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By Hossein Kowsari


We believe that the Quran is complete and fully detailed and only GOD explains the Quran. This is a continuous process and does not begin or end with a particular person or messenger. Whenever GOD sees fit, He uncovers for us, some previously, hidden information, already embedded in the Quran. It does not make any sense for GOD to tell us on one hand to study the Quran, use our brain, etc, yet only His human messengers are given new understanding or information of the Quran. This method of thinking dictates that once the messengers are dead, no new knowledge is possible and any new Quranic information must be prohibited and be considered as disbelief in the messenger!


Followers of the old Hadith (narration) do not believe that the Quran is complete and fully detailed as it is asserted by GOD in the Quran. They believe Muhammad knew all there is to know about Quran (except some scientific facts that he knew but could not tell others because it was not time yet!), and all they have to do is to study, what he said and did and they too will understand the Quran. They believe they do not need to study the Quran, because they do not know more or better than Muhammad and in any case the Quran is too complicated for them. Of course, according to GOD's system, the Quran has remained closed to them for 1400 years and still remains closed, it is only natural. They do not study it; they do not really believe in it, therefore, how could GOD give them any new information or understanding?


Unfortunately, following the death of the messenger of the covenant, the same pattern developed and his idolization by some of his "followers" has gotten so out of hand (and much more quickly than idolization of Muhammad by his so called followers) that now some of them even claim that his translation along with the Quran is THE BOOK. They no longer believe that the Quran is complete; they no longer believe that the Quran is the last book revealed and Muhammad was the last prophet as it is asserted by GOD in the Quran. Others, supposedly more enlightened, may not completely accept this radical view, but believe in some form of it. This latter group, for example, believes that Rashad Khalifa's translation is error free and correct and will remain so and nothing in it can be changed, and his understanding was GOD's understanding, etc. and of course many more. Now with the addition of the definite article "Al" and in reference to GOD, they all have the meaning of all, the most, the absolute of the quality, therefore,


            Al-Hakeem      :The most Wise, All Wise
            Al-Qadeer       :The Omnipotent, the all Powerful
            Al-Raheem      :The All merciful, the Most merciful
            Al-A'leem       :Omniscient, The all Knowing
            Al-Kabeer       :The Supreme, the Greatest, the All Great
            Al-Khabeer     :The Cognizant, the All Aware.                         etc.


Now as for "Al-Kabeer", the Supreme, the Greatest, GOD has called Himself, The Supreme, the Greatest in 13:9, 22:62, 31:30, 34:23, 35:32 and 40:12. GOD has not called Himself "akbar" or greater anywhere in the Quran. The word greater is mentioned in the Quran 23 times, but every single time it is a comparison and reference to something else. For example, 2:217 says, oppression is greater (in being evil, worse) than murder, 32:21 says, punishment in the hereafter is greater than punishment in this world, etc.


Yet, now this information has come, they still continue to reject it and continue to say "our messenger" is enough for us. Is this not what all rejecters of the truth in previous generations said? If this not what followers of the old Hadith said when they were given new information by Rashad'? Those who idolize Rashad think they have better hadith, they think they have good Hadith! They do not even think it is hadith, they think it is hadith only if it is a lie attributed to the messenger! They think if the messenger said it, it can not be hadith. They ignore the Quranic fact that we obey the messenger, because he only says "follow Quran alone". Is this not what Rashad said all his life? Did he not give his life for this principle? They say, very proudly, they have seen Rashad's video and he said "Allaho akbar" and that is enough for them. They say they have seen him say Allaho akbar so that is good enough for them, and of course if somebody has not seen the video or has not seen Rashad say it, no problem, he can quote, "l heard so and so say that he/she saw Rashad say Allaho akbar !!


Those who idolize Rashad, as is true of those who idolize Muhammad, have no doubt that Rashad could not have made a mistake in religious matters and so when he said Allaho akbar, this is correct and must not be changed Then based on this opinion of theirs whenever new information comes they reject it first and then try to justify their rejection. This is what followers of old hadith did and do. For example, when a clear verse of Quran (20:15) said that the end of the world is almost hidden, they did not pay attention to it. They did not try to research how it is almost hidden, maybe they could find out the time etc, because they already knew from their hadith that it "IS" hidden, so they not only did ignore it but distorted the meaning of it to fit their own hadith and opinions!


Here is a summary of what I have heard as to their reasons for rejection of using GOD's most beautiful names in their prayer.


1. They say if GOD wanted us to say Allaho Alkabeer, He would have told his messenger of the Covenant. He only lived a few years ago. Obviously, they do not believe that it is GOD who decides when to send new information, through explaining more of the Quran. They want an all knowing messenger besides GOD, they do not want to obey GOD and the messenger by FOLLOWING QURAN ALONE. Could it be that they really mean to say, GOD SHOULD have told "their" messenger (their favorite one), rather than somebody else, some other messenger!


2. They claim Allaho akbar or GOD is greater, is used in the Quran. False, as explained previously.


A Note from the Editor


You note that the date for this issue covers three months (April, May and June 1996). This will continue until we get caught up, InshaAllah. Some people have called me a liar, just like Pharaoh called Moses a "liar". This is a favorite word used by the disbelievers and the idol worshipers. They have accused me of plagiarism, by saying that these revelations are not my ideas and I have stolen them from Sign Magazine by claiming that the dates on this journal and the actual date do not match. I leave the judgment of this matter to GOD, He is All Seer over His servants.




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