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Volume 3 no. 10, December 1995


Editor: Ali R. Fazely, Ph.D.

Associate Editors: Saied Andalib and Milan Sulc

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Letter from the editor:


The light of the Quran is shining on us and teaches us in ways that we never thought possible. GOD encourages us to study the Quran carefully [1] and tells that the language is irrelevant [2]. We have had a lot of discussions with people who do not uphold the Quran alone and need other sources such as hadith (narrations) and sunna (traditions) and other scriptures to complete it. We have tried to convince them that everything we require for worshiping GOD ALONE is in the Quran but with little success. This is in spite of all the mathematical signs revealed by GOD continuously, that by GOD's leave, we have called ULTIMATE MATHEMATICS. However, GOD is THE ALL GRACIOUS THE ALL MERCIFUL and He makes sure that His sincere servants are well prepared for the idol-worshipers.


Verse 101 in chapter 5 informs us not to ask about matters which if revealed prematurely could hurt you, however, if we consider them in the LIGHT of THE QURAN it will be clear to us that GOD has left them out and has deliberately overlooked them, for GOD is ALL FORGIVING, CLEMENT. One thing that is always asked is if Quran is complete and fully detailed, where in the Quran we can find how to perform our contact prayers. These people usually ask where do we find how to prostrate and how to bow and how to stand and how to kneel? GOD is THE ALL MERCIFUL. and He is THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS. He has created us as well as the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains and the animals and they all PROSTRATE to HIM [3]. Obviously they do not prostrate the same way as a "whole" and "able" human does. GOD also is THE ALL GRACIOUS and does not wish to exclude any group of people and hurt the feelings of those who for some reasons or some handicap could not prostrate or bow or stand or kneel as "Mr. and Miss Perfect" do. These are reasons why GOD does not say raise your hands and hold them by your ears to start your contact prayers. He knows that some people do not have arms or hands, because they lost them in a war imposed on them by tyrants or lost them in a tragic accident. This deliberate "overlooks" by THE ALL MERCIFUL can not be understood by people who always wish to question GOD's wisdom and bring excuses that they need other sources besides the Quran to convince themselves of their way of life, their traditions, and finally continue their worldly relations with other people whose wisdom always supersedes that of GOD.


This has been always the case when people deal with the Quran. In spite of GOD's assertion that this is a complete and fully detailed book [3], they have better knowledge, and expertise in fields that they have no training. These people, given a book in "differential geometry", "group theory" or "quantum electrodynamics’" written by men, would readily confess their lack of brain power and admire and praise the worldly knowledge of the authors of these books. GOD on the other hand, The All Knowing, Creator of all things, Knower of the secret in the heavens and earth has sent down the Quran with a built-in mathematics that is beyond our knowledge of m math and tells us about the creation of the heavens and the earth, the number of planets orbiting the sun [4]. Such is the design of the Almighty. We should for our own good obey our Creator and please Him by worshiping Him Alone.


Awesome Mathematical Signs


I have been explaining in the past few issues specific items about sura 13 (13th integer in the Quran is 19) in the Quran and all the mathematical signs associated with it controlling the number of "authorized" verses in sura 9 and its connection to chapter 27 in the Quran. It is very simple to verify that the 13th initialed sura in the Quran is chapter 27. We also know that the missing opening statement of chapter 9 is compensated in chapter 27, verse 30. This verse is in connection with the history of queen of Sheba, receiving a letter from Solomon which starts with the Quran's opening statement IN THE NAME OF GOD THE ALL GRACIOUS THE ALL MERCIFUL. Since there are always connections between the number of initials in the Quran and the number of verses and the positional index of the initialed sura, let us look at the number of A's + L's + M's + R's composing the initials in sura 13. We find that this number is 1482 = 19 x 78. If we count all the numbered verses from 13:1 to 27:30, we find that there are 1482 = 19 x 78 numbered verses. This is GOD's design to reassure our hearts and to nullify the interference of Satan and his stooges [5].


The number 78 which is the coefficient of 19 in the above mathematical Sign plays an important role in connecting chapter 13 to chapter 55 (The All Gracious) through the basis of the Quranic mathematical code number 19. The number of numbered verses until the end of chapter 13 is 1748 = 19 x 92. If we look at chapter 19 verse 92, we find the 19th frequency of one GOD's most beautiful names "THE ALL GRACIOUS". Note that chapter 55 is called THE ALL GRACIOUS and it has 78 verses, it" we read 19:92, we find that GOD tells us that it is not befitting for THE ALL GRACIOUS to beget a son. This is a warning to people who claim this fallacy and in order to reassure them, it is containing the Ultimate Mathematics from GOD. Remember that 55 is the 27th un-initialed sura and 27 is the 13th initialed sura. Such is GOD's design, Creator of all things. All praises are due Him Alone.


Awesome Mathematical Signs


Saied Andalib noted the following mathematical signs by GOD's Infinite Grace. Let the order of a verse be the no. of times God is mentioned in that verse. (e.g., verses of order 0/2, have 0/2 frequencies of the word GOD, respectively)


- In Ch. 27, from verse 30 (where the missing opening statement of chapter 9 has been compensated) to 93 (the end of this sura) there are 19 Ordered Verses (OV's). Saied, by GOD's leave has called all the verses where the name GOD has been mentioned at least once, "ordered verses".


- The sum of these 19 OV's = 1121 = 59 x 19.


- verse 59 is also an OV. (it's the 9th OV.)


- The sum of OV's from 30 to 59 = 399 = 21 x 19.


- The sum of OV's after 59 to 93 = 1121 - 399 = 722 = 38 x 19.


- 38 + 21 = 59 and 38 - 21 = 17; note that 59 is prime and 17 is its index..


- In Ch. 9, 2 l'st OV is verse 27, and 30'th OV is verse 38. (A hint at 27:30.)


- In Ch. 27 the number of words GOD at the end of 59 is 1824 = 96 x 19.


- In Ch. 9, 18'th OV is verse 24.


- In Ch. 9 verse 59 is 46'th OV. (46 x 19 = 874)


- 399 + 874 = 1273 ( 1273 is the number of words GOD mentioned until the end of chapter 9)


- 1824 + 874 = 2698 (The number of words GOD throughout the Quran)


Such is the design of GOD, and all praises are due to Him, Creator of all things.


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In an article published in this journal No. 3, Vol. 3 in the first paragraph, first line the following statement was made with the word "at least" inadvertently left out. This was brought to our attention by one of our readers K. Emami:

{Ultimate Mathematics Continued


The count of verses where the word GOD has been mentioned once plays an important role in the second sura. The 19th such verse is number 67 and 67 is the 19th prime. Note that 2 is the first prime and 2:67 is a concatenation of the first prime and the 19th prime. The 267th prime happens to be 1709 which coincides with the gematrical values of the Quranic initials and signifies the number of years after Hijra and the end of the world. The 23rd such verse is verse 74. Remember that the 74th sura revealed is sura 23. The 23rd number in the Quran is number 30 and 74:30 is where the number 19 is mentioned. GOD be praised.}


Everything in this paragraph is correct, except in the first line it should read:


"The count of verses where the word GOD has been mentioned at least once plays an important role in the second sura."


The reader should verify this mathematical fact for him/herself.




[1] Quran, 41:53

[21 Quran, 41:44

[3] Quran, 6:114,115

[4] Quran, 21:30, 12:4

[5] Quran, 22:52





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