Volume 2 No. 6, August 1994

Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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We Must Utter The Truth

Letter from the Editor.

Heaven is truly within the reach of the people who uphold the Quran, the unblemished word of God, the Initiator of the heavens and the earth. God informs us in the Quran that souls who make it to the High Heaven would hear no nonsense therein [1]. Every morning we begin our earthly lives in search of Gods bounty. From the morning through the afternoon, we are bombarded by nonsense. We watch television, listen to radio, read newspapers only to witness promotion of idol-worship. It is as though almost everybody is hesitating to give due credit to our Creator. A lot of people lament about the corruption and decline of morality in the society. The root cause of these pervasive problems is the ultimate disease of idol-warship that has plagued humans since we were evicted from Paradise by God. God calls idol-worship an unforgivable sin [2], and He also informs us that idol-worship nullifies all good deeds [3].

What is idol-worship? The Quran defines idol-worship as declaring a partner for God [4]. The partner could be small or large, could be Godís servant, or could be a wooden idol. In other words, when God is not sufficient for His servants [5]. God explains to us in the Quran the condition of idol-worshipers when confronted with Godís infinite power and their time is up, and how they see the truth and uphold GOD ALONE but to no avail since it is too late. God is THE TRUTH, and everything one calls besides Him is falsehood [61. People who truly worship God alone, have no problem when they read the Quran. As a matter of fact, God informs us in the Quran that when they hear the Quran, they say we believe in this and even before hearing it we were believers [7]. This is a natural instinct that our Creator has put into us to worship Him alone [8]. If we choose to go against our own nature, we become unhappy and miserable.

God clearly introduces Himself to us in the Quran. To God belongs the most beautiful NAMES.

GOD is THE ONE, THE SUPREME, THE MOST GRACIOUS, MOST MERCIFUL or THE MOST MERCIFUL, THE MOST DIGNIFIED, THE MOST POWERFUL, THE MOST HONORABLE, THE PEACE, THE KING, THE MOST SACRED, THE TRUTH, and MOST FORGIVING (I did not give references in the Quran for these GODís Most Beautiful Names deliberately, so the reader may verify them by finding them in the Quran. It is always a joy for me when God is described with His Most Beautiful Names). These are some of GODís beautiful names as it is written in the Quran and supported by a 19-based mathematical code, which I have referred to as the ULTIMATE MATHEMATICS. This code insures that not even a single letter can be added or subtracted from the Quran, without being noticed. If we utter these truths from the Quran, we recognize and understand our creator better. We do not make statements such as God has begotten a son, or God is a member of a trinity. The sincere student of the Quran knows that attributing human qualities to God is below His dignity. Adams story in the Quran as well as the Bible clearly indicates that when his body became visible to him, he was embarrassed. It is ironic that becoming human was below Adamís dignity but somehow it is fine to say that God took human form. This is exactly why God has created us as humans in such a weak state in order to realize our weaknesses and to kill our ego and be able to go back to Godís Kingdom.

Einstein once said that he does not care about the spectrum of this or that element, but he wants to know how God thinks. His statement reflects the fact that he wanted to have a clear understanding of God. If one studies the Quran sincerely, he or she actually understands God more clearly. Our whole physical universe is based upon mathematical equations. This means that there is an absolute and ultimate equality which can not be disturbed. If one disturbs this equation or as we know from the Quran or the Bible transgresses Godís laws, it would be mathematically impossible for him or her not to pay in some form or shape. This is why God informs us in the Quran that even an atoms weight or smaller will be measured and recorded [9]

Number of Verses and Sura Numbers

A Mind Boggling Mathematical Relation

There is a mathematical relation amongst four suras in the Quran that absolutely boggles the mind. These four suras are 8, 19, 36 and 39. The first property of these suras is that they are all somehow related to 19. First 8 is the index of prime number 19. Sura 36 is the 19th initialed sura in the Quran. Sura 39 is the 19th uninitiated sura in the Quran. In the following Table, I tabulate these suras with their corresponding number of verses.

Table I. Sura number and the Corresponding Number of Verses

Sura # # of Verses

8 75
19 98
36 83
39 75


Now let us do the following exercise on the sura number and the number of verses for each sura. Sura # + # of Verses and # of verses - Sura Number

8+75 = 83 75-8 = 67

Note that 67 is the 19th prime and 83 is the 23rd prime Furthermore, 19 written in octal or base 8 is 23.

Sura # + # of Verses and # of verses - Sura Number

19+98 = 117 98-19 = 79

Note that 79 written in octal is 117. In sura 19, the word GOD has been mentioned 8 times. If we concatenate 79, 98 or 117 with 8 we get:

798 = 19x42, 988 = 19x52, 1178 = 19x62

Note that 798 is the number of initials K.H.Y.Aí,.S In sura 19.

Sura # + # of Verses and # of verses - Sura Number

36+83 = 119 83-36 47

We already know that sura 36 (sura Y.S.) has 285 Yís and Sís = 19 x 15 and that 19 is the 8th

Prime number and l5 is the 8th composite number. We also know that 36 = 1+2+3+4+5+6

+7 + 8 [10]. It happens that 47 is 39 written in base 8 and 119 is 167 written in base 8.

Furthermore, 39th prime number is 167. God be praised.

Sura # + # of Verses and # of verses - Sura Number

39+ 75 = 114 75-39 = 36

Now 39 goes back to the Quran (114) and the 19th initial sura 36. All praises are due to GOD ALONE. I suggest the reader, look up 39:36.

The Extra Basmilah in sura 27


Saied Andalib noted by Godís grace if he counts all the verses that contain the word GOD from

27:30 where the second Basmilah is mentioned in sura 27, there are 19 such verses to the end of

this sura. These verses are 30, 36, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 79, 87,

88, and 93. if we add these verse numbers we get:

1121 = 19x59

Note that l9 is the 8th prime and 59 is the l7th prime number. Please read 8:l7 in the Quran.

Face the Sacred Mosque Wherever You Are [11]

God commands us in the Quran, to face the Sacred Mosque during Contact Prayer (Salat). This was done after the test given at the time of Prophet Muhammad in order to expose the people who were hiding their prejudicial tendencies. The Quran is a book sent down by our Creator guarded by the mathematical proof that it is His Book and should be obeyed for our own good. The number theory of the Quran, a 19-based Ultimate Mathematics, is a further proof that the Quran could only be authored by THE ALMIGHTY and no one else. In North America facing Kaabaí (Qibla) happens to be slightly in the NE direction. God has created the earth a spheroid The shortest distance between two points (note that light travels in a straight line which is the line of sight, like facing a mirror) on a sphere is called a geodesic The geodesic on a sphere is the intersection line of a plane which is defined by the two points on the sphere (you and Kaabaí) and the center of the earth. Geodesics are the straight lines on a sphere. God has designed the earth in such a way that when we stand on earth, anywhere on earth, we have to be along the radius of the earth at that point (radius is the line connecting the center of the sphere to a point on the surface). In other words, we are always perpendicular to the earth surface. This is due to gravity which is always radically inward.

On a flat map of the earth, one could be convinced that the Qiblaí is slightly SE. The reason for this error is that when we look at a flat map, the lines of the latitudes become our reference points which is a totally unphysical set of reference system for our situation. Remember we do not stand or sit along the circles defining the latitudes, if we try to do this, we will tip over! This is Godís

Law. If we face SE, and we have to stand or sit radially inward towards the center of the globe, we would be facing somewhere in the southern part of the African continent. We must remember that geodesics are mathematically proven facts. I have the actual mathematical derivation for curved surfaces, such as a cylinder or a sphere. The reference for it is a book called "Variational Methods In Optimization," by Donald R. Smith, Department of Mathematics, University of California, San Diego, Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. pp. 138-149, 1974. If you cannot find this book and are interested in finding this out in more detail, please write to me and I would happy to send you copies of the spherical derivations, by Godís will.




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