Volume 1 No. 7, September 1993


Editor:. All R. Fazely, Ph. D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Letter from the Editor:


The mathematical miracle of the Quran is the greatest gift from the Author of Quran, God, given to humans and jinns. This code, in spite of its mathematical sophistication which is beyond our knowledge of mathematics, is very easy for everyone to understand. God "informs us in the Quran that He insists upon perfecting His light [l]. God  also tells us that the Quran is a “Zikr" (the keyword for Quran's mathematical code) for all the people [2]. According to God's infinite grace and mercy, He showers His people with signs from Him continuously until and before the retribution of a terrible day. Remember the case of the Pharaoh and his story in the Quran. God showed His signs to Pharaoh and his people until they were all drowned due their wickedness. This is to leave no excuse for anybody to say he or she did not have enough signs or warnings. God also inform us that the process will continue until they realize that this is the truth from Him [3]. In the mean time, for the group of believers these miracles should strengthen their faith [4] and should be a source of joy and happiness. We must know that God defends the believers [5]. God is arming us with a mathematical knowledge which was not known to man a few years ago. We therefore as believers should rejoice and be thankful to God for His infinite grace and continuous blessings,


Mean Leaders


Chapter 54 of the Quran is called "The Moon". The first verse informs us that the Hour is approaching and the Moon has split and in the second verse God informs us of a miracle seen by people which was rejected as “Old Magic”.  In this issue, we explore mathematically how this sura is related to suras 74 and 69 and the moon landing in 1969. The first verse of sura 54 can be written as 54:1 and 541 is the 100th prime number.  We know that 100 is the 30th number in the Quran [6].  We know that 30 is the 19th composite.  Number 100 is also the 74th composite and therefore we are back to 74:30 which tells us "OVER IT IS 19". Therefore, we see mathematically that the second verse in chapter 54 has to be referring to the 19-based Quranic miracle. If we study the Quran carefully, we note that there are only two numbers mentioned alone by themselves without a descriptum. These two numbers are 19 and 8 and they are located in chapter 74 and 69, respectively. In 69:17 we learn that "The angels will be all around, and your Lord's dominion will then encompass "8". Note here that the Literal theme of this verse is also about the end of the world. In 74:30, of course, we have "Over it is 19". We also know that the 8th prime is 19. If we subtract 6917 from 7430 we get 513 = 19x27.


Chapter 54 of the Quran is related to 69 and 74 through the sum of sura numbers and number of verses in these two chapters. We, therefore have; 69 + 52 + 74 + 56 = 251. The number 251 is a prime and it is the 54th prime. On the other hand, 69 + 74 = 143 = 13 x 11. The number 1311 is a multiple of 19 and it is equal to 19x69. We know now that 1969 was the year that the “Moon Landing" took place. Let us praise The Most Gracious.


The Hidden Secret


Chapter 74 of the Quran is called "The Hidden Secret". If we look at the first verse which is 74:1, we note that God addresses the "The Hidden Secret". Note that 741 = 19 x 39. But why 39 as the coefficient of 19? We know that the Quran has 29 initialed sura's and 85 un-initialed suras. It is noteworthy that the 85th revelation is chapter 29. Chapter 39 is an un-initialed sura and it is the 19th un-initialed sura. Furthermore, the 19th prime number is 67 and the 39th prime number is 167 and you immediately see the number 67167, where 1 is bracketed be the 19th prime number. Also, the 39th un-initialed sura is 67. Now if we add 19 to 74 we get 93. Chapter 93 called the "Forenoon" has 11 verses (the 11th  revelation is 93 and the 4th revelation is 74 [7]). If we add the number of verses in these two sura’s we get 56 + 11 = 67 and if we add the sura numbers we get 74 + 93 = 167, again 67167. Let us add the sura numbers and the number of verses in these two sura’s. We have 74 + 56 + 93 + 11 = 234 which happens to be the 182rd composite. On the other hand the 182nd prime is 1091 which is the gematrical value of Ramadan (the month that the Quran was revealed) and also the number of times the word God is mentioned in the initialed sura’s. If we add 1091 + 182 = 1273 which is equal to 19 x 67. Let us praise God.


If we look at the number of verses in the Quran 19 of these numbers are primes, without repetitions. These are: 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 29, 31, 37, 43, 53, 59, 73, 83, 89, 109, 127, and 227. Out of these 19 distinct prime numbers 8 belong to the initialed sura’s and we know that 8 is the index of 19.


Distinct Number of Verses


Verse 45 of charter 39 called "The Throngs", informs us that "When God alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter shrink with aversion. But when others are mentioned besides Him, they rejoice." God is actually giving us a criterion that people who are not happy with mentioning God alone and need to mention others besides Him, are not believers in the Hereafter, although they may claim otherwise. We also know that believing and being certin about the Hereafter is one of the essential requirements for getting to the eternal Paradise [8]. Now look at the intricate mathematics of 39:45. As it was mentioned above, the 19th un-initialed sura is 39. The 45th un-initialed sura is 74 and we know that chapter 74 is where the number 19 is mentioned. Let us glorify God.


Vancouver Meeting


There will be a general seminar on October 15, 1993 at the University of British Columbia in the Student Union Auditorium at 2:00 p.m. in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, God willing. The topic of the talk is the mathematical miracle of the Quran and the speaker is Ali R. Fazely. A brief discussion of what. inshatlah will be covered is included on the last page of this issue.




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Ali R. Fazely


Southern University, Baton Rouge. LA 70813


Recently, new mathematical properties of numbers have been discovered through a sincerely careful and in-depth study of the Quran.  The basis of the Quran’s mathematical code is the prime number 19.  The code starts with basic mathematical operations such as multiplication and/or division and continues by dealing with sophisticated groups and the ultimate mathematics of primes, their indices and twin primes and their indices.  A few examples of these number properties, such as properties of number 30, 52, 62, 50, 64, 521, and 9127 will be discussed.  Although, the mathematical operations linking primes and twin primes to their respective indices are not know at the present time, explaining new number properties is simple and comprehensible by everyone.  The mathematics of the Quran further reveals a new area in number theory based on composite numbers and unique co9mposites bracketed by twin primes which we have called a “twin prime’s companion” (TPC), and their respective indices.


This mathematics as of yet unknown to man can not be called anything but “ULTIMATE MATHEMATICS”.  We will discuss how this number/group like structure governs the literary composition of the Quran.  The curious mind will have a lot of questions as a results of this talk, a rather lengthy panel discussion will ensue in order to elaborate on the finer details of this new mathematics.  All will be done, provided they concede with the will of God.


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