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Chapters 9 and 27,

Missing Basmilah and the Extra Basmilah,

Awesome Mathematical relations

Last Ramadan, we were all blessed by God to see the miraculous base-independent number system of the Quranís numerical structure. Base eight showed us that although, it is not transparent from a number which base it is written in, the key Quranic numbers such as 19, 76, 114, 152, 337, 352, 431, 521, etc... transform in a way to preserve Quranic facts [1]. With the advent of the Quranic importance of the "octal" base number system, we have also witnessed a few other awesome mathematical relations between key Quranic numbers independent of a numerical base system. For example base 6, which was mentioned in the last month issue and base 9 mentioned, also in the last month issue [2]. These were in response to a group who make the comment that the decimal number system was not invented at the time of the revelation of the Quran. As though God was not aware of the decimal system!!

Let me repeat what we already know about chapters 9 and 27, with regards to the missing Opening Statement (Basmilah) and the extra Basmilah. We know that from 9 to 27 there are 19 chapters, inclusively.

We also know that

9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21+22+23+29+25+26+27 = 342

And 342 = 18 x 19. Furthermore, 342 is exactly the number Arabic words between the first and the second Basmilah in sura 27 [3].

We also know that number 9 is explicitly mentioned twice in chapter 27, namely 27:12 and 27:48. The proximity of these two verses with respect to the extra Basmilah in 27:30 is designed that from 12 to 30 there are 19 verses inclusively and so is between 30 and 48. More over,

27+12+27+30+27+48= 171 =9x 19. [4]

Again we see that the coefficient of 19 is 9. All these pointing in the direction of some mathematical relation between 9 and 342. Now let us assume that 342 was actually in base 9 instead of base 10. If we were to transform 342 from base 9 to base 10 we get 281. The reader may remember that 281 is the 19th twin prime and it is the index of composite 352 which is the gematrical value of the word Quran and if written in octal it is 431 which is the gematrical value of the word Furqan. Also, 352 written in base 9 is 431 [5]. Note that Ramadan is the 9th month and Quran was revealed in Ramadan. Glory be to God, Creator of all things.

Disaster in Mecca,

More than 250 Trampled to Death

Wire services reported recently that more than 250 pilgrims were trampled to death in Mecca. The incident occurred, according to wire services in Mina were pilgrims rushed to symbolically stone satan. Every year during Haj, we hear some kind of tragic news coming from Mecca, since millions of pilgrims converge to fulfil their Haj obligations. We know from the Quran that [6] that Haj is to be observed during "SPECIFIC MONTHS" or the Sacred Months, not in a few days in 12th month (Zul-Hijjah). These four months are contiguous, 12th, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd (Zuk-Hijjah, Muharram, Safar, & Rabi-Alawall), not as it is practiced today 7th, 11th, 12th and 1st. This is not in agreement with the Quran that emphasizes, to respite the disbeliveers for "FOUR MONTHS". A question that an intelligent person would ask is, how could they be respited for four months if these months were not contiguous [7]? This blatant neglect of Godís commandment is the cause of these disasters. God in His infinite wisdom knows that as the earth population increases, accommodating millions of people who have to fulfil their Haj rituals at the same time becomes a logistic impossibility. Can you imagine in some years, if ten million pilgrims converge on Mecca at the same time? Maybe InshaAllah, by then we will turn to obeying God.

Comet to Collide With Jupiter,

A warning

The astronomer are excited about a comet colliding with the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is approximately 318 times more massive than the earth and about 780,000,000 kilometers from the sun. The comet is to collide with the giant planet sometime this summer. Astronomers predict that Jupiter will shine much more brightly during the collision as the comet streaks across the Jovan atmosphere. Because of the huge mass of Jupiter, scientists believe that this collision will not be catastrophic for the planet. The energy release from this collision is estimated to be at the level of 100,000,000 megatons of TNT. Remember that the Hiroshima bomb was only 20 kilotons of TNT, therefore the energy release from the comet colliding with Jupiter is 5,000,000,000 times more devastating the above mentioned bomb. Scientists believe that if the comet had collided with earth, the outcome would have been be of immense proportions. They believe that many species will seize to exist and most if not all of humans will perish. The dust and smoke cloud trapped in ionosphere will create darkness and year long winter that would kill all vegetation and many animals.

The Quran warns us of a smoke which will envelop the earth [8]. This cosmic event should be a warning to us who continue to worship idols and insist upon that our idols are infallible and share a piece of Godís kingdom. We have to recognize that all powers belong to God. God is the only un-perishable entity in and beyond our universe [9]. We have to be extra careful that our message is GOD ALONE, and nothing but that. God informs us that the inevitable event of the Smoke will come to pass For the believers this will not be a surprise.

Counts of Letters are Divinely Controlled

Count of each letter in the Quran is divinely controlled well beyond our capability. No one can understand the Quran except if he or she is sincere [10] and the count of letters is only possible by a person who has been divinely guided [11]. Let us look at the number of initials A, L, M in suras 29 and 31. These two suras are twin primes and their indices are 10 and 11, respectively.

What we about to discover together is that every digit assigned to a number in the Quran is by divine design and if God says 2 for example, He means 2 and not 1 + 1. 1 tabulate the counts of of Aís, Lís and Mís in suras 29 and 31 and the counts of Aís, Lís and Rís in chapters 10 and 11 in the following table, we therefore have [11]:

Table I


sura number A L M total


29 774 554 344 1672=19x88
31 347 297 173 817=19x43


10 1319 913 257 2489=19x131
11 1370 794 325 2489=19x131


Note that both 10 and 11 contain the same number of initials. There are several awesome mathematical miracles in the above table and was reported previously [12]. Now let us look deeper into Table I, and sum up the digits of the initials. We have:

Sura 29 7+7+4+5Ī5+4+3+4+4 = 43

Sura 31 3+4+7+2+9+7+1+7+3 = 43

Sura 10 1+3+1+9+9+1+3+2+5+7 = 41

Sura 11 1+3+7+0+7+9+4+3+2+5 = 41

Just the fact that we started with the twin prime 29 and 31 and ended up with 41 and 43 the next

twin prime, is amazing, but there is a lot more. Number 43 is the key. This number is related to

2489. Sura 43 is the 24th initialed sura and it has 89 verses and note that the 24th prime number is 89 let us praise God. Furthermore, 41 is the 13th prime number and sura 13 has 43 verses.

After I presented this miracle here in Baton Rouge at the Jumuíah khutbah, Saied informed me that if you count the number of Mís in the H. M. initialed chapters, from 43 to 46, we get 899 =29 x 31 which goes back suraís 29 and 31 with which we started with. The number of Hís is 127 which is the 31st prime number. We already know that 127 + 899 = 1026 = 19 x 54 [11].

That night these two numbers 899 and 127 and their connections to sura 43 kept me occupied until God blessed us again. Let us concatenate 899 and 127, we get 899127. Remember we started with 43, therefore, if we put 43 in front of the above number, we get:


A student of the Quran probably ably recognizes this as the reaffirmation that the Quran with chapter 43 having 89 verses MUST HAVE THE CHAPTER 9 WITH 127 VERSES. Note here that a concatenation of 899 and 127 in the above manner is only possible for a language which is written from right to left such as Arabic. Let us praise God, Creator of all things.

A Request

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