127 + 109 + 43 = 279, a

concatenation of 27 and 9. All indices add up to 247 = 13 x 19.

36 is 19th initialed ch. The count of their initials are 798 and 285 respectively, and 798 - 285 =


Verse 13 in chapter 9 is the 9th verse that God has been mentioned and it is also the 13th word God from the beginning of this chapter.

The 1st 9 in chapter 27 is mentioned in verse 12, and 912=48 x 19. That pins down the locations of the other in verse 48, which is symmetrically placed around 27:30.

The sum of verses from chapter 11 to chapter 19 is 875; (sura 8 has 75 verses) and the 875th word GOD is mentioned in verse 6:19.

Therefore, we see that chapter 9 must have 127 verses and people who fight these mathematical proofs from GOD, are toying with GODís miracles beyond our understandings. All praises are due to GOD, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

After I received the above awe-some mathematics from Saied, I went ahead and added up the number of chapters from 9 to 13, we get:

9+10+11+12+13 = 55.

We know from the above table that the sum of the digits in these sum numbers add up to 19. The number 5519 happens to be the index of the composite 6346, which is the true number of verses in the Quran. Let us praise GOD.

The True Story of Jesus

We are getting close to Christmas again and many people in many parts of the world without thinking, led by the Vatican and other Christian organizations are celebrating the birth of Jesus. We on the other hand, must uphold the Quran, the unblemished word of God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and everything between them. God informs us in the Quran that the creation of Jesus is just like that of Adam, He created him from the dust and said to it Be and it Was [3]. Our creator in chapter 19 is narrating how Jesus was conceived in Maryís womb. Mary who was an obedient servant of GOD, and kept her chastity secluded herself to an eastern chamber. She then saw a perfect man in the room. She immediately tells the man that she seeks refuge in the Most Gracious, unless he is righteous. The man says that he is a messenger from GOD and gives her the good news of a pious child. She says, "How can I have a child, when no man has touched me, and I am not unchaste?" The man said, "Thus said your Lord, "It is easy for me, in order to make him a miracle among the people, and a mercy from us; this is the way it will be done". Mary bore Jesus, and isolated herself to a faraway place. When the birth pangs surprised her by the palm tree, she said, "Oh I wish I was dead before this happened, and completely forgotten." But Jesus called her from under her, saying, "Do not worry, your Lord has provided you with a running stream. "And if you shake the palm tree, it will drop on you ripe dates. So eat and drink and be happy, and when you see anyone, then say, "I have pledged to the Most Gracious a fast; I will not talk to anyone." She went to her people, carrying him. They said, "0, Mary, you have committed something unbelievable. 0 descendant of Aaron; your father was not unrighteous, nor your mother unchaste." She pointed to Jesus; they said, "How can we speak with a child in the crib?" The child said, "I am a servant of GOD. He endowed me with the scripture, and appointed me a prophet. And He made me blessed wherever I go, and enjoined upon me the contact prayer (salat) and obligatory charity (zakat), for as long as I live. I am to honor my mother, for He did not make me a disobedient rebel. And I have deserved peace the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I am resurrected." This is the true and mathematically coded history of Jesus. There were no visitors from the east and no barns. There was no "evergreen" Christmas tree. There are none in the Middle East! A palm tree to an objective reader makes a lot more sense. Dates ripen in late September or early October in the Middle East, to the point that they fall from the trees after a soft shake to the tree trunk [4]. This is another mercy from GOD to tell us when Jesus was born, late September or early October. Let us praise GOD, our Creator.



[1] Quran, 17:88

[2] Journal of Submission, Vol. 1 No. 1, 1993.

[3] Quran, 3:59

[4] Quran, Eng. Trans. by R. Khalifa, 2nd ed. p. 306. Islamic Production, Tucson. AZ (1989).


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