Volume 1 No. 11, January 1994

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God Insists

Every word in the Quran is designed by our Creator in such a unique way that leaves no excuse for people on the day of judgement to say "we were not aware of this!" God insists upon perfecting His light despite the disbeliveers [1]. The key number here is 100 and it is related to punishment for the adulteress and the adulterer as it is stated in 24:2. Let me emphasize that adultery has to be proven and mere accusations of adultery does not mean anything to God. These days as we have seen accusing somebody of committing adultery has become very fashionable and is an important tool for politicians to knock their opponents out. God insists upon producing four eyewitnesses [2] and if one can not produce four eyewitness as far as God is concerned the accuser is a liar [3]. God even assigns punishment for the accusers of married women, and if they can not produce the four eyewitnesses their punishment is 80 lashes and no one should ever accept any testimony from them [4]. These commandments of God must be taken very seriously by people, if they wish Godís blessings upon their community.

Verse 24:2 has been taken very lightly and has been treated as incomplete by many people. Their own man-made punishment of the adulteress and the adulterer always supersedes Godís commandments. Stoning and killing the accused is usually the case in clear violation of verse 24:2. God, on the other hand has His own "perfect" system in dealing with His creatures. He gives them so many signs in the horizons and within themselves until they realize that the Quran is the truth [5]. The above mentioned verse is as follows:

24:2 The adulteress and the adulterer you shall whip each of them "100" lashes. Do not be swayed by kindness from carrying GODís law, if you truly believe in GOD and the last day. And let a group of believers witness their punishment.

The second word God in this verse has strategically been positioned to expose the disobeyers of this verse as disbeliveers in God and the hereafter, although they may insist upon believing. This word God is the 1709th word God in the Quran and we know that 1709 is the gematrical value of the 14 sets of initials in the Quran. This is exactly the number of lunar years from year one Hijrah to the end of our physical universe and the last day. God be praised. We also know that number 100 is the 30th number in the Quran and it is the 74th composite which takes us back to 74:30 and 19 [6]. We as a community of believers were also blessed last month to find out that the 1709th composite is 2015 and in verse 20:15 God talks about the end of the world [7].

I thought I was finished with this, but truly, God insists. I just received an electronic main from Milan, where he informed me that the sum of all composites between the first prime 2 and the 19th prime 67 is 1709. Remember that 1709 is the 267th prime. God be praised. We have no excuse as witnesses to these awesome miracles not to believe in the last day.

On It Is Nineteen

The permutation group properties of Quranic numbers as it is related to specific primes and their indices constitute a major component of the Quranís ULTIMATE MATHEMATICS. Failing to disseminate this information or treating it as "too hard to understand" bears a great responsibility for individuals doing so. Milan called me last week and asked if I knew that the 3rd and the 16th permutation group elements of 7430 (verse 74:30 tells us "on it is nineteen") are divisible by 19 and that 3 + 16 = 19 and that there are six primes in these 24 permutations and their group elements add up to 67 which as you know by now is the 19th prime number. God be praised. He sent me the 24 permutations by electronic mail. After looking at it for a while, I found out that this group tells us a lot more MashaAllah. Let me make a table and try to explain it to you

Permutation Group Elements of 7430

Element No. Group Element Element No. Group Element

1 69th prime 0347 13 4037

2 0374 14 561st prime 4073

3 0437 15 4307

4 0473 16 multiple of 19 4370

5 0734 17 635th prime 4703

6 132nd prime 0743 18 4730

7 3047 19 *** 7034

8 *** 3074 20 906th prime 7043

9 479th prime 3407 21 7304

10 3470 22 7340

11 3704 23 7403

12 3740 24 7430

Note element 3 and 16 are multiples of 19 and 3 + 16 = 19. The first group element is 347 and it is the 69th prime number. I remind you of the relation between chapter 69 and 74 and the moon landing and the fact that number 8 without a descriptum is mentioned in chapter 69 [8]. Now let us add the 8th group element (highlighed with astriks) and the 19th group element (also highlighted with astriks). We have:

3074 + 7034 = 10108 (19x19x28)

Where 28 is the second perfect number and the number of letters in the Arabic alphabet. If you add up the indices of the 6 primes you get:

69 + 132 + 479 + 561 + 635 + 906 = 2782

We see that 2 + 7 + 8 + 2 = 19, but more importantly, please read chapter 27 verse 82 and glorify God. Furthermore, from 2782 to 9127, there are 6346, inclusively, which is the number of verses in the Quran.

Alone, He Has No Partner

Mrs. N. N. Khan has written us a letter and amongst many of here wonderful discoveries , MashaAllah, we tell you the most important one. She discovered that a very important pharase "WAHDAHOO LAA SHARIKA LAH" (ALONE, He has no partner) has a gramatic value of 619. We know that 619 is the 114th prime number and also 6 x 19 = 114, which is the number of suras in the Quran.

Discovery of The New World

The year of discovery of the new world and the year of independence of USA were designed by God as to predict that the discovery of the 19-based Quranís mathematical code and its Ultimate Mathematics was to happen in the United States of America. Columbus discovered the new world in 1492. This is a composite and its index is 1254 (19x66). Note that 66 is the gramatic value of the word ALLAH. The year of independence of USA is 1776. This number is also a composite and its index is 1501 (19x79). Note that 19 is the 8th prime and 79 is the 22nd prime, therefore, we have 822 which is the sum of initialed sura numbers.

Ultimate Mathematics

God is the creator of all things. He, therefore, has designed the Quran based on the Ultimate Mathematics that absolutely boggles the mind and exposes the falsifiers. I have been telling you about the Twin Primeís Companion or TPC [9]. These numbers are composites bracketed by a twin prime. These numbers have the same index as the twin primes. They are all a multiple of 6. Now let us look at all the suras in the Quran that ends with "NuN", there are 43 of them and if you add the sura numbers you obtain 1919 [10]. This is one of the proofs for chapter 9 having 127 verses. The 1919th TPC is 174762. We know that this number is multiple of 6 and it is 6x29127. Note the underlined segment of this number. Does it look familiar to you?

Happy Ramadan

Ramadan is upon us again and a full month of feast for our soul has begun. The quran is informing us that fasting is decreed for us as it was decreed for those before us [11]. tHe fact that Mardi Gras and the season of lent is coinciding with the beginning of Ramadan made me think about a few verses in the New testament and what Jesus says about fasting.


Matthew 6:16-18 "And when you fast, do not look dismal, like the hypocrites, for they disfighre their faces that their fasting may be seen by men. Truly, I say to you, they have their reward. But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that your fasting may not be seen by men but by your Initiator who is in secret; and your Initiator who sees in secret will reward you."


[1] Quran, 9:32, 61:8

[2] Quran, 4:15

[3] Quran, 24:13


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