Volume 2 No. 3, May 1994

Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808

We Must Remove the Logo

Time to Make a Stance with God

An URGENT letter from the Editor

For sometime (actually too long) a logo of the above form has been showing up in the back of Submitters Perspective distributed by the International Community of Submitters (ICS), Tucson, Arizona. This logo actually was printed on the back of the new translation of the Quran, published by the same outfit, ICS Fremont, California. After Rashad Khalifa’s life was terminated by God in our physical world, as though to make it seem that Rashad would have approved of the logo. I never liked this logo because from the very beginning it seemed to me as a new form of TRINITY, absolutely contradicting the essence of ‘WORSHIPING GOD ALONE" advocated over and over by God in the Quran. My feelings against this logo gradually became stronger until it boiled over when I received an electronic mail (e-mail) message from a person in Hong Kong, advocating this logo as God’s message. It was very interesting the way it was written and I quote, "He (Rashad) was willed (by God) to find the BLUEPRINTS and to use it to purify the message. The message being "One World, One God, One Religion."… One thing came out of all his years of working! "19"! One messenger, one number! Two digits representing Allah!…". One World, One God, One Religion (note the order). Note also that this is actually the order on the logo written from top to bottom!!! I seek refuge in God from the evil in His creation [1]. A dangerous "hadith" attributed to Rashad. After seeing this e-mail, I had to say something or I have to answer to God for standing idly by as Satan does his job. It was at the time the anniversary issue of this Journal, which in the editorial I mentioned that the Journal of Submission with God’s help has not and will not have a logo and does not subscribe to one. This way of expressing my feelings about the logo had no effect and in the latest issue of Submitters Perspective, ICS defended another logo which has been added recently. What a submitter should ask is: what is the difference between he/she and an objector or an idol worshiper? We as submitters must worship GOD ALONE [2]. God must be sufficient for us [3]. This is the message that all the prophets and messengers have brought form God. This logo which obviously does not mention GOD ALONE, according to criteria in the Quran is liked and accepted by people who do not believe in the hereafter [4] and the disbeliveers [5]. Advocating this logo is tantamount to nothing but idol-worship and catering to the wishes of strayers. This is a great responsibility for people who have seen the mathematical miracle of the Quran, one of the great miracles

God is Most Merciful. It is time to recognize this mistake, abandon the logo, and kick Satan out. Ask God for forgiveness, He is the source of forgiveness. Failure to do so will bring disastrous consequences from God. True submitters are impartial [6] and when they see the truth, they embrace it. Let us make a firm stance with God and do not betray God when the "truth" has come to us. Believers do not care if they lose their friend’s [7], and they do not fear anybody, since God is their defender [8]. We should not make the same mistake made by Aaron [9].

Journal of Submission has discontinued disseminating the Fremont translation of the Quran, and will do so until the logo eliminated from the back cover, God willing. True Submitters will

make a firm stance with God and will not

God Alone

This is the message that sets the idol-worshipers on fire. This is why prophets and messengers were ridiculed and persecuted. Quran repeatedly tells us that idol-worshipers believe in God. They also believe that there is one God. They believe, for example that God created the heavens and earth. Then why do these people go to hell according to the Quran. The answer again according to the Quran is that they are not worship GOD ALONE. Because God is the Knower of all secrets and declarations and knew that new hadith will be attributed to Rashad Khalifa after he is gone and can not defend himself. He made the message of God Alone interlock mathematically with Rashad Khalifa’s name such that the sincere believers have no problem seeing it all the time. Let us look and appreciate God’s blessings.

Chapter 40 in the Quran, called the Forgiver, is the only sura in the Quran that GOD ALONE has been mentioned twice, in verses 40:12 and 40:84. This phrase is actually mentioned five times in the Quran and we already know that if we add the sura numbers and the verse numbers containing GOD ALONE, we get 361 = 19 x 19, which emphasizes its importance. Chapter 40 is also the only chapter that the word Rashad is mentioned not only once but twice. Let us see where the word Rashad is mentioned. It is mentioned in verses 40:29 and 40:38. Now, let us add the sura number and the verse numbers, we get:

40+ 12+40+84+40+40+29+40+38=323

and 323=19x17

Remember also that 323rd day of the year is November 19th, Rashad’s birthday. Note the verse numbers where the word Rashad is mentioned, namely 29 and 38. If we add them up we get 67 which is the 19th prime number and also the number of times the word Salat (contact prayer) has been mentioned in the Quran. 67 is also the index of composite 92 (38 is the sequential value of the word Mohammad and also sura 47 called Mohammad has 38 verses) which is the gematrical value of Mohammad, telling us mathematically that GOD ALONE was also Mohammed’s message. Now let us look at 40:29. The 29th initialed sura is 68 and the 40th uninitiated sura is 69. Both these sura’s have 52 verses and so does chapter 14, called Abraham signifying that he also preached GOD ALONE (note that sequential value of Abraham is 52). In the case of Abraham, it is actually spelled out in verse 60:4, in which God calls advocating GOD ALONE a "good example" for us. Now where is the word Khalifa? Look at 29 and 38. We know that they add up to 67 which is the number of times Salat has been mentioned in the Quran. Salat starts with the Arabic letter "Saad". There is an initialed sura in the Quran called "Saad" and it starts with the single initial "Saad".

Well it has 29 "Saad"’s, so we are back to 38 and 29, God be praised. In verse 26 of sum 38, God appoints David a Khalifa (ruler) on earth. Again signifying that David’s mission was also advocating GOD ALONE. Note here in chapter 40 the word Rashad has been used in conjunction with the history of Moses and Pharaoh and a believing Egyptian (Rashad was from Egypt). The gematrical value of the word Moses is 116 which is 85th composite and 85th uninitiated sura is 114. Furthermore, chapter 40 has 85 verses, thus signifying that Moses mission was to advocate GOD ALONE. Moreover, 114th composite is 150 and 150 is the gematrical value of the word Jesus, again signifying that worshiping GOD ALONE was also Jesus’ message. This is why the submitters believe in God and what was sent down through His messengers and prophets and make no distinctions among any of them [10].

This is a heavy message that we must continue preaching and steadfastly persevere in doing so.

We must avoid the abomination of idol-worship. This is why God has called this sum THE

FORGIVER. He is truly THE FORGIVER, since He knows that His servants may slip, therefore He gives them SOLID PROOF to bring them back. None of these is possible except in accordance with God's will.


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