Volume 1 No. 10, December 1993


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Jesus, Messenger of God


Every year, come the 25th of December, the Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.  This occasion has been thoroughly exaggerated by storytellers to the extent that it is far from the truth regarding the actual event of the miracle of Jesus’ birth.  God in the Quran is telling us the absolute truth of this event and its time of occurrence, late September or early October [1].  Many people have forgotten that Jesus son of Mary was a prophet and had a message from God to deliver, and this was his whole mission, just like other prophets and messengers [2].  If you read the book of Mathew, you see that Jesus says very clearly that he did not come to abolish the laws of the prophets but to fulfill them [3].  The religion of Abraham, Submission has been the norm by which all the prophets and the messengers had to preach.  Obviously, Jesus was no exception.  For example, in chapter 19 of the Quran we see that Jesus was commanded by God to observe the contact prayers (Salat) and the obligatory charity (Zakat) [4].  In the same chapter we see that Jews and Christians lost the contact prayers [5].  Therefore, part of his mission was to restore contact prayers.  Let us explore this further.


We know from the Quran that Salat (contact prayers) has been repeatedly stressed by God for our own good and salvation.  When Adam made the mistake and committed the horrendous crime of listening to the devil and ate from the forbidden tree his body became visible to him.  I have called this a horrendous crime because if you think about it carefully you see that it actually is and that is why we are the lowliest of the low [6].  Let us explore this further. By not listening to God neither we nor Adam obeyed a direct commandment from God and therefore did not submit to Him.  This is a trait of the devil [7].  By listening to Satan we in effect believed him instead of God.  If two persons tell you two different stories and you believe one rather that the other you actually are saying that the person you have believes is telling the truth and the other person is lying.  This was our situation when we disobeyed our Creator.  However, God being all merciful gave us yet another chance.  We learn from the Quran that Adam received WORDS from his Lord by which he was redeemed [8].  We can not utter these words on our own.  In other words Adam could not say on his own, I am sorry.  I made a mistake please forgive me and say a lot of other nonsense in order to be redeemed.  These WORDS spoken in the language of that time mathematically coded by God through which we can contact our Creator and develop our souls.  These words are the Key or the Opener in the Quran.


The book of Matthew, chapter 6 verse 7 is very interesting.  Jesus tells the Jews that when you say your prayer do not say empty words as the Gentiles do for they think that they will be heard by God for their many words.  You should say your prayers like this and he proceeds to teach them the Lord’s Prayer.  It is as follows:


Our Initiator [9] who is in heaven

Praise be to Your Name

Your kingdom come

Your will be done

On earth as in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive our transgressions

For we forgive the transgressors against us (as you commanded us to be forgiving)

And keep us away from temptations

And deliver us from the evil one

For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever


Note the similarity between this and the Key in the Quran.  We know that Jesus did not speak English or Greek.  The original exact WORDS given to Jesus by God were most likely in Hebrew or Aramaic which was the language spoken at that time of Jesus.  The name Jesus in Arabic “Isa” has a gematrical value of 150.  This number is the 114th composite.  The word Salat or contact prayer has been mentioned in the Quran 67 times which is the 19th prime.  If you subtract 67 from 150 you get 83 which is the index of composite 114.  67 is also the index of 92 which is the gematrical value of Mohammad.  You not the mathematical connection between these two prophets.  This is why Jesus said after me there will come another whose name will be even more praised (Ahmad)[10].


End of the World


God informs us that the end of the world is surely coming and we are to treat it with benigh neglect.  The gematrical value of all of the 14 sets of initials is 1709 corresponding to 1709 years after the revelation of the 15:87 and the seven pairs (14 sets of Quranic initials).  We already knew that 1709 is a prime and its index is 267.  This number 267 is a concatenation of the 1st and the 19th prime numbers.  Mathematically, it is telling us that God has created the universe and He expands it.  He is the beginning and the end.  Now something new and awesome.  Milan called me the other day and said that he noted that verse 20:15 where God says “The Hour is surely coming” I keep it almost hidden.  For each soul must be paid for its work has an awesome mathematical relation to 1709.  He noted that 2015 is a composite and its index is 1709. Praise be to God.  Also note that Rashad did not know this and what he told us about this great and inevitable event was nothing but divine revelation.


If you look at the story of the people of the cave and the duration of their sleep in the cave, it is 300 years increased by 9.  This important sign for the end of the world is mentioned in verse 18:25. Note that:


            2015 – 1825 = 190 = 10 x 19


Note that the 10th initial sura is 19 where God tells us about Jesus’ birth and as stated in 43:61 he is to serve as a sign for the end of the world.


Frequency of the Word God


We know that the total frequency of occurrence of the word God in the Quran is 2698 which is equal to 19 x 142.  Saied noted that if one counts the number of times the word God is mentioned in verse number “1” of each sura, one finds that there are 42 of them.  You note that it is connected to the coefficient of 19 which is 142.  Praise be to God




Ramadan will soon be upon us again, God willing.  We know that God discourages us from asking about the phases of the moon (in connection with Ramadan) [11] because as far as God is concerned it adds up to beating around the bush and it is not righteous.  He calls the phases of the moon timing devices and to tell the time for pilgrimage [11].  God knows that this is going to be a source of dispute.  We witness every year that the first day and the last day of Ramadan is not universally agreed upon. We also know that the sun and the moon are perfectly calculated [12].  If you go to any drug store you can find a calendar for a couple dollars, which has the new moon calculated to a microsecond, therefore from this calendar the first day of Ramadan is February 11, 1994 and the last day is March 12, 1994.


An example of how sophisticated the calculations are is the case of precession of the perihelion of mercury.  This refers to the rotation of the elliptical orbit of mercury.  Experimentally it is observed to be 40 arc seconds per century.  The general theory of relativity developed by Einstein predicts this number exactly.  This is the knowledge that God has given to mankind.




I would like to thank my wife Mondra for her help in editing and checking for spelling errors in this news letter.  She does this every month and may God bless here for her tireless efforts.




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