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“Commemorating God Frequently”


God, the all merciful, reminds us in the Quran repeatedly that we are to always remember Him.  This is actually a trait of the believers [1].  God informs us that the most important aspect of Salat is thinking of God [2] (check the divisibility by 19 in reference 2).  In our modern world, we are usually too busy and our ardent enemy Satan knows this very well.  Thinking about things which on the surface may look like having an effect on our daily life, instead of or more that God is well played satanic trick.  However, as we know, God possesses infinite grace and He makes sure that when His devoted servants are just about to forget about Him He shows them a sign by which they praise Him and Glorify Him.  God, creator of all things and the knower of all secrets and declarations has decreed for the believers His mathematical code in the Quran by which they think of Him constantly.


We are surrounded by numbers in our modern life.  For example, everyone who owns a car has a license plate number.  Imaging, you are sitting in heavy traffic and about to lose your temper, when all of a sudden you see the license plate of the car in front of you is 019 or 038.  This is enough of a sign from the Most Merciful for you to cool your temper and make you remember God.  As I mentioned above, we face numbers all the time at our place of work or business, in the street, and the grocery store, and I can only explain the mathematical miracle of the Quran as another infinite blessing from the All Merciful Creator, God  His 74th revelation is sura 23 [3], “The Believers”.  We are really not able to thank Him enough.




Chapter 36 in the Quran is called Y.S.  It has a special place in the Quran among all initialed suras.  It is the 19th initialed sura.  The first verse Y.S. concatenated with its sure number yields 361 or 19 x 19.  The number of Y’s plus S’s is 285 and we will explore this number further and see how awesome God’s mathematical code is.  First, we know that this number is 19 x 15.  Furthermore, 285 is also the number of numbers mentioned in the Quran [4].  But, why 15 as the coefficient of 19?  We know that 19 is the 8th prime number.  15 is a composite and it happens to be the 8th composite.  Now we have 8 and 8.  The 88th Quranic revelation is also sura 8 [3].  Sura 8 has 75 verses and 8 + 75 = 83 which is the number of verses in sura 36.  Remember that the 83rd composite is 114.  Let us look at 36 and ask why 8, which is the index of prime number 19 is so intricately related to 36?  We see that 36 is simply the arithmetic progression of integer numbers up to and including 8.  This means simply adding up all the numbers up to number 8?


            1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5+ 6 + 7 + 8 = 36


Let us praise God


Quranic Initials


Look at the Quranic initials, you note that they either constitute a verse by themselves or they are part of a verse.  If you count all the chapters in which the initials are verses by themselves, you find that there are 19 chapters with this characteristic.  In the other ten chapters, the initials are part of the verse.  The last chapter where the initial is a verse is sura 46 and the last chapter where the initial is part of the verse is 68.  Note that 46 + 68 = 114.  Number the Arabic alphabet sequentially, 1 through 28 (see last month issue) and keep 46 and 68 in mind, then spell out the name of the person who discovered the role of the Quranic initials.


“The Proof”


We are going to write a bunch of numbers with purely mathematical properties.  Even those who do not know anything about the Quran would be absolutely stunned by the unique mathematical properties of these numbers.  However, God has taught us this new mathematics which no mathematician knows, through the Quran.  This is nothing but due to God’s infinite grace.






























In this Table, the bottom row are all prime numbers and the top row are their respective indices.  However, this group has a very unique property, such that the index plus its prime yields the next prime.  The indices, being all composites are also related to one another.  This means that 98 is the index of composite 130 and 130 is the index of composite 170 and 114 is the index of composite 150.


We know that there are no known mathematical relations between these numbers and you and I were not taught these in school.  Remember that the Quran has 114 suras and its first initialed sura has 9899 A’s + L’s + M’s = 19 x 521.  This is how God teaches.


If you add 170 + 1013 you get 1183 which is not a prime any more, however, the index of this composite is 988 + 19 x 52.  Check sura 98 “The Proof” and verify that it has 8 verses.  Note also that 19 and 52 are related in the sense that index of 19 is 8 and the index of composite 52 is 36 (see relation between 8 and 36 above).  Furthermore, 836 = 19 x 44, check and see that the 44th revelation is sura 19 and 19 has 98 verses.


Quran and the Statute Book


God refers to the Quran as the Statute Book.  Chapter 25 in the Quran is called “The Statute Book”.  It is not by accident that 256 is the index of the prime number 97 which is the sura called “Destiny”.  Now let us see how “Quran” and “Furqan” are related mathematically.  If you look at the gematrical value of the word “Furqan” you find that it is 431.  This is a prime number and its index is 83.  In addition, 83 is the index of composite 114 which is the number of suras in the Quran.  Furthermore, 431 is a twin prime and its index is 23.  23 is also the index of prime number 83.  These are unique mathematical properties of numbers, not know in number theory.


Mathematical Facts


The 8th perfect number has 19 digits.  The sum of digits is 75.  Its exponent is the prime number 31 and the index of 31 is 11.  The 1131st composite is 1349 = 19 x 71.  It is a fact of our calendar system that 1349 solar years after Hijrah is equal to the year 1971 A.D.  It is a mathematical fact that the exponent of the 19th perfect number is 4253.  With the above mathematical facts, please check the number of verses in chapter 8 and 42.  Also check and see in which sura and which verse the word GOD, 1349 is mentioned in the Quran.  Let us praise God, creator of all things.




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