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Volume 3 no. 9, November 1995


Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Awesome Mathematical Sign




Letter from the editor:


In the last issue, once again GOD, The All Merciful, as always provided the genesis for information, previously unknown to us, to show His Signs to us in a different light. These are according to GOD's promise that He will show His Signs in the horizons and within themselves until they realize that this is the Truth from Him [ 1 ]. This is again a mathematics which is beyond our understanding, yet simple enough to be explained to every person on earth. This is nothing but due to GOD, The All Merciful reassurance to us of His constant support and encouragement. He consequently cools our tempers, eases our tasks, and mobilizes us with His powerful Signs. This new mathematical sign we witnessed in the previous issue revolves around the sequence of a class of numbers which by GOD's leave I referred to as "Lonely Primes". I will describe them again so that the reader's memory is refreshed. These are a class of primes obtained by removing all the twin primes. For example the first 12 primes are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, and 37. If we remove all the twin primes (the primes with the difference of 2) then we will be left with "lonely primes" Therefore, the first three lonely primes are 2, 23, and 37. In the following table the first 29 lonely primes are tabulated.


Table II


Lonely Prime



Lonely Prime






































Once again, we have awesome news of GOD's Signs from His Revelation, the Quran. This is truly an unending blessing for us. Because GOD, The Almighty, The Most High, The Supreme, knows that we as His servants are faced with lots of criticism and are always faced by doubts, He sends stronger and stronger Signs to remove the traces of doubts from the hearts of the believers and those who are given knowledge [1]. There is no end to His Infinite Grace and it is beyond our wildest imagination, stretching beyond infinities. Quran with its amazing expanse of the 19-based mathematical code glorifies its Author. Numbers which fully submit to GOD, bear witness that sura 9 has 127 verses. This time by GOD's Infinite Grace 9127 speaks in terms of Lonely Primes. Everything is based on the number 19 which GOD has chosen as a beacon for us not to get lost in the complex maze of numbers. Remember that 19 is the 8th prime and now we will see how 819 is related to 9127 through our new friends "lonely primes".


The number 9127 is a lonely prime but it is also the sum of three consecutive primes 3037, 3041 and 3049. This means that 3037 + 3041 + 3049 = 9127. The unique feature here is that these consecutive primes are also lonely primes as well, of the form; lonely prime, lonely prime + 4 and lonely prime + 8. There are not too many primes possessing this property, if i am not mistaken 9127 is the second such lonely prime. This means it a lonely prime and it is also the sum of three consecutive lonely primes of the above form. The first such prime is 2287. Note that all such primes have a digital root of "unity". Digital root is when one sums up the digits and repeats the procedure on the results until he/she gets a single digit number. For example:


9+2+1+7= 19; 1 +9= 10; 1+0=1

2+2+8+7= 19; 1 +9= 10; 1+0=1


Now, let us look at the index of these three lonely primes in the table of lonely primes (Table I), we find that 3037, 3041 and 3049 are the 272nd, 273rd and 274th lonely primes, respectively. But here is GOD's sign:


272 + 273 + 274 = 819


Such is GOD's design, Creator of all things.


If we look further at 272, 273 and 274 as indices of composites, we find these three numbers are the indices of composites 341,342 and 343. Note here that 341 is 11 x 31 and the 1131st prime is 9127. If we add these numbers we get:


341 + 342 + 343 = 1026 = 19 x 54.


Note here that 54 is exactly the number of verses in chapter 9 where the word GOD has been mentioned only once. More awesome is that 341 = 11 x 31, which tells us that 11 of these verses are before verse 31 but not including verse 31 and 43 (54 - 11 = 43) such verses are after, including verse 31. Therefore, 1143 = 9 x 127, again tells us that chapter 9 has 127 verses. The reader is invited and encouraged to verify these physical facts for him/herself. All praises, as always, are due to GOD, Creator of all things.


A Warning to The People Who Turn Away From The Message


Verse 3:81 in the Quran talks of a consolidating messenger who is to come after 'all prophets deliver the scriptures including the final one, The Quran. GOD tells us in the Quran that this messenger was to be Rashad Khalifa. The start of the 19-based mathematical code of the Quran was to be delivered by Rashad and it all came together in 1974. Note that chapter 74 is where the

number 19 is mentioned. Saied Andalib, by GOD's grace noted that the word GOD mentioned in 3:81 is the 364th frequency of this word. If we add 364 to 1974 we get:


364 + 1974 - 2338.


The 2338th frequency of the word GOD is in 47:38, where GOD tells people whom turn away from His message that they will be replaced by others who would not be like them. Such is GOD's design, Creator of all things.


Another Awesome Sign


A few issues ago [2], we witnessed awesome news of GOD's Signs from His infinite grace bestowed upon us humans. Quran with its amazing expanse of mathematical code glorifies and extols its Author, The Almighty speaks to through a mathematics beyond our capability, yet simple to understand. Again, we must remember that GOD has counted the number of all things and has assigned a number to everything [3]. Through these numbers, who have submitted to GOD's magnificent system, GOD shows His unending Grace and Beauty. Here again I repeat these awesome mathematical facts to refresh the reader's memory and introduce you to further Signs.


The mathematical Signs we witnessed together are in conjunction with sura 42, the only sura in the Quran with two sets of initials. In the following Table, the sums of H's + M's in the seven H.M. initialed suras are shown


Table I

Sura Number

Sum H's + M's[2]





                          42        ** prime **











2147 = 19 x 113


Note that chapter 42 is the only chapter where the sum of H's + M's is a prime number. This prime is the 71 st prime number. Therefore we get a number 4271 which is simply a permutation of 2147. We already knew these mathematical relations; however, what we did not know is that:


The first verse in sura 42 which is H.M. is the 4271st numbered verse from the beginning of the Quran.


Such is GOD's absolute authority and power. Note that 4271 is a twin prime and it is the 1l4th twin prime which is the number of chapters in the Quran.


Now get ready for the new Sign from GOD. This time, Saied Andalib by GOD's grace noted that chapter 42 is the only sura in the Quran with the following 19-based mathematical property. If

you look at verse 19 in chapter 42 and count all the words "GOD" from verse 19 to the end of this chapter, you find that there are 19 words "GOD". Again, the reader is invited to verify this simple physical fact for him/herself. All praises are due to GOD, The All Knowing.


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[1]  Quran, 41:53

[2]  Journal of Submission, Vol. 3, No. 4.

[3]  Quran, 72:28




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