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Volume 4 no. 3, July, August, September 1996


Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Awesome Mathematical Signs


Letter from the editor:


GOD, The Most Exalted, The Supreme, has told us that we are in possession of a book called the Quran that is made easy to understand [1] and it is complete and fully detailed [2].  He has showered us from His Abundance by introducing the mathematical code of the Quran with the number 19 as a beacon for us not to get lost in the maze.  This sophisticated mathematics has been referred to as the Ultimate Mathematics in this journal.


With the advent of the mathematical code of the Quran in the 1970’s revealed by GOD to Rashad and the role of the Quranic initials, the disbelievers and idol-worshipers, who did not want to see a Sign from GOD, actively and persistently fought to brand Rashad as a liar who made up the counts of the Quranic initials to be multiples of 19.  They, therefore, concluded that there is no miracle to speak of and one can go on with the pride of the days of ignorance and one can forget about GOD’s Signs.  Some people went further to demand a recount of the initials using their brains and a Quran made out of “ink” and “paper” to find out the so-called “correct” count.  These folks who obviously did not believe that GOD is the teacher of the Quran, are amongst those who wanted to receive the scripture personally and question GOD’s Wisdom as to why He chooses certain people to reveal His Message.  This rhetoric, started 20 years ago is still alive and well.  They will certainly be questioned by GOD on the Day of Judgment.  But, GOD insists upon perfecting His light despite the disbelievers [3].  God has promised that He and His messengers will most assuredly overcome [4].  GOD, in order to prove the fallacy of the aforementioned arguments, sent warners with Signs in order to take people out of the darkness and into the light and to remind people of the days of GOD, just as He sent Moses.


The Sign, I am about to explain to you is about the number of initials in chapter 19 consisting offive Arabic letters Kaf, Ha, Ya, Ayn, Saad.  The frequency of the utilization of these five initials according to GOD is:


            798 = 19 x 42


Here again, GOD has furnished the tools through Ultimate Mathematics to prove once again that this count can only be 19 x 42 and not any number or just any multiple of 19.  Let me explain how.  If we count all the verses in the initialed suras in the Quran up to and including verse 19:1 which is K.H.Y.A.S. We have:


            286 + 200 + 206 + 109 + 123 + 111 + 43 + 52 + 99 + 1 = 1230


Number 1230 is the 42nd twin prime companion (TPC), therefore GOD is telling us that by the fact that verse 19:1 being the 1230th initialed verse, requires the coefficient of 19 in the number of initials to b3e 42 and nothing else.  This is only part of the story.  GOD still showers us with His abundance.  If we generate all the TPC’s up to 1230th one, we note that 1230th such number is 100800.  We know that all TPC’s are composites and have a rank in the domain of composites.  Number 100800 happens to be the 91142nd composite.  If we add this composite to its rank we get:


            100800 + 91142 = 191942


GOD in telling us that the two numbers in chapter 19 are controlling the number of initials in this sura must be 19 and 42 and nothing else.  This is GOD’s design to reassure us about His revelations.  No messenger can produce a Sign without GOD’s authorization and no one can reproduce the counts of the Quranic initials and confirm them by an independent method without GOD’s permission.  As a matter of fact, they continue to argue about it and are full of doubts.  All praises shall be directed to GOD for His continuous blessing upon us.


Awesome Mathematical Signs


There is no end to GOD’s Mercy and He continues to provide for us to manifest His Power to us,  which is the only Force in existence and there is not other force.  Again we go to sura 19 and the position of verse 1 of sura 19 which is composed of initials only.  From the previous article, we know that 19:1 is the 1230th initialed verse from the beginning of the Quran.  We recognize the significance of 1230 from the above article.  This verse is also the 2249th numbered verse from the beginning of the Quran.  We note that the 22nd un-initialed sura is chapter 49.  If we require the number of un-initialed verses from the beginning of the Quran up to 19:1, all we have to do is to subtract 1230 from 2249 which yields 1019.  We further note that the 10th initialed sura Mary is number 19.  Now we get set for further Blessings from GOD to increase our faith.  If we look at verse 12:30 in the Quran and count up to the verse 22:49 inclusively we find that there are exactly 1019 numbered verses.  Note that there are no known mathematical relations between twin prime companions such as 1230 and the position of initialed and un-initialed suras in the Quran.  This is a design known only to the Creator of all things and to the Knower of Secrets and Declarations.


Awesome Mathematical Signs


When I told Milan and others about these Signs from GOD, Milan called me the next day with further Signs that chapter 19 has to have 798 = 19 x 42 initials and nothing else.  This Sign is a confirmation of the above Signs all based on Ultimate Mathematics.  Let me explain how.  Milan found out by GOD’s leave that verse 2:249 in the Quran is the 256th numbered verse in the Quran.  Note that verse 2:249 goes back to the number 2249 described in the above article.  If one looks at 256th prime, one finds that it is 1619 and the 256th composite is 323.  Note that the positional ranks of the prime number 1619 and composite 323 are the same and if we add this prime and composite we get:


            1619 + 323 = 1942


We are back to 19 and 42, which again, GOD emphasizes that sura 19 must have 19 x 42 = 798, frequency of usage of Kaaf’s + Ha’s + Ya’s + Ayn’s + Saad’s.  All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.


Awesome Mathematical Signs


Saied, by GOD’s Grace was able to note the following awesome mathematical Sign, further proving that chapter 19 must have 798 = 19 x 42 initials.  This Sign is as follows.


Chapter 42 and 50 are Q initialed.


Chapter 42 has 31 verses where the letter Q is used and Chapter 50 has 34 such verses and we know that:

            Sura 31 has 34 verses.


In suras 42 and 50, there are 21 common Q-verses.  These are verses containing the letter Q in both chapters possessing the same verse number.


            19th such verse is verse 42


We know the count of initials in Chapter 19 is 42 x 19, and that Q is the 19th letter in the Arabic alphabet.  This is further confirmation of the above articles.  GOD insists.


The sum of these 19 verses is 399 = 21 x 19, and 21 was the total of such verses.



The 9th odd initialed chapter is 31 with counts of initials 817 = 43 x 19.  The 11th odd initialed chapter is 43 and 1143 = 9 x 127 and 1143rd composite is 1362 and 1362nd verse from the beginning of the Quran is 9:127.



In Chapter 9, there are 100 verses where the word GOD has been mentioned and 27 where the word GOD has not been mentioned.  Of these 100, 50 are even, and 50 are odd verses.


The 50 odd verses have 77 counts of the word “GOD”:


            77 + 50 + 127              total verses

            77 - 50 = 27                verses without the word “GOD”


In chapter 9, there are 10 verses each where digits add up to 10 such as verse 19, 28, 37 and so on, and total of frequency of the word GOD in these verses is 19.  We know:


            10th initial chapter is 19


There are also 19 words GOD in verses where digits add up to 9.


A New Prime Number Discovered,

The Largest Know so Far


Prime searchers found yet another prime number.  This prime was found by Slowinski and Gage of the Silicon Graphics Inc’s Cray Research unit.  The prime number has 378,632 digits and covers 120 single-spaced typewritten pages.  It was discovered using a Cray T94 computer.  These large prime numbers are utilized to test new computer systems for accuracy.  This prime belongs to the special class of the so-called Mersenne primes.  These primes are of the form (2^p – 1), where p has to be a prime number.  Therefore, the first Mersenne prime number is 3, the second is 7, and the third is 31, the fourth is 127 and so on.  This prime was discovered last spring.  The discoverers asked independent researchers to verify their findings.  The discoverers stated that this constitutes the 34th Mersenne prime.  Note that the exponent of the 19th Mersenne prime is 4253 and sura 42 has 53 verses.  Note that no one knows the index of this new prime number.  There is no known way to find the index of this new prime number, except by tabulating all primes from the first one up to this prime.  This is a mathematical impossibility.  The article about this new prime printed in the local Baton Rouge paper, The Advocate, was noted by Donna Khosravanipoor, and we acknowledge her assistance in this matter.


Interest is an Attractive Income for the Disbelievers

By: Erik V. Tornwall


Gaining interest-income does not require any skill other that simple greed.  It is disrespect for the entrepreneur who needs to borrow money temporarily to finance his venture.  The true nature of “interest income” is that it is not an income at all, but merely a cut even before any real income has been earned.  This is similar to racketeering of different criminal organizations around the world.  Regardless, if the entrepreneur makes a profit or not, the usurer demands his/er interest.  This, the natural development of any sound business is thereby hampered by the payment of interest.


Since interest generates high inflation, it promotes all kinds of  speculations in real estate, stock market and junk bond prices, in works of art and other totally non-productive sectors of the economies in the West.  High interest rates have led to bankruptcies of the savings and loan in the US and Scandinavia, and to rampant inflation in most nations of the world, thus destroying the value of people’s money.


Interest and high taxation are the Devil’s methods to undo what GOD has created.  This is how GOD exposes false prophets from true messengers, and the system of GOD will never change.  Anyone speaking up for interest as means to earn “income” is misled by Satan.


GOD has given us the Quran in order for us to find the way out of darkness into the light.  Our Lord wants us to succeed in this life, as well as in the eternal life hereafter.  Only those to whom GOD has given knowledge and understanding will heed His warnings.  Those who reject the recitation from GOD in the Quran will have no helpers on the Day of Judgment.


Interest Income and Usury

By: Milan Sulc


The Quran tells us that we should not consume others people’s money illicitly and earn money by “ribaa” (4:161) and that people should not increase their wealth by “ribaa” (30:39).


If you loan money to someone and agree with him that (in addition to returning the principal to you) he will also reimburse you for your costs (for example the costs of having a certified check issued, or the costs of having the account electronically transferred to him) plus for the rate of inflation, you get at the end exactly what you gave out at the beginning.  So you have not earned any “other people’s money” and you have not “increased your wealth.”  So you can do this.


If, on the other hand, you agree that the debtor should pay you a certain amount over your costs, or a certain percentage over your costs, or a fixed interest rate higher that the inflation rate (e.g. 10 percent annually and the inflation was only 2 percent, so you would have as profit the 8 percent differential), in each of these cases you would increase your net worth (wealth) by earning other people’s money.  So if you do any of this, you disobey GOD.


You can also make money available to someone and agree with him that at the end of the period he will return to you the principal plus costs plus “x” percent of any profit he would achieve, subject to agreeing also that – if the venture goes bad – you will get less that your principal back (i.e. you participate proportionately in his loss).  This is OK even if you get back more that the rate of inflation, because you share the risk.


The problem with “interest” as applied in Western banking in general is that the lender does not share the same risks – he normally lends only if the borrower has something else to put up as guarantee (e.g. his house, his farm etc.), and the lender insists in getting his principal plus the interest back regardless of whether the borrower was successful or not.  So the lender is getting far greater protection that the borrower.


The risk assumption asymmetry is due to the fact that the guarantee put up by the borrower as a condition to get the loan must, as a rule, exceed in value the size of the loan, so that the lender, if the borrower can’t pay, could seize his assets and recover what he loaned out plus the interest.  So the lender gets covered, including his profit, even if the borrower has to go bankrupt as a result.  This asymmetry is usually spelled out in the contract for the loan.  This risk asymmetry is immoral, and the point is that lending for profit is not in line with the Quran, all other economic considerations notwithstanding.


Trade is based on equivalence, where both parties get (or aim to get) a fair exchange, and money is earned on bringing something of value to each of the parties, which – if they wanted to get it otherwise – would end up costing them more effort and/or money and/or they would have to do without.


Interest is based on unequal position, where the stronger party takes advantage of the weaker party to obtain better terms, with a lower risk.


Saying that a particular rate of 10, or 15 or x percent per year is OK and more is not is correct ONLY if the inflation rate during that particular period is 10, or 15 or x percent per year.  Therefore, it does not make sense to make any absolute percentage as “acceptable” or “not acceptable” as per the Quran.


Finally, from the ayats below, it is clear that the lender who lends against interest is guilty of a greater sin that a borrower who borrows and accepts the condition that he will pay an interest to the lender, since the borrower is not at least earning anyone else’s money.


(2:275) Those who charge usury are in the same position as those controlled by the devil’s influence.  This is because they claim that usury is the same as commerce.  However, GOD permits commerce, and prohibits usury.  Thus, whoever heeds this commandment from his Lord, and refrains from usury, he may keep his past earnings, and his judgment rests with GOD.  As for those who persist in usury, they incur Hell, wherin they abide forever.


(2:276) GOD condemns usury, and blesses charities.  GOD dislikes every disbeliever, guilty.


(2:278) O you who believe; you shall observe GOD and refrain from all kinds of usury, if you are believers.


(3:130) O you who believe, you shall not take usury, compounded over and over.  Observe GOD, that you may succeed.


(4:161) And for practicing usury, which was forbidden, and for consuming the people’s money illicitly.  We have prepared for the disbelievers among them painful retribution.


(30:39) The usury that is practiced to increase some people’s wealth, does not gain anything at GOD.  But if you give to charity, seeking GOD’s pleasure, these are the ones who receive their reward manifold.




It is GOD’s decree that the lunar month of Ramadan shall be witnessed by every submitter as the month of fasting for his/her own good.  The first day of the upcoming month of fasting this year, is January 9, 1997 and the last day of fasting is February 7, 1997.


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[1] Quran, 54:17, 22, 32, 40

[2] Quran, 6:114

[3] Quran, 9:32

[4] Quran, 58:21




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